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Priori Incantatem welcomes everyone to a fascinating adventure into a modern version of Harry Potter roleplaying, where nostalgia of what we know about Hogwarts meets with new exciting characters we haven't met before. We closely follow canon and the Wizard World history for what has happened in the past, but entwine our own characters into the story to make it ours. Only the canon logic, occasional rules, and your own imagination is your limit.

Priori Incantatem encourages independent roleplaying and creative self-expression, and thus we have set the bar for players to be advanced level writers so that we can trust everything runs smoothly. Every player and character is carefully scoped by staff, and we have a zero tolerance policy for toxic environments. Our main objective is and always will be that each individual feels welcome, safe, and comfortable. And most importantly, that everyone has fun!

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September 2023.

First semester has come again, and all the Hogwarts students are ready to say good bye to summer and greet the autumn. This is a very eventful months for all the Hogwarts students. First travelling back to school with the famous Hogwarts Express, enjoying the Sorting Ceremony of the first years, exchanging holiday stories with peers over the Opening Banquet Feast, and getting know to new students. Meanwhile, some students are greeted with new extra responsibilities, like becoming Prefects or Head Students, or taking over Captaincy or Leader positions in their respectful teams and clubs. New classes and new schedules keep the students busy too, which makes maintaining the social life and grades immediately a challenge. It'll be up to the students to sort out their priorities; studies or friends?

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 Activity Check: January, It liiives!
Feb 4 2018, 01:19 PM

Activity Check

Third AC of PI, We apologise for the small delay of few days, but finally it is here! The very first of 2018, with hopefully many more successful ones to come.

For those who have taken part of these before, you know what to do. There's no further ceremony to this, so just skip reading here on out and just do your thing.

But of course, I'll give a rundown to the ones who are new to this system, for your convenience. This is simple enough; we check who are still active and who to remove to open more spots in roles etc. by going through the AC monthly. We're timing them to take place at the last day of each month. The deadline to post in them is one week (seven days) and we'll take one day on top of that to work on its results, which means that possibly new positions will be open by the ninth day after the AC.

What you need to do as a member to make sure you don't get removed, is to post here with your OOC account and tag your characters, and then tell us if there's anything extra we need to know, for ex. if you want one of your characters archived. At the bottom of this template, there will be a coded form for your convenience.

What happens if you don't post within the AC deadline:

  • We'll archive your character profiles
  • We'll archive your plotters, trackers and wanted ads
  • We'll lock and archive the 1x1 character threads
  • We'll remove all your claims and they're fair game again to all
  • We'll remove you from the Discord group
I'd like to have the new players who get accepted during the ongoing AC to post in here as well, just to make sure no confusions happen and both admins are on the same page who are in and who are out. Easier for us, little effort to you.

We understand that sometimes, accidents happen. At times you may simply forget to post into an AC, or you're busy the whole particular week and miss the deadline. As long as this doesn't become a habit, we'll bring your characters back from archives if you approach us. However, the admins of PI do not answer for lost positions. If someone has already managed to claim your previous claims, consider them lost to you. After all, it's no one else's fault but yours if you do not take part in the ACs in timely fashion. If this happens, be ready to edit your character accordingly.

When posting this form, please don't use any fancy templates, and just post it plain as it is.

[dohtml]<b>Characters:</b> @[character name]<br> <b>To be archived:</b> If you have any characters you want to archive<br> <b>Notes:</b> If you've got anything to say.[/dohtml]

user posted image
Actual credits to ActuallyDano <3
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Slytherin | 24 | Pure-blood | Yew, Unicorn Hair, 12 | Dun Mare
APPLICATION | SHIPPER | TRACKER || Played by In Causa || Female | GMT +1
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Feb 4 2018, 01:28 PM
Characters: Glesni Carrow; Felix Butler; Caia Watkins
To be archived: N/A
Notes: Just gonna slap this in here before I forget... #first

user posted image
Actual credits to ActuallyDano <3
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Slytherin | 24 | Pure-blood | Yew, Unicorn Hair, 12 | Dun Mare
APPLICATION | SHIPPER | TRACKER || Played by In Causa || Female | GMT +1
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Feb 4 2018, 01:30 PM
Characters: Caleb O'Neill & Skylar Anderson
To be archived: ---
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Hufflepuff | I am eternal! >.> | Honeybadger | Blackthorn, Dragon Heartstring, 13", Hard flexibility | Weasel
APPLICATION | SHIPPER | TRACKER || Played by Community Moderator || Female | GMT +2
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Feb 4 2018, 02:44 PM
Characters: Andoles Blackadder
To be archived: Nope
Notes: None.
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APPLICATION | SHIPPER | TRACKER || Played by Lem's Kouhai || Attack Helicopter | EST
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Feb 4 2018, 02:45 PM
Characters: Anice Runeswell, Crispin Fairlie, Eleanor Hildegard
To be archived:---
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Slytherin | 20 | Muggleborn | Aspen, Dragon Heartstring, 10 inches | Spider
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Feb 5 2018, 05:23 AM
Characters: Lucan Rowle & Theseus Scrimgeour
To be archived: x
Notes: x
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Slytherin | twenty-one | half-blood | Aspen, Thunderbird Tail Feather, 10¾ inches, Inflexible | Crow
APPLICATION | SHIPPER | TRACKER || Played by muzz! || hot mess express | GMT+10
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Feb 6 2018, 12:30 AM
Characters: Song Jin & Tieran Donaghue
To be archived: N/A
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Hufflepuff | Eighteen | Muggleborn | Sycamore, Unicorn Hair, 12 ¼ | Siberian Bobcat
APPLICATION | SHIPPER | TRACKER || Played by || Female | Pacific
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Feb 7 2018, 10:39 PM
Characters: Clarisse Sharpe
To be archived: x
Notes:Things are crazy. I second what Wren said. Soon. SOON
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Ravenclaw | 20 | Muggle-Born | Hawthorn, Dragon Heartstring, 9 Inches and Surprisingly Springy | Wolfie Woo
APPLICATION | SHIPPER | TRACKER || Played by Namora || Feminine | Pacific Standard (GMT -7)
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Feb 8 2018, 12:28 AM
Characters: Aedan Quigley Dmitry Voronin
To be archived: --
Notes: --
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Ravenclaw | Twenty-three | Muggle-born | Hornbeam, Phoenix Feather, 14¼", Stiff | Weasel
APPLICATION | SHIPPER | TRACKER || Played by Alfonz || Male | GMT -5
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Feb 8 2018, 11:04 AM
Characters: Raina Summers
To be archived:
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Slytherin | Twenty-two | Muggle-born | Walnut, Dragon Heartstring, 12", Supple | Little Owl
APPLICATION | SHIPPER | TRACKER || Played by Nox || Feminine | Central Standard
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Feb 8 2018, 12:36 PM
Characters: Jayden Everdragomir
To be archived: N/A
Notes: Still here, just busy with work, school and dealing with loss. Lowkey doing small things here when I can and feel like my head's not gonna explode. Be back full force ASAP. Y'all take care. (Fun fact: I've seen pics of the new custom skin which is now officially under way.)
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Slytherin | Twenty-six | Muggle-born | Sycamore, Dragon Heartstring, 12 ¾'', Reasonably Supple | Rattlesnake
APPLICATION | SHIPPER | TRACKER || Played by Wicked || Whatever | GMT +2
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Feb 8 2018, 06:11 PM
Characters: Stella Prince
To be archived:None
Notes: I... have slowly been working on two other characters, but don't expect to have them up before the month is over.
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Hufflepuff | Twenty-Two | Red and Blue | Sycamore, Unicorn Hair, 12¼", Slightly Springy | Newfoundland Dog
APPLICATION | SHIPPER | TRACKER || Played by || Bubbles | PST
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Feb 8 2018, 10:38 PM
Characters: Derek Hoffman, Perseus Scrimgeour & Rajendra Singh
To be archived: None.
Notes: Wubba lubba dub dub!
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OOC | Twenty-Three | Mudblood | | Evil Morty
APPLICATION | SHIPPER | TRACKER || Played by Noble || Masculine | EST/EDT
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Feb 9 2018, 04:56 PM
Characters: Sabrina Gallagher, Wilbur Langley, Ainslie Morrison
To be archived: Nah brah,
Notes: What’s cookin good lookin? Lol
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Slytherin | 20 | Half-breed | Sycamore wood, Dragon heartstring core, 12 ½" in length, Slightly Springy flexibility | Nebelung Cat
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