Killing Time
Xiro Charani
Jun 5 2018, 01:10 PM
Xiro had no specific plans for his time. Realistically he should have been doing homework or at least finding some way to be productive. Instead, as usual, he’d elected to roam around the castle. Or at least around the outside perimeter of the castle, since he did not enjoy spending time within the stone walls when he didn’t have class. Presently he was hovering around the outer edges of the courtyard, staring thoughtfully up at the high arches. Alunecare perched atop one of these, pecking savagely at something she had found, but no given item usually held her attention long. From here he could only see the occasional flicker of an outstretched wing, but figuring that the crow was just fine – she always was – he turned away from the wall.

So far, he hadn’t decided what he thought of Hogwarts. Xiro was wary of anything new or strange – which was a significant part of everything he encountered – and while he had accepted that magic was in fact a real thing, and something that could be practiced… he wasn’t sure what he felt about the rest of it. He’d never been to school, never attended classes of any kind. All of it, from the structure to the concept of trying to earn House Points… it was all bizarre. So far he’d been trying to concentrate on what he was supposed to be doing. Xiro was, if not naturally inclined to behave himself, at least capable of recognizing that he was, however temporarily, in a secure position. So up to now he had been trying to keep his head down (something that did not come naturally to him at all), and simply taking it in. Or trying to, anyway.

Alunecare swept suddenly off the top of the pillar and darted toward another boy across the courtyard. With a sharp caw, she swerved suddenly aside and dove to grab something shiny off the ground next to him, then swooped back to land on Xiro’s shoulder with her new prize. It looked like a pin somebody had dropped, but the crow seemed thoroughly pleased with her find. She all but poked her friend’s eye out with it trying to show it off, and then leveled a curious stare on the stranger as Xiro approached him. Offering an apology for his crow’s behaviour would probably have been the prudent thing to do, but he put precious little stock in prudence.

He grinned. ”Well hello there!” One hand reached up to accept the pin as Alunecare offered it to him, and then the crow changed her mind and launched back up into the sky, sweeping off to either hide it or find something new to play with. Xiro laughed. ”So, are you having a nice day, other than being almost hit by birds?”

Raziel Wang
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Raziel Wang
Jun 6 2018, 04:55 PM
i thought i was dreaming
Between classes and such, Raz didn't typically do much at all. Sometimes he just went to the library and studied- tried to study- but he figured he deserved a break once in a while. He could go for a walk or something. He could...... find something to do. Hogwarts was big enough, there had to be more to look at that he hadn't seen yet. Exploring was a kid thing to do, right?

Not that he would, Raz would probably just end up going exactly where he usually did. Tiredly, he rubbed at his eyes and let his feet go where they wanted, wandering through the halls until he found himself in the courtyard which was.... good enough. His sister would probably tell him to get more sun anyways, even if the glare hurt his eyes so he trudged foward while staring at the ground.

Most kids should be happy to go to a magical school with moving paintings and hidden rooms but magic had never been a special thing to Raz. He grew up in a magical home anyways, the stairs never disappeared but his parents had thoroughly disenchanted magic from the very beginning. A part of him wondered if it would've been more wonderous if he was a muggle born but he could never give up the convenience of magic. And anyways, it was pointless to think about if it couldn't happen.

He yawned and looked up at the sky, shading his eyes with a hand. It wasn't so bad, maybe, the sun was out, the birds were flying, that bird was flying towards him.... Wait. That wasn't- He yelped and darted to the side, narrowly dodging the crow speeding towards him. A crow? From where?? Wide eyed, he tracked the bird as it swooped around and perched itself on another boy's shoulder. Did someone else have a crow for a pet? He was aware Professor Anderson kept a raven around, he supposed it wasn't out of question. [Was it a raven or a crow? Were they that different to begin with? ...Did it really matter?]

His eyes snapped back to the boy when he started talking, half expecting an apology... okay, mostly expecting an apology. "Uh... I guess it's okay??" he said after a pause. It wasn't really even the first time he almost crashed into a bird, his owl insisted on smacking him in the face with feathers at least once a day anyways and at least the crow didn't actually hit him. It was like... an improvement kinda.

"Is it yours?" Raz asked, gesturing up at the flying crow, curiosity getting the better of him. He supposed he was looking for something to do, this was... something?

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