Keith Grayson, Gryffindor, Fourth Year
Keith Grayson
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FULL NAME: Keith Alexander Grayson
ETYMOLOGY: Keith means ‘wood’ and it is a Scottish surname that was originally from the name of a place.

Alexander means ‘defender of men’.

Grayson is an old English surname, meaning ‘son of the steward’’.


PRONOUNS: Masculine
AGE: Fourteen
DATE OF BIRTH: 04/13/2009
YEAR: 4th
HOUSE: Gryffindor
BLOOD STATUS: Half-blood
SPECIES: Human Wizard


FACE CLAIM: Roxas, Kingdom Hearts
HEIGHT: 5”4 / 164 cm
WEIGHT: 132 lbs / 60 kg
BUILD: Ectomorph
ETHNICITY: ¼ Welsh and ¼ Italian, the rest English
HAIR: Dirty blonde and windswept messily to the side
EYE COLOR: Deep Blue
VOICE: His voice sounds really airy and subdued but his accent is that of a typical Gloucester accent, a little difficult to understand if he speaks really fast.
DOMINANT HAND: Right-handed
SCARS: A scar underneath his chin from a skateboarding incident when he was younger.
DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: When he smiles, he only has a dimple on his right cheek.


PHYSICAL AILMENTS: A subtle limp from a repeated left ankle injury
EATING HABITS: Somewhat healthy. He prefers to eat small meals every few hours.
EXERCISING: Morning jogs


CORE CLASSES: Transfiguration, Potions, Charms, Potions, History of Magic, Defence Against the Dark Arts, Astronomy and Herbology
ELECTIVE CLASSES: Care of Magical Creatures and Muggle Studies
FAVORITE CLASSES: Care of Magical Creatures and Defense Against the Dark Arts
CLUBS: Duelling Club (member)
EXTRA CURRICULAR: Quidditch (Chaser)


WAND: Acacia, 9¾”, Supple Flexibility, Phoenix Feather
PET: Barn Owl
MAGICAL ARTIFACTS: Nimbus 2001 (Broomstick)


PATRONUS: Incorporeal
BOGGART: A body of water
ELEMENT: Water / Earth
AMORTENTIA SCENTS: There is the faint scent of sweat that is reminiscent of his twin brother, mixed with what smells like the chamomile of his older brother’s shampoo and the minty fragrance of his sister’s perfume.


He could already feel his brother smacking his arm excitedly and it took a lot of effort not to hit him back, knowing that his brother had the tendency to do this when he was far too excited. Still, it was nerve-wrecking that they were here, at the renowned Hogwarts, the place that their older siblings had always gone to. Each time they came back, they had something new to show the twins. Now, he was going to learn how they did, the mechanics behind the spell.

First of all, they needed to know which houses they would be sorted into.

Gale is the one who goes first, since the first initial of his name comes before Keith’s. It isn’t long before the Sorting Hat shouts out his chosen house and he watches his brother hop off the chair and wave him to him, before going to the table of his house.

“Grayson, Keith!”

Clenching to the side of his robes, Keith made his way up the stairs and clambered onto the stool. The Sorting Hat is placed upon his head in an instant and he waits for the Hat to sort him into a House. He wonders how the Sorting Hat can talk but he can only attribute it to some form of magic that he did not understand.

“Inquisitive, eh?” is the next thing he hears and Keith flinches at the intrusion of another voice into his head. “Ah, a twin brother. He was fairly easy to sort, quite unlike you. You don’t wear your heart on your sleeve, like he does.”

Keith agreed. Gale was the sort who wore his heart on his sleeve while he was the complete opposite of him. “You have an unspoken potential within you,” the Hat says and the blonde-haired boy finds himself raising an eyebrow, wondering what he meant.

“It is hidden underneath layers of yourself but should it be nurtured, you will make a fine young man. Your experiences in life have forced to you grow up, to be a lot more mature than most kids your age.”

“Really now,” he murmured to himself, uncertain whether it was a good thing he had gone through what he had gone through. Keith would never wish it upon anyone to face what he had, knowing that it didn’t leave him feeling good.

“You’re an honest soul who isn’t afraid to make difficult choices, should the situation call for it. Given your way of thinking, I believe that you would be best in…” Keith held his breath for a moment. “Gryffindor!”

His twin’s disheartened look is the first thing he sees and he glances in his direction with an apologetic look before retreating to his selected house, where he was welcomed with open arms and cheers.




Between the Grayson twins, Keith is the more reserved among the two of them and is not really much of a social butterfly as compared to his brother. Most of the time, he doesn’t really mind talking to people and meeting new friends, it is just that if the situation doesn’t call for it, he wouldn’t start a conversation. Most would believe that he’s awkward but truth to be told, he is shy when it comes to meeting new people.

Keith is known to be a pragmatic and resourceful person, making use of whatever he can find around him, which contributes to his ability to remain calm under pressure. Things that he knows he is capable of finding solutions to, Keith can work his way through it easily and thus, he is known to be the smarter half of the Grayson twins.

The boy isn’t afraid of hard work and commitment — he’s more than willing to put that in if he believes there is a chance that it will be worth it, which makes him a rather reliable person to friends, family and acquaintances alike. Keeping promises is something he takes very seriously and he isn’t known to tolerate those who break their promises, regardless of whether they were unintentional or not.

As someone who takes things to heart, Keith can be rather vindictive, especially towards people who have betrayed his trust. He isn’t comfortable with the idea that someone who knew him so well can easily turn against him in just mere seconds, leaving him a bad state of where he had gone wrong, even if he is aware that the blame is not entirely on him. However, his spiteful side is not easily brought out and is often hidden underneath a calm exterior.

In spite of being a private young man, Keith hardly lies; he’s aware of the damaging effects of a lie spiraling out of its intended control. He only lies when he has to and it is often based on his own judgment. Underneath his layers of reticence, Keith can be very rebellious if given a reason to go against something in order to gain something in return, especially if it is for his own benefit.

He also isn’t one to talk about his personal feelings to his close friends or family. It takes a lot of coaxing and only two people who have managed to do so are his twin brother and his older brother. Whenever he needs to get a different perspective of things, he would approach his parents and his sister.

When provoked, Keith can potentially prove to be rather aggressive not in his actions, but in his words. He isn’t stupid enough to get himself involved in a fight but he doesn’t fancy the fact that people pick at his flaws and would do whatever he can to prove the other party wrong as well as a means of proving to himself. He also don’t take kindly people to bullying his friends or family and will make sure that he gets back at them.


PLACE OF BIRTH: Gloucester, UK
HOMETOWN: Gloucester, UK
NATIONALITY: ¼ Welsh and ¼ Italian, the rest English


MOTHER: Coriander Wyndham
FATHER: Adrian Evans
SIBLINGS: Daniel Grayson (foster older brother)
Matilda Grayson (foster older sister)


Keith and Gale were born as a result of a one night stand between Adrian Evans and Coriander Wyndham, two strangers who met in a bar. Their mother did not have the means to keep them but neither could she bear to kill the two souls, waiting to come into the new world. Once they were born, her parents helped her out by wrapping the twins with blankets in a basket and leaving them on the front porch of an old friend of theirs — without the Graysons’ knowledge.

Coriander can only wonder which of her child had inherited her Seer abilities.


Keith will always remember the story of how him and his brother were adopted by the Graysons. It had been a dark, stormy night when cries could be heard on the front porch of their home by their foster brother, Max. The moment he realised that there were babies on their front porch, he had immediately brought them inside to the parental units. All that was left inside of the basket were pieces of paper, the edges tattered, with their names written on it: Keith and Gale.

Max and Amelia Grayson remembered struggling with the younger of the twins, Keith. He had the tendency to fall sick easily and it often left him bedridden in comparison to his twin who spent more time outdoors and running around with his friends. It was only when Keith was about three years that he started to get better and showed improvement in his health. He was still told to take it easy but eventually, he could go out and play like any other normal kid.


The twins were introduced to magic at a young age since the Graysons were a magical family. Keith remembered mini fireworks produced by their foster father as a means to entertain them when they were still infants and they managed to understand it when they were older. Like many other magical children, they were also told not to speak anything of the existence of the wizarding community and they attended normal Muggle primary school.


Keith learned how to skateboard from one of his friends during primary school and eventually introduced it to his brother who joined in the fun. It eventually became a weekly thing to race each other around the neighbourhood, with their other friends. For as long as Keith could remember, there had always been a competitive streak between the two of them, regardless of whether it be the first to get to the kitchen table or to school. Skateboarding was the one thing he could win his brother in and he considered that to be one of his greatest achievements.

However, swimming is the one thing he would never compete against his brother, mostly due to an incident in which Keith nearly drowned. He had nightmares about it for a very long time, shortly after the incident, but it has lessened considerably over the years.


Henry first discovers about Keith’s magical prowess when he hears the sound of fists banging on their bedroom door, rousing him and his wife from their slumber. When he opened the door, he is greeted by the terrified expression of Gale and the incoherent sentences that come afterwards.

Instead, he is dragged by the wrist to the source of his worry and is baffled to see Keith suspended in mid-air — “Sleepwalking,” is what his eldest child tells him – in the centre of their living room, above their coffee table. Keith is known to be a light sleeper for him to be so deep in his dreams is a cause of concern. Their daughter eventually dispelled their concern, explaining that Keith went out for a skateboarding session beforehand and crashed, clearly exhausted from the day’s events.

Just when they thought things got better, it got worse: as soon as Daniel’s fingers curl around Keith’s left ankle, Keith started to trash about in his sleep. Furniture and decorations start to float into the air – there is a sizzling of magic around them – and through the panic, Keith’s desperate gasps for breaths are the most audible thing in the room.

It took about fifteen minutes to snap Keith out from it. When he is awake, all the magic in the room comes to a sudden stop. The blonde-haired child is caught by Daniel just before he hit the ground, just in time for the eldest Grayson to hear him let out a choked sob and feel the tears soaking through his pajama shirt.

Henry glanced at his wife, with partial relief on his face, before it turned to worry. That meant their adopted kids were magical beings, just like themselves, but the entire ordeal had left him wondering what sort of dream Keith had for the magic to manifest in such a manner.

Just a couple of days after the incident, Gale displayed his own magical prowess in a less intense manner: both Gale and Keith ride into the dining room on a floating carpet, with the brown-haired twin pretending that he’s Aladdin.


Once upon a time, Keith remembers dreaming of iron and red and lifeless eyes but he doesn’t understand it, disregards it until it happened.

The blonde-haired Grayson was nine years old when he witnessed his first death. All he remembers is the colour red, splayed all across the road, and unseeing eyes — he had rushed forward to make sure that his friend was well and alive — but Keith ends up with crimson-painted all over his hands and the metallic scent of iron ingrained into his memories.

From that night onwards, Keith could never truly sleep properly, not when the news of his friend being announced dead on the spot still rang through his mind, as fresh as ever.


By the time they turned eleven, their elder brother was already in his final year while their elder sister had just entered her fifth year. The four of them shared the same carriage, with Matilda and Daniel sharing their stories of Hogwarts, as well as snacks.

A soft neighing sound caught his attention and he found himself looking a rather grotesque-looking horse, quite unlike the ones he had encountered before. He then remembered what his brother had said about the carriages pulling themselves and for a moment, he wondered whether Daniel had been mistaken.

“Danny, you’re a liar. The carriages are being pulled by something,” Keith lets out a chuckle as he tugs on his brother’s hand. When he catches the confused look on Daniel’s face, it doesn’t take very long for him to figure out that the rest of his family member are unable to see what he can see and he quickly covers up it with a simple ‘just kidding’ before they make their way to the castle.

Keith had expected the two of them to be in the same house. While he got sorted into Gryffindor, his brother had been sorted into a different house instead, much to his relief. Keith loves his brother but he doesn’t need to kept under strict supervision by his twin.

“You gonna be okay?” Gale asked, his wide grin losing itself into pure concern, wondering how his brother was going to befriend people without his assistance. Moments like this often reminded Keith that Gale was the older twin and not him, the one who always made it a point to make sure Keith was okay before anyone else.

Keith merely nodded, allowing a smile to creep onto his face.


It is a little different from attending normal primary school, considering that they were studying magic but the system is similar, from practicals to theory to written exams. His first year goes by like a breeze. Whenever the Grayson twins have a class together, they would find their way to sit next to each other for the purpose of partner work — they eventually get stopped from doing that all the time — and ace their assignments.

Keith manages to make a few friends but even then, it is incomparable to the number of friends that Gale has made.

By the time his third year rolls about, Keith has long proven himself to be worthy of being on a broom. He’s got a fine form and finesse so it is no surprise when he gets into the Quidditch Team — he adds it to his list of personal achievements.

The next time Keith and Gale are head-to-head with each other, it is during their first Quidditch match. When two identical pairs of blue eyes connect with each other, they immediately know that they must give it their all. Keith finds solace in moments like this with his brother for it had been a while since they competed like this and he was going to make sure that he could laugh at him once the lions won the match.

Although Keith always sees a Thestral every year, at the start and at the end of school, he is always left wondering whether he should eventually ask about it. His brother doesn’t seem to talk about the fact that he can see these things while they can’t and Gale obviously doesn’t know about it because he has never brought it up to him. It is also precisely why he ends up taking Care of Magical Creatures when they were given the choice.

In his fourth year, Keith just wants to do well and get through the school year without much hitches.


  • He has a great fear of the ocean or any deep water since he nearly drowned once when he was younger.
  • Since there isn’t electricity at Hogwarts, he makes it a point to bring his guitar and skateboard with him in his trunk.
  • He prefers to wear a lot of either neutral or dark colours and his favourite accessory being a wristband.
  • He likes to collect coloured marbles.
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