Flandre van Baelsar, Slytherin, Fourth Year
Flandre van Baelsar
Feb 11 2018, 12:13 AM
flandre van baelsar fourteen     slytherin     student
names have power   Full name: Flandre van Baelsar
Nicknames: Flan, Faelsar

Flandre: The name Flandre (best pronounced as 'Flan-drah') is a modern French term for Flanders, a region which makes out the northern part of Belgium. They speak Flemish, a variety of Dutch. In Dutch, it's pronounced as 'Vlaanderen'.

van: A very common prefix in Dutch language surnames, where it is known as a tussenvoegsel. In those cases it nearly always refers to a certain, often quite distant, ancestor's place of origin or residence; examples of this in English can be found in the names Greta Van Susteren "from Susteren" and Rembrandt van Rijn "from the Rhine".

Baelsar: Derived from the Latin, "Bael" was a common name for the demon "Baal". As described in the Dictionnaire Infernal and the Lesser Key of Solomon, Bael was one of the Dukes of Hell, and Commander of the Great Legion of Demons. Sar, deriving from Romanian Latin is depicted as short hand of the word "salito", to leap. This verb however is often used in Latin as a euphemism for copulative mounting. Ultimately, this can lead the name to be read as "demon fucker."

Flan: Shorthand for his full name "Flandre", it is often given to him among acquaintances, friends, and family alike.

Faelsar: Granted from his cousins and occasionally his peers, "Faelsar" appears often as a taunting method of address to Flandre, playing off of his surname "Baelsar."

basics   Gender: Male (Posing as female)
Pronouns: Feminine
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual
Romantic Orientation: Panromantic
Age: Fourteen
Date of Birth: 05/26/2009 Zodiac: Gemini
Year: 4th
House: Slytherin
Blood Status: Half-Blood
Species: Human Wizard
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Nationality: Dutch/English
Languages: Dutch/Flemish, English
Place of Birth: Ostend, Belgium
Hometown: Clacton-on-Sea, UK
Religious Affiliation: Agnostic
Moral Alignment: True Neutral
Heavenly Virtue: Temperance
Deadly Sin: Envy
Myers Briggs: ISTJ-A

appearance   Face claim: Yoshimura Eto/Takatsuki Sen, Tokyo Ghoul
Height: 5'3" / 160cm
Weight: 116lbs
Build: Ectomorph
Hair: Blonde (dyed green), mid-length, wavy
Eye Color: Green
Complexion: Pale
Voice: Overall gentle, it is a notably androgynous tone which makes discerning his identity as a male or female difficult. Though not mono-tonal, he often sounds very bored. Though not as dissociated as he sounds, his tone can inflect a confident air at times when expressing knowledge, or pride.
Dominant hand: Right
Scars: None
Piercings: None
Tattoos: None
Clothing Style: When not in his school uniform, he wears very loose and comfortable clothing in neutral colors, or very feminine things. In rarer cases, he'll wear things that subtly compliment the shade of his hair.
Distinguishing Features: Androgynous stature, judgmental stare.

health   Physical Ailments: Testosterone deficiency, Myopia
Neurological Ailments: Insomnia, Mild Anxiety
Blood Type: AB
Allergies: Bee stings.
Addictions: Chapstick
Eating Habits: Randomly
Exercising: None
Socializing: Omnivert
Alcohol: None
Smoking: None
Drugs: Diphenhydramine (Prescription)

family   Mother: Sophie van Baelsar nee Laurent
Father: Julian van Baelsar
Siblings: None
Extended Family: Edmund Andoles Blackadder VII, Edmund Andoles Blackadder V

inventory   Wand: Hazel/Dragon Heartstring/13 ½"/Hard
Pet: None
Magical Artifacts: None

school   Classes: Astronomy, Defense Against the Dark Arts, Charms, Herbology, History of Magic, Potions, Transfiguration, Arithmancy, Study of Ancient Runes
Favorite Classes: Astronomy, Arithmancy
Clubs: None
Extra Curricular: Orchestra (Pianist)

magic   Signature Spell: Impervius
Patronus: Uncorporeal
Boggart: A massive swarm of bees.

Primary: Fire

Secondary: Air
Lucky Number: 47
Synesthesia: Flandre is able to often associate sounds with colors, and vice versa. He frequently takes artistic inspiration during Orchestra class to expand on this ability, and during practice on his downtime.
Hexer: Flandre is particularly skilled in magic regarding manners of Hexes and Jinxes. Though this allows him to play pranks, he uses them more as a revenge tactic to stoop to the level of those who wrong him, if only a hair less to moral wrongness.

fun facts   Flandre has a particular appreciation for colder seasons, as it allows him to wear sweaters. This appreciation extends to sweaters themselves, regardless of the season.
Flandre is extremely skilled in Rock, Paper, Scissors.
He is very flexible.
Flandre despises smoking. Thinking it's a rather disgusting habit, a great way for him to avoid you is if you reek of tobacco.
He is very conscious of his hair. Though it doesn't give him trouble, in times where it does, he often keeps headbands to pull it back.

sorting ceremony   A short span of waiting made for every name of the A's, and the short handful of B's feel like an eternity. Was it boredom that spurred it on? Anxiety? Both, perhaps? Why was he anxious? Nothing could surface an answer for him, except for an ambiguous sigh. It was only a matter of time before he was up. He knew it better than anyone else named Flandre van Baelsar.

It was a brief thought, but he also took this short time to wonder what sort of people he'd be staying with in a place like this. Whimsical, magical, and in every sense of the words surely there had to have variety in the students too... So he would think, and think, and not have anymore time to it. It was more fleeting than he could hope for.

"Flandre van Baelsar!" They'd call. Such a name for a place like this. If it turned heads any different than any other, he wouldn't know. Bah, he's lived here just like all the rest of them, but no time to feel spiteful. It was to be over sooner than Flandre thought, and with his mind made on that, his steps didn't feel rushed at all leading up to the Sorting Hat. Upon sitting to the stool with perfect posture, the hat placed on his head would let out a long, if neigh indecisive "Ssssss..." before coming to the anticipated verdict.


personality   With a strong sense of duty, Flandre well understands commitment better than anyone, so he thinks. Though he doesn't flaunt his pride to stick to his guns, he certainly won't be modest to his own accomplishments when he feels praise is earned.

As a logical person, he sees things through the eyes of practicality and what is in the name itself: logic. Choosing in many cases to observe rather than assume, Flandre will always think certainty to be paramount for conclusions.

Fortunately, this does not completely void Flandre's sense of creativity. Most, if all, is particularly directed and in relation to his ability with music, along side his synesthesia, as an outlet for these creative feelings and mindsets.

Branching from his strong sense of duty in cases of doing things that need to be done, he also expresses a strong sense of loyalty to things and people alike as well. Though his devotion isn't well expressed out right, if one earns their place as his friend, they will see to it no-one else is more committed.

Flandre is not without his own downfalls, as all people are not perfect. His most outstanding personality feature in this regard can be his stubborn nature. He will fight tooth and nail to keep to his ideals and opinions.

In situations that beckon for a social nature, Flandre is relatively quiet and doesn't take initiative for conversation often, if it's idle. However, this doesn't lead his classmates to believe him to be a quiet, back-of-the-room introvert, as he's well spoken and able to converse familiarly with his peers should he need to.

biography   Distantly related to the Blackadders, the Baelsar family line parted ways from them in search of prosperity, and most of all, a name to diverge them from their serpent-tongue founders own.

They succeeded, after accumulating a wealth in history long ago where they moved to present-day Belgium, since then keeping a firm line of pure-blood in their family. The name "Baelsar" became known well to those of even muggle-born, while even today they continue to dip their hand into the wizarding world. However in modern days, the old money has granted Flandre's father and present head of the Baelsar family, Julian, nothing more than an easy life after his days at Hogwarts became nothing but memories.

Wanting to set out and make return to his own roots as not just a wizard, but a wealthy bureaucrat among muggles, his ideal of doing such a thing meant coming back to England where their distant family remains, to his knowledge. The Belgian-born family, sans for the mother Sophie, born of France, then moved out to England. Presently living in the Essex area, their lives have been a humble and smooth transition, as this was around the time Flandre's potential began flourishing. Though the blood of the Baelsar was tainted by Julian's recent marriage to Sophie, a muggle-born, the world of magic was yet to be denied to him.

Born a half-blood, Flandre found his upbringing until his time to come to Hogwarts as an extremely easy lived life. With everything at a go-at-your-own pace, the young child never found himself with an empty stomach or without a roof to sleep under. Though old money was to thank for that, Flandre was far too young to understand the real meanings behind it all, if there were one.

Of course, with everything able to be handed to Flandre on a silver platter should he have wished it, he found the lifestyle as a young boy terribly stagnant. Without diversity to spry on much of anything, his days spent were often involved with music, striking the keys of a piano along the notes and chords of a page per an personal teachers instruction, all while that diversity he so craved for his young creative mind flourished in an array of colors to match the sounds. Those were his favorite evenings....

Those were his most fleeting ones, too. He never sought out ill intentions, but the occasional mischief wasn't denied to Flandre either. In a craving for something new that he could grant himself, he'd wander the rooms of his home, often finding clothes to wear and things to adorn on his small figure that made him feel like a completely different person. Early aspirations of role-taking showed, and from this did he learn how to finally identify himself in his years of "growing."

Alas, there wasn't much growth at all for Flandre in these years. Since a small child, his pretty blonde hair and green eyes made him candidate for a mistake of gender. Though he knew well he was a boy, Flandre constantly were mistaken as a girl for his feminine appearance. Ever embarrassed and flustered with these mistakes, Flandre never had the ability to properly explain or argue that he was a male very well. Upon the day of coming to Hogwarts, he enrolled- not as a he- but a she.

A complete escape of the embarrassment meant some closure for the boy, and in his coming years did Flandre's quick learning nature in his mental maturity learn how to socialize and handle people, having lived a rather shy lifestyle before. A complete turn-around was necessary, as his life as a wizard, dubbed "witch" for his enrollment status meant he needed to take what he came from in pride, move along problems in stride, and to become great.

As it seems, his mental development was certainly to par, but that is to say, his physical ones were not. Growing up mistaken for a female, his life of puberty simply wouldn't allow him to escape this. He was not granted masculine features in growth, nor was he granted a very masculine voice at all. Subjecting his appearance to turn less feminine and more androgynous as time went on though, he still continued to present himself femininely. Though his skills and understanding in logic didn't allow him to topple over this issue, he chose instead to simply adapt and take it in, and to this day continued to do so. Moving forward was paramount, and so he would see to it that he could do this under the guise of a female, and for all of his classmates to never know otherwise.

as played by Getsu

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"Or perhaps in Slytherin,
You'll make your real friends,
Those cunning folk use any means,,
To achieve their ends."

Welcome to Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Flandre van Baelsar!

Welcome aboard fellow snake! We are joyful to have you join our rows. There are so many things I love about this character, starting with the simplicity and clear starting path. Looking forward to see some really interesting character development on this one!

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Otherwise, happy roleplaying and I hope you enjoy your stay.

Stay magical!

In Causa

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Actual credits to ActuallyDano <3
as played by In Causa


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