Jacob Han, Gryffindor, Seventh Year
Jacob Han
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jacob han 한재원

What matters to you defines your mattering.


FULL NAME: Jacob Jae-Won Han
NICKNAMES: Jake, Jae-Won, Captain, Firecracker, Lucky Charm
ETYMOLOGY: Jacob [JAY-kəb]: The English names Jacob and James derive from the same source, with James coming from Latin Iacomus, a later variant of Iacobus. Unlike English, many languages do not have separate spellings for the two names. In England, Jacob was mainly regarded as a Jewish name during the Middle Ages, though the variant James was used among Christians. Jacob came into general use as a Christian name after the Protestant Reformation. A famous bearer was Jacob Grimm (1785-1863), the German linguist and writer who was, with his brother Wilhelm, the author of 'Grimm's Fairy Tales'.

Jae-Won 재원 [jay-won]: His Korean name, which is used mainly at home and around the London's Asian community. In Sino-Korean the hanja characters read as follows; 宰 "to slaughter; to rule" and 源 "spring; source, root, origin".

Han 한 [Haan]: A Korean last name. It translates to "country" or "leader."


PRONOUNS: Masculine
AGE: Seventeen
DATE OF BIRTH: 01/07/2006
YEAR: 7th
HOUSE: Gryffindor
BLOOD STATUS: Muggle-born
SPECIES: Human Wizard


FACE CLAIM: Keith Kogane, Voltron
HEIGHT: 5'11'' / 180,3 cm
WEIGHT: 143 lbs / 64,5 kg
BUILD: Ectomorph
ETHNICITY: South-Korean, second generation immigrant.
HAIR: Jet-black, pin-straight but often tousled to hell, semi-long
EYE COLOR: Dark brown
COMPLEXION: Pale brown complexion, tans easily during the summer.
DOMINANT HAND: Ambidextrous; originally right-handed, but learned to use both. Prefers right hand for most tasks, like writing, holding chopsticks, doing spells with his wand. But can just as easily do most if not all tasks with his left now as well.
SCARS: Some on his knuckles, one on the side of his right hand from a surgery where the doctors had to re-set his shattered bones. Same with his right shoulder with a similar story. Otherwise, he's surprisingly gotten pretty scot-free.
PIERCINGS: Ears, but doesn't always wear earrings. His parents don't approve, and they can get in the way during kickboxing. Sometimes simply forgets to put them back on for days after taking them off.
TATTOOS: A sleeve tattoo in his right arm, with red Chrysanthemum flowers for each of his family members; his parents, and the paternal grandparents, aunt and two uncles. His parents didn't approve of this one either, but they calmed down a little bit after they found out what it stood for. They still want him to cover it whenever possible, however.
CLOTHING STYLE: Jake's a guy with a deep love for hip-hop culture, both American and Korean. He prefers Korean street fashion but can mix it well enough with New York Yankees snapbacks. He pulls off pretty well both looking good and comfort while making it look rather effortless.
DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: Rather obvious East-Asian features, but still tall-ish figure for an Asian. (Koreans usually are, which he's damn glad of.) Intense dark gaze, thick dark eyebrows that are often pulled into a thoughtful frown, hair that's often worn in a small ponytail.


PHYSICAL AILMENTS: None other than the complications of gaining weight and building muscle as much as he'd want to due to his body type and race. Jake just doesn't gain body fat easily, and it's a bit frustrating sometimes just as much as it can be a blessing.
NEUROLOGICAL AILMENTS: None, Jake's pretty stable lad.
ALLERGIES: None as far as he's aware.
ADDICTIONS: Chocolate and junk food. Will immediately feel guilty after eating them and goes to exercise it off, until he falls again, rinse and repeat. It's an endless cycle.
EATING HABITS: Eats generally very healthily, accordingly to his kickboxing training regime. But sometimes his cheat days can get out of hand.
EXERCISING: Has been training American Kickboxing even before entering Hogwarts. Jogs a lot, spars with a sand bag pretty much every day, and also trains his duelling stances a lot. Jake always finds a way to train something, even while he's studying, eating or reading. He rarely just sits around immobile, and is very active person at heart. Prone to multitasking and overachieving.
ALCOHOL: Occasionally, especially since he turned seventeen. He's not that much of a drinker but often ends up going with the flow of his classmates during their Three Broomsticks visits. Swears off drinking every single time because gets pretty terrible hangovers.
SMOKING: A nonsmoker, and often advises others who do to quit for their health.
DRUGS: Doesn't really use anything, though sometimes tries things out of youthful curiosity.


CORE CLASSES: Astronomy, Charms, Defense Against the Dark Arts, Potions, Transfiguration.
ELECTIVE CLASSES: Care of Magical Creatures, Study of Ancient Runes.
FAVORITE CLASSES: Defense Against the Dark Arts, Charms, Transfiguration.
CLUBS: Duelling Club.


WAND: Spruce, phoenix feather, 11¾'', unyielding.
PET: Doesn't have a personal pet.
MAGICAL ARTIFACTS: Self-writing quill (hawk tail feather).


SIGNATURE SPELL: Stupefy; always go with practicality and efficiency!
PATRONUS: Corsac Fox
BOGGART: Banshee or Inferi horde, it switches.
ELEMENT: Fire primary, earth secondary
MAGICAL GIFTS: Jake's aptitude for wandless magic made itself known in his fourth year during a mock duel. All in all, even after a couple of years disciplined practicing, he's still rather new to it, and it doesn't feel as comfortable as it would with a wand. Neither are his spells as potent or aim as true. Due to his ambidexterity, Jake's found out he can perform the wandless magic through both of his hands, and they work the best when he's got a clear goal in mind and he channels the magic through a strong emotion. The spells that work the best for him are often Stupefy and Expelliarmus, and he's been doing his damnest to try and mix that together with his Duelling and Kickboxing to make it something that will surprise his opponent even if his spruce wand gets knocked off his grasp.
AMORTENTIA SCENTS: The smell of his home which is a mixture of spices and grilled meats. Gasoline. Fresh laundry.


He'd been staring at the enchanted ceiling mouth gaping open for a few minutes now. It was thundering. Inside. That shouldn't... that shouldn't be a thing. But it was. And that so far perhaps made it the most awesome thing the first year Jake had seen. A few Hufflepuff upperclassmen were giggling at their table watching the Asian boy. "I bet he's a muggle-born," one of the girls whispered rather loudly, "they always react like that."

Jake flicked his gaze down, blushing. He was acting like a tourist and embarrassing himself. Show some self-restraint!

There were a flash and roll of thunder. He couldn't help but look right back up in wonder.

"Han, Jacob."

Jumping at the mention of his name, the eleven-year-old boy made his way past his peers, muttering his "Pardon" every now and again, until he climbed the stairs and reached the famous stool that had seated many famous buttocks before his time, apparently. As someone with limited information about the magical world, Jake didn't have many expectations regarding his sorting. He had heard the explanations of the houses and their traits, but he didn't know the Wizarding History well enough to hold any sort of bias towards any particular house. Jake would be happy no matter where he'd be sorted, he was sure. Just point him in a direction and he'd go.

The Sorting Hat was dropped on his head, and immediately it exclaimed, "AHA! A little confused, are you?"

Well, he'd just this year found out that there was a whole different world living alongside his. So yeah, consider him a little confused.

The Hat chuckled, "Worry not, my boy. I know exactly what to do with you, and where you'll find your place... GRYFFINDOR!"

The far left table that was adorned with the colors of red and gold erupted into a loud ovation, just like they'd done with two previous Gryffindors. (They seemed like they were loud in general, just looking for an excuse to be even louder, and the Sorting was good as any.)

As the Sorting Hat was removed, Jake made his way into Gryffindor table, shared some high fives, handshakes, and got some friendly noogies from few upperclassmen. The Gryffindors seemed friendly and welcoming, and Jake was fairly sure he'd fit right into the pride in his own way.


RELIGIOUS AFFILIATION: Interfaith; Protestant Christian and Korean Buddhist.
DEADLY SIN: Gluttony
ZODIAC: Capricorn ♑, Metal Rooster


» Brave & Determined
"Sometimes it just feels good to take the leap of faith. Just trust your instincts, and let go. If you stumble, if you fall, just make sure you fall forward and get right back up again. Never lie there defeated. Fight for what you believe in."

Jacob Han is a force of nature. If he feels like there's something he must do no matter what, he'll look you in the eye and will tell you to either join him or get out of his way. And it's hard to say no to someone with such an intense fire burning in his eyes, and in his soul. He's got the courage to step up when he feels something is against his morals or justice, and he has all the words ready to defend others, even if he doesn't necessarily share their views or traditions or whatever they may get crap for. Jake's ready to call out anyone and anything out of their shit, and he has no chill or whatsoever whenever he does it. He's also the type to throw himself as the human shield in front of others, as his protective instinct runs stronger than his self-preservation instinct. If you ever need an upperclassman or a big brother figure to help you to fight whatever you're facing, Jake's your go-to guy.

» Honest & Crass
"What do you mean by 'you can't just say it like that'? I just fuckin' did."

Ah, and with bravery comes the nerve that is very typical for Gryffindors. And nerve... that's definitely something that Jake's have got. Perhaps a bit more than is needed. His honesty is often unwarranted, a little too blunt, and missing all and any sugarcoating which can be shocking to the more sensitive. But just as much as it can be off-putting, it also means Jake's pretty straightlaced lad. You'll always know what he's thinking because he tells exactly as it is if you simply dare to inquire. He'll never lie to your face, and if he's got beef with you, he's going to straight to you about it and doesn't talk smack behind your back. With Jake, you'll get exactly what you bargain for; no less, no more. His bluntness is something remarkable that will either gather respectful admiration or fast enemies.

» Clever & Confident
"I know who I am, and I feel no need to prove myself to you or anyone else."

Nerve and daring, and a quick wit that is sharp as a razor; a rather hazardous combination that leaves his challengers often defeated in the battlefield of wits. He's clever with words, and confident whenever uttering them, meaning exactly what he says and saying exactly what he means. Jake's not that worried what others may think of him, and he wears that confidence like an armor and the cleverness like a sword. So if you challenge him, you better come armed as well. Jake enjoys a good banter and friendly bickering among his friends. All in good humor and hearty laugh. He also flirts, often subconsciously, through such exchanges as well.

» Temperamental & Sarcastic
"I'm sarcastic because violence is wrong and murder is frowned upon."

He's not going easy on you if you show the obvious signs of dumbassery. Jake doesn't deal very well with stupid, and if it's not his mouth getting him into trouble, it is his expressions for sure. (Something that he's definitely inherited from his mother. In this sense, they're like two peas in a pod.) Sarcasm is his go-to weapon against stupidity, and combined with his cleverness, he becomes quickly the Chandler Bing of Hogwarts. Even if he's mostly calm and a bit detached almost, his temper can come in quick fiery flashes and snaps like Chinese firecrackers. And because he's the type to say exactly what's on his mind at the time, he may sometimes say things he doesn't necessarily mean that just come in heat of the moment. Jake's prone to argue with certain people types, and tendency to get competitive, which raises his testosterone levels and blood pressure.

» Reliable & Observant
"I like people watching. The things that people leave unsaid are often in the details."

Despite being the only child, Jake can be very brotherly. And perhaps it is for the fact that he's got no siblings of his own that he kind of goes around taking the younger kids under his wing. His existence is a stable one, with no dramatics in his life, and he's got his feet firmly on the ground. He's a good listener and a great secret keeper. He minds his own business for the most part, and takes very little interest in hallway gossip personally, but will interfere where he deems necessary. If you look like you're stumbling and can't handle yourself, Jake's there to catch you and remind you that none of us are meant to deal with life alone. He'll support his friends and even those that aren't necessarily close to him. He's reliable, and he offers a different perspective on life with some of his advice. He's also very keen-eyed with others and can pick up hints that others drop subconsciously from body language, and he's quick to piece them together in his head; even if he might sometimes come into completely wrong assumptions...

» Taciturn & Asocial
"Silence goes often so unappreciated. People so rarely just stop and... listen."

Just because this boy's got all the courage and nerve in the North of Thames, it doesn't mean he's out there roaring at everyone and everything. In fact, Jake's naturally kind of quiet. He's introverted, and spends most of his time inside his head, rolling out the inner monologue of his observations, studying his thoughts and feelings, and trying to understand his peers. He prefers silence over noise, and he can spend his time in the library reading, just for the sheer fact that it's calm over there; which is rather unusual behavior for your traditional Gryffindor. He's got a particular taste for the sound of silence, and his clever words do not necessarily convey what he wants to say the way he truly means it. Jake's a boy who conveys things through body language and shows his sincerity through actions. He loves his housemates, the rowdy bunch that they are, but sometimes they're a bit too much and this particular young lion feels drained by their excitement and loudness. Jake likes to spend a lot of alone time to spread out, physically and mentally. He rarely finds the sort of people who don't affect him in a way that leaves him drained, but when he does, it feels like a small miracle. Just because Jake likes to spend time alone, it doesn't mean he dislikes people; it's quite the contrary.

» Independent & Nonconformist
"No one ever changed anything by being like everyone else."

Jake's the type to never settle for anything less than he's offered. He works hard to achieve the things he wants, he's disciplined (well, to a point; he's only a teenager) and doesn't give a flying fuck about society's expectations. He walks his own path, so you can keep your paved one. He's a strong personality in many ways, and it makes him a very independent young man. So what if he makes mistakes sometimes? It's part of life. He'll make it once, and he learns, and then he won't do it again. At times, Jake's parents feel like they've raised him perhaps a little bit too independent. His need to stand alone sometimes makes Jake not wanting to ask for help, even when he obviously might need it. He's got a stubborn streak that makes him sometimes impossibly hard-headed, which frustrates equally just as much others as it frustrates him. His willful demands are intense, and not many are ready for the confrontation Jake's not scared to step into.

» Realistic & Cynical
"It's a tragedy, my mother says, to become such a cynic at my age."

Practical approaches are Jake's thing. He understands often the technical side of things, and the rest he follows with natural instinct. Just as he says things as they are, he also sees things as they are. He doesn't paint the world in optimistic rosy colors, nor does he drain it into monochrome like a pessimist. Glass half full or half empty, either way, he isn't going thirsty. However, due to the life he's led so far in London, Jake's grown into a young cynic which is rather typical for people living in big cities. He doesn't set expectations for others, so he just simply won't get disappointed if he gets let down. That way, he can be only positively surprised if he's proven wrong. But Jake rarely stands around waiting for someone to do something for him and instead has the tendency to take charge of the situation. Why wait around to see what someone else might or might not do, when he can just do it himself? It's more efficient that way. However, this makes him often emotionally a bit stumped, which people regard as insensitive. Practicality and efficiency rarely leave much room for feelings, and sometimes, Jake's goes a bit wrong way with the things. But never does he mean anything ill by it.


PLACE OF BIRTH: London, England
HOMETOWN: London, England
LANGUAGES: Speaks English with a London Middle Class dialect, and speaks fluent Korean but with hint of an English accent.


MOTHER: Eun-Ho Han
FATHER: Kang-Min Han
EXTENDED FAMILY: Only his paternal grandparents, aunt and two uncles keep in touch. They all recide in South-Korea still however, and visit quite rarely.


Jake's parents left South Korea in the early nineties to the United Kingdom in search of a new, fresh start. They were both young, barely in their twenties, naive cinnamon rolls that had just recently eloped against their families wishes and Eun-Ho's family had disowned her for it. However, the reality was a cruel bitch and instead of a beautiful home with a white picket fence, a golden retriever, family van and 2,5 children the newlyweds found themselves stuck in Camden Town, London. Crammed into a small, old studio apartment at the time. It took a while to find the right community to help them on their feet. Thankfully, the other immigrants knew their struggles and helped them.

Almost ten years later, after nearly giving up on their hopes and dreams and accepting that there most likely wasn't a god, the couple both worked two jobs and had been working hard to save money for their future. However, Jake's mother ended with an unplanned pregnancy. They hadn't been planning for children until they would have enough saved for a nice home in some cozy suburb. But alas, so was the fate and not everything often goes as planned. Now the family of three had to share their small two-room apartment at the time, which would be getting tight in the incoming years.

And thus, plans needed some drastic changes and compromises. While Eun-Ho was pregnant, the couple quit their jobs, bought a house in Candem Town, and started their own business.

And thus Jake was born, right there in Candem Town, unplanned but not unwanted. The couple decided to name their son Jacob, giving him a Western first name instead of an Eastern one. "It's not like the white people will ever learn to pronounce it, they can't even pronounce ours without fucking it up." Was the reasoning of Kang-Min. However, this didn't mean they didn't also give their son a second name, which is Korean. Jae-Won, they named him -- a name that would be used mainly at home, and by what his South-Korean paternal family and community would address him by. Everywhere else, Jake is simply Jake. But he does respond to both equally.

It only became apparent in his kindergarten age to Jake that it was actually really useful to have his Korean name. Because mostly his mother called him Jake, while his father insists on calling him Jae-Won. Eun-Ho only called him Jae-Won whenever he was in trouble and needed to be reprimanded. It became the perfect minefield detector. When he hit puberty, Jake had already become rather good at observing others and understanding human behavior better than many other boys his age.

London's streets can be a harsh school to a kid from a poor background (not to mention with an immigrant background, it's just a fact), especially at night South of the bridge across the Thames. But they made Jake independent, gave him a thick skin and an elastic heart, and made him defiant enough to fight odds that necessarily aren't in his favor. But these traits don't keep you safe alone. His father demanded their son to be able to defend himself, and so Jake started seeking a contact sport that would interest him at the age of ten. And the first time he stepped into an American Kickboxing dojo? He was sold faster than a bag of rice with a -50% tag at the Asian market. (Which is according to Jake, by the way, a very special kind of personal hell. He dreads the Asian markets, and only goes whenever his parents insist.)

At the age of eleven and year of Kickboxing under his belt, Jake received a mysterious letter addressed to him, written on yellowed parchment with emerald ink. Just as the Hans were convinced it was some sort of elaborate hoax or a joke, someone from the Ministry dropped by to explain the situation to them. Both Jake's parents sat quietly in the living room that night drinking soju, trying to wrap their heads around the fact that there was a whole other world of magic out there, and their only son was a mabeobsa.

It took few weeks, but eventually, they all got used to the idea. It wasn't like they had much of a choice in the matter; it had explained some odd occurrences around Jake over the few years, as subtle as they had been. And the next summer, Jake was scheduled to visit the Diagon Alley with his assigned Ministry worker to get all he needed for his first year at Hogwarts. And Jake remembers his first visit to Diagon Alley the rest of his life. Hell, he's seventeen now and he's still not over the feeling of pure wonder.

Introverted by nature, it took a while for Jake to settle into his house that was made out of a rowdy, lively bunch of colorful individuals. But over the years he's found his place among the lions, and he's part of the pride as much as any other Gryffindor. He's picked Defence Against the Dark Arts, Charms, and Transfiguration as his favorite classes, and joined the Duelling Club already in his second year. Climbing the ranks and gaining experience, Jake was appointed as the Second in Command of the Gryffindor Duelling Club in his fourth year, and he became the Captain on his sixth. So this would be Jake's second year as the Captain, and so far it has been teaching him a lot about leadership skills and how to handle people, even if he's typically still with that no-nonsense attitude and tends to sometimes intimidate younger students.


  • Witty and snarky. You've been warned.
  • Loves puns like a total dork. Also has pretty morbid sense of humor in general.
  • Despite being trained in kickboxing for years, Jake is a pacifist. These align with his Buddhist values that come from his father. Do no harm, but take no shit, right?
  • Listens to a variety of music; rap, hip-hop, metal, drum&bass, dubstep and even to some forms of pop and a bit everything in-between, and from languages between English, Korean and some Japanese and Mandarin Chinese. If it's got a good beat, good message or just overall good feel to it, he'll listen to it.
  • Bilingual; speaks Korean and English as his mother tongues. Handles also the basics in Mandarin Chinese, and can do some Japanese (Tōkyō-shiki). However, understands better than responds back.
  • Owns a (self-purchased) motorcycle: Ducati 848, 2011 model, with a crimson coat of paint. If Jake could date it, he probably would. That's just how much he loves it.
  • Despite having an obvious love for speed, Jake's not as much into flying or Quidditch as one would expect. He enjoys it with moderation and tends to prefer to keep his feet firmly on the ground where he feels he's better in control rather than dangling five hundred feet in the air on an over-glorified twig.
  • Has been training American Kickboxing since he was just ten years old, and did it pretty seriously for a while... well, until his letter came. Now he trains it mainly for fitness. It keeps the lad in shape, and builds muscle on his lithe frame.
  • Lives in the heart of Camden Town, London. The Hans own a two-storied building with a garage, basement, and a little backyard. The second floor of the building is the actual apartment, while the first floor is modified into a small homely restaurant with its entrance right into a busy street that provides them with plenty of business.
  • The said restaurant specifies authentic Korean barbecue and street food and is called Han's K-BBQ. Honestly, it's borderline street kitchen than a restaurant because it's pretty small. Despite its size, it's quite famous in town because the food is just that good. So what Han's K-BBQ lacks in appearance, it makes up with flavor. It's been standing before Jake was even born, so it has built a lot of reputation over the years. A lot of the local Asians, especially Koreans, gather there and know the owners by name and vice versa. It's a very warm and welcoming place.
  • Jake works in the aforementioned during summers and gets paid for it. (Mostly in tips, though.) He's very hard-working and very good at handling money for such a young man. Excellent at saving up for bigger purchases. Pays mostly for his own gas, gym membership, clothes etc. by now. His parents still provide him with most other necessities, such as a roof over his head and food.
  • Loves sweets and fast food, but his training regime doesn't really allow sugar or white bread or anything too fattening honestly, so often just tortures himself by watching other people eat them or binge-watching cooking or baking shows. Because of this, he also chews ridiculous amounts of sweet flavored bubble gums.
  • Against the Asian stereotype, Jake actually sucks at math. His other grades are usually above average, however, but you will definitely not find him in Arithmancy class.
  • Likes slam poetry, and rap verses. Doesn't write any of his own stuff, but he really enjoys listening to performances by others. He thinks people who can rhyme and play around with words are amazing.
  • He also paints in his free time, especially at school. Mostly in graffiti style. He also sketches a lot in his notes. Dabbles in different styles, but always comes back to his own bold street style that has obvious Korean style influence.
  • Click HERE for Jake's playlist.
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"You might belong in Gryffindor,
Where dwell the brave at heart,
Their daring, nerve and chivalry
Set Gryffindors apart."

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Welcome to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Jacob Han!

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Otherwise, happy roleplaying and I hope you enjoy your stay.

Stay magical!

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