Aedan Quigley, Gryffindor, Fourth Year
Aedan Quigley
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names have power   Full name: Aedan Quigley
Nicknames: Blaise [Blaze]
Etymology: Aedan is derived from the Irish given name Aodhán, which is a pet form of Aodh. The personal name Aodh means "fiery" and/or "bringer of fire" and was the name of a Celtic sun god.

Quigley is a surname of Irish origin derived from the Gaelic Ó Coigligh meaning "descendant of Coigleach," Coigleach being a given name meaning messy, untidy, unkempt.

basics   Gender: Male
Pronouns: Masculine
Sexual Orientation: Bicurious
Romantic Orientation: Demiromantic
Age: Fourteen
Date of Birth: 03/20/2009 Zodiac: Pisces
Year: Fourth
House: Gryffindor
Blood Status: Half-blood
Species: Human Wizard
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Nationality: English
Languages: English
Place of Birth: Lanark, UK
Hometown: Lanark, UK
Religious Affiliation: Christianity
Moral Alignment: Lawful Good
Heavenly Virtue: Kindness
Deadly Sin: Sloth
Myers Briggs: ESFP-T

appearance   Face claim: Hinata Shouyo, Haikyuu!!
Height: 5'4.7" / 164.2cm
Weight: 114.4 lbs / 51.9 kg
Build: Ectomorph
Hair: Ginger, short, tangled
Eye Color: Hazel
Complexion: Pale, freckled
Voice: Raspy and mild bass
Dominant hand: Left-handed
Scars: Back of his head
Piercings: --
Tattoos: --
Clothing Style: Urban Muggle
Distinguishing Features: Freckles, Long eyelashes, Lisp

health   Physical Ailments: Amblyopia
Neurological Ailments: Nyctophobia, Pervasive Developmental Disorder Not Otherwise Specified (PDD-NOS)
Blood Type: AB-
Allergies: --
Addictions: --
Eating Habits: Balanced
Exercising: Jogging, Pull-ups, Squats, Crunches
Socializing: Extrovert
Alcohol: --
Smoking: --
Drugs: --

family   Mother: Olivia Quigley (née Dempsey)
Father: Kenneth Quigley
Grandfather: Cormac Dempsey

inventory   Wand: Apple, 10", Dittany Stalk, Pliant
Pet: Winky [Rat]
Magical Artifacts: Twigger 90

school   Classes: Astronomy, Charms, Defense Against the Dark Arts, Divination, Herbology, History of Magic, Muggle Studies, Potions Transfiguration
Favorite Classes: Astronomy, Herbology, Potions
Clubs: Astronomy Club, Potions Club, Rat Race Club
Extra Curricular: Astronomy Club, Quidditch Seeker

magic   Signature Spell: Oppugno Jinx
Patronus: Fennec Fox
Boggart: Mass of darkness
Element: Water, Air
Lucky Number: 15
Parseltongue: The language of snakes, which can be practiced only by one who has inherited the trait. Aedan inherited it along with his magical blood from a distant half-blood ancestor whose dormant genes were brought to prominence by incidental selective breeding

fun facts   Turn Ons: Dancing, Midriff
Turn Offs: BDSM, Dirty Talk
Pet Peeves: Bullying
Bad Habits: Picking boogers
Dreams: Visit outer space
Likes: Books, Video Games
Dislikes: Television (News)
Favorites: Pepperoni Pizza (Food), Summer (Season), Yellow (Color), Plain White T's - Hey There Delilah (Music), Wind blowing against his face on a warm and sunny day (Feeling), Grandpa's apple orchard (Location), Felix Butler (Person)
Aedan has a nearly perfect photographic memory that he demonstrates especially in the case of astronomy, capable of replicating the constellations with an efficacy few can match
Because of Aedan's speech impediment in the form of a lisp, casting spells can be incredibly inconsistent for him, as most spells containing the letter 's' simply won't cast when he enunciates it as though it were a 'th' sound; this has forced him to identify and employ unconventional spells for use when duelling or otherwise
Aedan is extremely fond of swimming in the Black Lake because it reminds him of the large pond by his grandfather's orchard that he used to swim in as a child. He also likes to challenge holding his breath and acclimate himself to the environment because of similar training done by astronauts preparing themselves for the harsh vacuum of space

sorting ceremony   Aedan was called forward to be judged by the Sorting Hat. He was just a simple farm kid thrust into a strange and bizarre world of unknown potential. A dusty, frayed hat with wrinkles resembling a face would place him into a house from the available selection: Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin.

Aedan didn't like snakes. He remembered the water snake that had almost bit one of his friends by the lake by his grandfather's orchard back in Lanark. He'd yelled angrily at it, and the creature had responded to his verbal assault and even seemed to startle at his particular choice of words. The Sorting Hat insisted the snakes foremost regardless, perhaps sensing a great amount of Aedan's stubborn ambition and inherent magical talents.

"Hmmm, your mind reads differently than most wizards your age."

What's that supposed to mean?

"It means you're difficult to understand, at least at first."

The Sorting Hat took a moment to investigate further in Aedan's confusion, tapping into the boy's subconscious and offering a prompt.

"You've got ambition, and many gifts. Slytherin might serve well as any as a home away from home for you..."

Aedan chanced a glance over towards the Slytherin table, but he didn't feel like they would welcome him into their fold, they were just looking at him. Assessing. Evaluating. Judging. The Sorting Hat seemed to understand and mumbled something incoherent to itself as it contemplated the situation further. After a brief delay, the Sorting Hat abruptly announced: "Then it'll be... Gryffindor!"

The table of red and gold lions erupted into cheering, although Aedan sat there in disbelief. For a moment he forgot where he was and simply spat back at the Sorting Hat, wondering how it could have made such a decision so quickly.

And yet the welcome from Gryffindor he received was unparalleled. They were so enthused to have him on board, and somehow that meant a lot to Aedan. Suddenly he wasn't bothered so much by whether the Sorting Hat's decision seemed so abrupt. His biggest concern with being sorted was finding somewhere he'd fit in despite being half-blood, and he'd actually found it.

He rushed away from the Sorting Hat and into the company of Gryffindors, whom he is immediately beset upon by as a round of noogies from the upperclassmen. It's exactly the sort of domestic environment he expected back home, and it suited him just fine, even if some of the Quidditch players were killer with their knuckles.

personality   Charismatic - Aedan is the sweetest, most polite child with all the mannerisms and etiquettes of a well disciplined gentleman, with the amiable disposition of your average pleasant country folk. There's just something endearing about his eccentric but restrained enthusiasm, the way he's so grounded in reality but can still find time to be a beacon of good will and a righteous figure.

Confident - As long as Aedan doesn't see a realistic reason why he couldn't do something, he's confident enough to believe he could do it if he applied himself. It's hard to take Aedan down a peg as well, as he's very stubborn but also a very practical person who believes all men are created equal. Which means there's nothing stopping him but his convictions, or lack thereof.

Excitable - Aedan can be wound up easily, and will burst out in gleeful laughter at the drop of a dime and loves to get caught up in someone else's business if it sounds like a good time. He's never been one to be turned away from an adventure.

Helpful - Turning someone away after they've asked politely is hard, especially if you're the sort of person to lean on others when you're in need too. So it's no surprise that Aedan doesn't mind devoting a fair amount of his time in offering assistance to others for extra curricular or homework activities.

Modest - Aedan prefers to sell himself short than to set someone's standards for him higher. It helps keep him from taking up anything beyond his helping, and also acts as a confidence boost when someone points out that he's better than he gives himself credit for.

Rustic - Aedan grew up on an apple orchard with his mother and grandfather, learning a more rural lifestyle and adapting to their cultural values. He's used to conversing on a first name basis with his peers, and likes to spit when sealing an agreement with handshakes, among other habits.

Boisterous - With a deep and raspy voice poorly suited to whispering, Aedan ends up being louder than he intends to be in general, often failing to truly stifle his voice enough to avoid being overheard. It's part of his easily excitable nature.

Daring - Aedan likes to challenge himself to do things when someone tries to tell him he can't do it, and likes to test his comfort zone a little too much, exposing him to some risky situations. Maybe it's because he's secretly overconfident despite his air of modesty that he tries to maintain. Either way, regardless of where it leads him, it's his daring nature that helps give him courage when he happens to run low.

Dependent - He relies on outside help a lot, and often tries to guilt people into helping him, or trying to win them over with a sympathy card. It's difficult for him to focus on studying when he's left to his thoughts, so having someone around if he wants to actually get something done is a must. He's only ever helpful because of his guilt over being so dependent on others.

Faithless - Aedan hasn't been one to put much faith in others, or even himself, or theoretical entities that exist on a higher plane. Especially when you consider his questionable sexuality and the condemn-ability of his excursions. He's quick to lose hope and surrender to uncertainty.

Rowdy - Aedan isn't afraid to back down when he feels threatened or criticized, but he tends to go overboard in his attempts to defend his honor and integrity. He leans heavily towards violence and verbal abuse when he feels insulted or attacked. This stems from his rustic background growing up in Lanark.

Vulgar - Another trait derived from his rural upbringing, Aedan likes to use vulgar, lewd and obscene words, especially when he's flustered or is being incredibly sarcastic. He's just more comfortable using these words. And before you ask, yes, he does kiss his mama with the same mouth.

biography   Aedan's mother didn't know it growing up as a child, but she was a descendant of a line of parseltongues that had been lost to the fickle nature of genetics in her grandfather's time. The family magic dried up, producing squibs for two generations before a young half-blood wizard by the name of Kenneth chanced into Olivia Dempsey's life during her time in London. He was a small time Ministry worker trying to make a living for himself when he found her out on the sidewalk before heading into work one morning.

After abusing what tricks he could with the subtleties of magic, Kenneth eventually got Olivia to cozy up to him. They ended up becoming companions for a time, and he tried to show her some amazing things without giving away his secret. But he wasn't very clever.

Eventually he not only got her pregnant, but got to a point where he had obstructed the International Statute of Secrecy by having this little affair of theirs. Kenneth Quigley was married, and had no intention of keeping Olivia as his wife.

She would've had the baby aborted if the Ministry hadn't stepped in after becoming aware of a potential magical child. At this point Olivia was allowed to retain her memory. But she was to have a child she couldn't provide for, and no husband to turn to. She fell onto the aid of her father Cormac Dempsey, who owned an orchard out in Lanark, United Kingdom. Living was stable.

Eventually Aedan was born and it was realized he had been born magical during an initial analysis during his birth which was handled at St. Mungo's due to the volatile nature of magical pregnancies on muggle mothers' bodies.

Due to the circumstances of his birth, Aedan doesn't know his father. Although Cormac is the best role model on how to embody what it means to be a gentleman, which gives Aedan something resembling a father figure. His mother is often absent from important moments of his childhood, for her reasons.

Aedan grew up fantasizing about outer space and becoming an astronaut. He also had a healthy connection to nature, frequently running barefoot around in the orchard and skinny-dipping in the lake beside his grandfather's orchard with some local farmer's sons. They'd climb trees and pick apples in the late evening, and chase animals with sticks.

Aedan was pleasantly enthralled by the natural world around him, and would've been content to live out his days basking in the sun and running through the fields with his muggle friends. Aedan started attending muggle primary school when he turned five, when he noticed strange things happening around him. While he's out in the orchard the trees seem to bend as though following him. He's seen objects falling from a shelf just suspended midair before easing gently to the ground.

It continues on and off unpredictably for the next five years or so. Aedan is convinced their house or something he's wearing is haunted. He's not exactly religious, but he's superstitious and even though he's very biased towards science Aedan can't find a way to explain these things without suspecting something supernatural.

Eventually Olivia notices it happen in Aedan's presence one day, a few days after his eleventh birthday. She's finally started to be there for him lately, and he's appreciating the time they have together. But this incident seems to set them back a few years and he's distraught over the whole scenario.

His grandfather takes him aside while his mother breaks down in the foyer, shoving him into a private study where he pulls out a tattered envelope with strange letters and an authentic wax seal. Aedan has grown up reading books about science fiction heroes, travelers of space and interplanetary pilots.

It's understandable then that he's a little unconvinced when he's told he's a wizard, like in the fantasy games and Dark Ages or something. It's weird to have his grandfather acting so unfazed by the concept, stating it as though it wasn't the most inane suggestion ever made in his house. Aedan is shocked.

But worse than that, he's disheartened. He always wanted to be an astronaut growing up, not a wizard. And this meant stopping primary school and going to some sketchy sounding school called Hogwarts. It meant becoming something that reduced his mother to tears for some reason. The situation made him angry and bitter.

But Cormac warned him that trying to ignore magic was a terrible prospect. He encouraged Aedan to take this opportunity the wizarding world was offering him. Perhaps Cormac knew something Aedan didn't. There were dozens upon dozens of books and journals in his private office, which could easily have been recollections from his ancestors. Maybe he thought to be sending Aedan on some epic quest.

After an anxious first visit to Diagon Alley over the summer with a Ministry appointed witch, Aedan was able to procure an assortment of wizarding supplies and tools, including a wand. He's told not to touch it until he arrives at Hogwarts later that year, if he knows what's best for him. Aedan left Ollivander's in a mess that day after sampling several wands which refused him, perhaps due to his very reluctant stance on being a wizard. But he follows along because how could you not see where an opportunity like this leads? Curiosity tempts him, but it's the way his mother seems to act towards him that chases Aedan away from home and to Hogwarts.

It's not that she resents or mistreats him, but that she can't keep composure around him. It makes Aedan uncomfortable even being in his own home or around his mother, and it makes him feel guilty in the eyes of his beloved grandfather.

The ride on the Hogwarts Express is enlightening. By the time he arrives at the school, he's finally started to wake up to the reality. He starts to feel a surge of excitement grip him as he walks up along the stone castle viaduct. It's not until he reaches the Great Hall inside that he realizes that this is very much real.

Aedan is a natural adventurer born pure of heart and thirsting for accomplishment, and finds his home in Gryffindor after a brief inquiry. And that is how a young Aedan finds himself seated among lions in the most reputable wizarding school in on the entire continent.

But Aedan is a farm boy with a muggle upbringing who is slow on the take of being a wizard. He falls behind academically in his earliest years and fades into obscurity for awhile until finding his calling in the wizard's sport Quidditch.

Before Quidditch, he was just a stuttering boy with a lisp who could barely use magic and couldn't cast certain spells depending on their enunciation. There was a horrible amount of stigma against him, and few seemed to regard him as anything more than a joke. And he was convinced that perhaps he was, until he started finding talents in other areas of magical study.

Until he found those talents however, he allowed others' criticism to dampen his mood, and he grudgingly had to learn to live with the reality that he just wasn't cut out for being a wizard after all. He started slacking in Charms and many other core classes on the principle that he couldn't properly pronounce half the incantations.

Despite his shortcomings, Aedan's prowess on a broom is undisputable, as he demonstrates a level of dexterity most aren't capable of. Delicate maneuverability in air makes him a desirable flyer and a suitable replacement for some of the Gryffindor Quidditch positions that were vacated by the previous year's graduates. After trying out for the team, they quickly discovered that the boy possessed no significant talents except for his finesse on a broomstick. But there was still hope.

A Golden Snitch was set loose upon the pitch while the rest of the players practiced on, and Aedan set whizzing about the field after the golden blur. A few players noticed right away how eager and relentless Aedan's approach was towards the Golden Snitch and worried that he would be just like any other overeager candidate, constantly bumping and fouling others on their way. But Aedan was different.

Aedan was an enigma on his broom and couldn't be touched. If he was about to crash into someone, he would suddenly spin and dive away, narrowly avoiding everyone as they played on. At first this made the players uneasy at first, but the seasoned players began to trust in Aedan's inborn talent. And their faith in his coordination was justified. Aedan never caught the Golden Snitch that day.

But he'd blindsided the Chasers and impeded their charges so many times, and had once even brushed the Keeper's nose with the bristles of his broom as he passed by overhead that the Gryffindor team realized that Aedan's potential couldn't be overlooked. He would be their Seeker, a nimble dark horse with a great endowment and a thirst to prove himself to his peers.

Several years have passed, and though Aedan is their best Seeker candidate, he has yet to ever actually catch the Golden Snitch. But his team keeps faith in him and reassures him to come back and keep playing year after year, even as some of the older students graduate. His Quidditch pals are some of his closest and most meaningful friends over the years at Hogwarts.

Every summer that Aedan returns home, he has grand tales to tell his grandfather Cormac. But his mother seems to grow visibly distraught when she hears about it, and Aedan can't help but feel like every year of school away from his mother is starting to form a rift between them. But he's too frightened to try dealing with her when she's so obviously upset, it's starting to affect him physically, stress and anxiety causing him to withdraw from her almost completely except if she approaches him first. But with every passing year, that seems to happen less and less.

Aedan returns to Hogwarts for his fourth year of study having made little name for himself in anything, but he's nothing if not persistent. He's determined to prove his worth to his team and his house this year, and to hopefully pull together his studies in time for the upcoming year's OWL exams. He resolves not to let his speech impediment affect his academic initiative any further.

He figures it's not rocket science after all. He'll just have to keep trying and work on his pronunciation along with his other studies. And so begins his fourth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

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"You might belong in Gryffindor,
Where dwell the brave at heart,
Their daring, nerve, and chivalry
Set Gryffindors apart."

Welcome to Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Aedan Quigley!

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