Jayden Everdragomir, Slytherin, Sixth Year
Jayden Everdragomir
Oct 29 2017, 12:08 AM

Jayden Everdragomir

If you kick me when I'm down, you better pray I won't get up.


FULL NAME: Jayden Caine Dimitar Everdragomir
NICKNAMES: Jay, Evers, 'Dragomir, Daywalker, The Bulgarian Dragon, The Walking Disaster, Mosquito, The Boy on Fire, Mockingjay, Jaycon
ETYMOLOGY: Jayden [JAY-dən]; The name itself is a variant from Jaden, which is sometimes considered variant from Jadon. Possibly means either "thankful" or "he will judge" in Hebrew. Unisex name, but far more common with males than females.

Caine [KAYN-ɇ]; Variant from Cain, and pronounced the same way as the E remains silent. Means "acquired" in Hebrew. In Genesis in the Old Testament, Cain is the first son of Adam and Eve. He killed his brother Abel after God accepted Abel's offering instead of his. The middle name is from Jay's biological father, the True Vampire Caine of the Evernight bloodline of Nottingham Coven.

Dimitar [Dimi-TAR]; Bulgarian and Macedonian form of Demetrius. Latinized form of the Greek name Δημητριος (Demetrios), which was derived from the name of the Greek goddess Demeter. This name was given to Jay as a tribute to Caine's deceased long time friend and Jay's great grandfather, Dimitar Dragomir.

Everdragomir [Ever-drah-go-meer]; Originates from Dragomir. Drag means "precious and peaceful" from the Slavic element dorgu meaning "precious" combined with mir meaning "peace" or "world". Dragomir can be translated as "To whom peace is precious," i.e. "He who cares about peace." Bulgarian origin which is where the Everdragomirs hail originally and still lived just two generations back. Ever as in "everlasting, eternal, forever" which was added in front of Dragomir when the old family moved to England, and English influenced them; it was also the first part of Caine's original last name which was Evernight. The slowly dimming, once bright and powerful name of the Dragomir has been carried by many well known Pure-blood wizards back in the days, and even some Bulgarian royalties few hundred years ago.


PRONOUNS: Masculine
AGE: Sixteen
DATE OF BIRTH: 08/14/2007
YEAR: 6th
HOUSE: Slytherin
BLOOD STATUS: Half-breed
SPECIES: Dhampir Wizard


FACE CLAIM: Nathaniel, Danzzila/NTDevont
HEIGHT: 6'1'' / 185cm
WEIGHT: 165 lbs / 75kg
BUILD: Mesomorph
ETHNICITY: Mixed caucasian with Slavic background; half British, quarter Bulgarian and quarter Latvian
HAIR: Raven black, short, wavy.
EYE COLOR: Arctic blue.
COMPLEXION: Pale with an olive undertone.
VOICE: Masculine but youthful, low bass with a naturally cutting tone, strong enough to command a room quickly when raised.
DOMINANT HAND: Left handed.
SCARS: Small cut in the forehead's hairline, all the knuckles in both hands, faint long scar running along the left forearm, stabbing scar in the left shoulder, nine round cigarette burn scars on the soles of his feet (six in the right, three on the left), several dozen faint ones zigzaging on his back like from whipping, ugly large burn scar (from last year) on his right arm.
PIERCINGS: Left earlobe.
CLOTHING STYLE: When Jay is not wearing his school uniform and robes, his normal attire usually considers muggle clothes. Dark low grade jeans and black tennis shoes (or black combat boots during winter to prevent his toes from freezing off) are the normally chosen ones, which go well with his tops which usually consider simple shirts and hoodies, which he also favors in dark colors even though other colored tops are not completely unheard of. Also, he likes almost anything with British flag design or some smartass print.
DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: Crooked smile that pulls more to the left and promises you he's up to no good and doesn't need to swear on it, pale blue eyes like of a Siberian Husky, naturally messy dark hair that does whatever the hell it wants and curls a lot more during rainy days.


PHYSICAL AILMENTS: Hereditary vampirism, and all that comes with it; heightened senses tend to be a double edged blade. Obvious mainly by checking his canine teeth which are obviously sharper than any regular human's would be. They're also retractable, much like venomous snake's fangs or cat's claws, so in reality they're about twice the length. They tend to force themselves out by reacting to arousal pheromones. Very inconvenient in many ways, as they tend to be more in the way than anything, especially when they snap out without warning and tend to stab him in the gums or lower lip. They're also hollow from the inside, and are linked to venom glands that rest above his upper jaw and can be seen with x-ray.
NEUROLOGICAL AILMENTS: Insomnia, post-traumatic stress disorder, mild form gynophobia (mostly with a specific female personality type), ADD, dyslexia, haphephobia, volatile anger disorder, mild kleptomania, asociality, adjustment disorder, severe trust issues. Yeah, he's one hot mess.
BLOOD TYPE: In the known muggle science database, Jay's bloodtype doesn't exist. He jokingly refers to his as V-
ALLERGIES: Garlic; it irritates his throat a lot which makes him cough until his eyes water (ha-ha, ironic he knows, still doesn't stop him from eating it though). And then there's fire, which seems rather unusual to others; his skin is hyper sensitive to burns, and can lit up like brittle paper if he's not careful. Healing from those is slow and painful, and his fast cell regeneration slows down considerably and so does his immunity system which makes him prone to inflammations and disease during the healing.
ADDICTIONS: Blood, black tea, exercising, adrenaline.
EATING HABITS: Eats mainly healthily and enjoys savory flavors. Dislikes sweets and can barely tolerate even some fruits. His tongue is technically engineered to find the sweet flavor from blood (which he actually describes it as) so its taste buds are too heightened to deal with regular sugar. He tastes things very differently, and some of the savory or salty to him may appear sweet.
EXERCISING: Exercises a lot; jogs usually twice a day, does push ups and stomach crunches in the evening a bit after dinner. And then besides these, does the needed Quidditch training.
ALCOHOL: Drinks occasionally, mostly Firewhiskey.
SMOKING: No, can't stand the smell.
DRUGS: Doesn't take anything prescribed, though sometimes abuses some potions for various different reasons. Other than that, blood gets him "naturally high" so to speak, and the cravings for it is stronger than anything else; if not consumed often enough, the lack of it makes him act irritable like an addict without a fix.


CORE CLASSES: Astronomy, Charms, Defense Against the Dark Arts, Herbology, History of Magic, Potions, Transfiguration
ELECTIVE CLASSES: Alchemy, Care of Magical Creatures
FAVORITE CLASSES: Potions, Transfiguration, Alchemy.
CLUBS: Slytherin Quidditch Team, Beater.


WAND: Ebony, 13½'', dragon heartstring, rigid.
PET: A two year old black male rat named Plague.
MAGICAL ARTIFACTS: Nimbus 2001 racing broomstick, copper cauldron, random selection of brewing ingredients.


PATRONUS: Incorporeal, for now. Struggles with Charms in general, and due to his background struggles especially with this one.
BOGGART: Adoptive Mother Aneliya Hristov. Appearance shifts between stages, depending how much fear he provides to the Boggart. She may seem like a normal woman, or something monstrously twisted, a memory of something seen through child's eyes and exaggerated by nightmares.
ELEMENT: Darkness primary, air secondary.
MAGICAL GIFTS: SHADOW MANIPUATION: Inherited natural vampire "magic" ability, meaning he can harness True Darkness which is a form of Old Magic. It is the only True Neutral type of magic which can't be classified as Light or Dark despite its appearance which makes it often misunderstood. Darkness is not a being, it is an entity, a presence. The ability to sense it gives the chance to interact with it, and that breeds few sub-class skills.

SHADOW PUPPETEERING: This may seem mostly useless ability. Which it ultimately is, due to it being mostly harmless and not having much of a physical reaction to the world surrounding it. But do not be fooled; if you have enough imagination and the situation presents itself with a possibility, it can be something useful. Be it entertaining others by shaping the shadows into different forms on the wall, or using it as a psychological tool for fear. If Jay wanted, he could start his own little shadow theater and be the sole puppeteer and make the most fantastic shows that could almost rival the muggle movies. But mostly he uses this to far less cute things; to scare his opponents by reshaping his own shadow into something monstrous and then spreading the darkness around them. With the help of air elemental magic, putting out torches and candles is easy and spreading the darkness farther for a bigger impact and strengthening the presence of the lurking darkness. If you did not fear the dark before ending up having Jay to have a bone to pick with you, you will be afterwards. Nothing is scarier than the unknown.

VOID DIVING: Every shadow are their own little alternative universe of darkness, an empty void of absolutely nothing but eternal blackness. Depending on the shadow's size, their inner sizes may vary greatly, making them like these little pockets scattered around. It is safe to assume that the shadows are always as wide from within as they are appearing to be in the physical world. However, it is their depth that varies. Diving into a shadow is like diving into a puddle of water on the ground... that just does not seem to have a bottom. Diving into shadows is a dangerous hobby if you do not know what you are doing. Jump too deep within, and you may not be able to ever climb back out. And then you will be imprisoned by the shadow until you are saved or starve to death. Someone who is not favored by the darkness will have this fate if they somehow would manage to trample with shadow magic. But those born with the ability are able to control the shadow within, and move inside of these little dark universes with ease. It is much like swimming, because in the void there is no gravity. There is air to breathe which does not seem to run out, but it feels musty like in a cellar, and it feels thicker. It is not like the air in the physical world, but it is not quite like being in liquid either. The darkness feels like it is smoky, or misty, but at the same time it gives the impression of something little more solid. The feeling of the embrace of True Darkness is hard to put into words, but the point is, that unlike in physical world, in the void you can literally feel the darkness. Like a shy caress of a cobweb or thick moisture in the air. That is just how intense it is. But what exactly it looks like in the physical world is that the person steps into the shadow on the ground and falls through it into nothing or steps through a solid wall, and no one else but the person with the same power can follow. Void Diving is like playing hide and seek with the ultimate hide-out. However, this does come with a price; Void Diving does not only seem to cut you out of the physical world, it really does cut you out -- almost completely. It leaves the Diver blind in the darkness, unable the feel the physical world, and almost cutting away the ability to hear. Even the noises that echo their way into the shadow sound muffled, like you would be underwater and somebody would be talking behind a wall. Following any conversations within the shadows are either hard or impossible, even if the person is standing close.

SHADE LEAPING: This ability is connected strongly to Void Diving. Shade Leaping is the ability to call upon the void and connect the shadows within to create other exits in the darkness, meaning making portals to move within the physical world. True Vampires are the strongest users of Shade Leaping, and can travel for miles. Lesser Vampires have this ability more limited to few hundred yards. Dhampir kids have it the weakest. They can only make links between the shadows they physically see or feel within about ten yards. But going with the gut feeling is always a bit risky if you are not exactly sure where you want to end up; if Apparition can get you splinched, then Shade Leaping can get you lost in the darkness, possibly forever. Because within the void, there is no North nor South, no up or down, there is no moon and stars to tell where you are. In time and with practice, comes experience and Shade Leapers develop a natural sense of direction and the understanding that Shadow Leaping is where you are supposed to follow your emotions and instinct rather than your reason, as logic has very little to do with it. However, it requires strict focus.

NIGHTSTALKER: This boy has his genetics partially after a predator which's main source of nutrition is human blood. And since it's prey is smart and strong, the predator needs to be even smarter and stronger to stay alive. Thus Jay has inherited some natural gifts (or curses, depends how you really want to look at it) from his biological father's side. This means his sense of hearing, smell and eyesight are extremely heightened. On a downside, they make Jay's ears sensitive to loud noises that can cause him pain, strong smells like perfumes make him nauseous and some strong pheromone types drive him crazy. While his eyesight is just tad bit sharper than normal which could be described as perfect in the terms of human eyesight, but it does not make it really anything special... until you turn off the lights. The pair of pale blue eyes are like of a feline in this matter, and the boy sees just as good in the dark as he sees in daylight. In certain lighting, his eyes also reflect the light eerily back like an animal's would. However, he still does need a tad bit light to see, as in complete pitch black darkness he becomes almost just as dependable in his other sense as anyone else would. Also, since his eyes are modeled to living in the dark, it takes Jay usually a bit longer to get used to the sudden brightness and leaves him temporarily blinded by it.

SUPERHUMAN STRENGTH: This is probably what makes Jay not your regular problem student, as this is why he is considered potentially dangerous, unnerving even to most of the adults. His strength is of a beast, and extremely hard to control, as it tends to be a hazardous combination with his anger issues as it is strongly linked to his emotions. But it works only with fast, extremely strong bursts of strength, and he can tire himself fast if he tries to keep these up very long. Sometimes -- well, more like, usually -- this can lead into breaking objects by accident, and at times hurting people when he does not mean to. Well, most of the time he just means to, but claims he did not if he gets caught. The guy whose nose broke just now? Oh, his hand slipped... You know, happens even to the best of us, right?

FAST REGENERATION ABILITIES: The reason why Jay is not that afraid of throwing spontaneous punches, is because he obviously relies far too much on his abilities to heal. They are not as good as a vampire's, but good enough to make him sometimes think he is invincible. Wounds stop bleeding in the matter of few minutes, in seconds if they are shallow, and heal often (not always) without leaving a scar within thirty minutes or faster. As if there would have never been one. Bruises fade quickly, leaving no evidences of a fight. Broken bones? Give him few days, and he is good as new. Broken or lost teeth? No problem, they will grow back eventually. (Creepy, he knows.) Now this may give him the delusion of immortality, which makes the boy not afraid of jumping from high places or doing something else that is perceived usually as idiotic and reckless. The truth is that he is indeed not immortal. He can get hurt, and even though his tolerance towards pain is obviously higher than many others, Jay does not enjoy willingly feeling it. He absolutely hates it when he breaks bones, because being sore is nothing fun. To be blunt, it sucks. He just happens usually come into realization afterwards. He can die, he can be crippled permanently, and he is not immune to things poisonous or fire. Just getting him killed or crippled tends to be slightly harder task. If his organs get damaged, that can also get him killed just like any other person, but his survival rate is few notches higher if the organ does not fail completely or he does not bleed to death before he gets the help he needs.

THE LIVING POLTERGEIST: More of a curse than anything. When a teenage half-vampire gets moody, things start flying and slamming into walls. This is more related to Jay's anger issues than anything else. Most kids outgrow these "tantrums" and learn to control their magical outbursts. So far even at the age of sixteen, Jay still hasn't. It's mostly out of his control and completely subconscious, though more than often this telekinetic form of magic does find the source of his resentment.
AMORTENTIA SCENTS: Spicy ginger, salty ocean wind, hint of jasmine and green tea.


September 1st, 2021

Transferring schools is never easy. Especially if you leave the previous one on a bad note. Bad enough to make some of the teachers to give you scorning looks even if you have never even talked to them before. Like the one that escorted him (A tiny little man, what was he, a part-Goblin?) from the Hogsmeade train station all the way to Headmistress' Study; he had obviously heard why he got expelled. It had been raining just before the train had arrived, and the air was moist after it, with a fresh scent and the promise of autumn. Someone else would have probably appreciated it more. But that someone was not this particular individual in question.

So here he now sat, Jayden Everdragomir, fourteen years old, looking reluctant in the Headmistress McGonagall's study with wild black hair that was sticking out in weird angles because he had been sleeping in the train, and was curling from the ends even more than normal due to that stupidly moist air of Scotland. The two adults in the room were exchanging some words that were going in the ear and out of the other for the teenager, who did not seem to have any interest regarding his own situation at all. Truth to be told, Jay hated everything about it. He hated Scotland already, because it was so grey and rainy and so damn chilly. He hated the school because it looked even more like a rundown castle than Durmstrang ever did. He hated his peers that had been giving him the odd looks in the station and on the train because they did not recognize him. He hated the idea of having to be that kid that did not fit anywhere, because he had been that already back in his previous school. And now because of the transfer, it would just maximize the effect. For a while, Jay had been living in the hope that maybe he did not need to go back to school anymore, and just be a sad loser fourth year drop out... But his father would have none of it.

"I know we've had some setbacks lately, son," his father had said in Bulgarian, "and I understand you've been having things hard, trust me, I get it." He would claim and Jay would just nod quietly, even though he really wanted to disagree on the understanding part. "But you really need to get back on your feet. We both need to move on. For us. For her. She would not like to see us like this. I know someone who can get you to a new school... In Scotland. It's a bit closer than your previous one, eh? What do you say, sonny? You need to study to get to the Ministry like your old man."

Maybe it had been the hopeful glint in his father's eyes, or the way he had ruffled his already messy hair with a strained smile, or that Andrei was actually expecting a loser like him being able to follow him to Ministry. Jay was not sure himself what it was that exactly got him to nod again, and so it was settled. And that was how a Bulgarian boy had ended up in rainy Scotland. A Bulgarian boy that was definitely currently second-guessing his life choices.

"Mr. Everdragomir." The Headmistress finally addressed him, managing to pronounce his name quite well for a first try. Jay looked up from the hands on his lap with a bored expression, trying to convey with a single look just how much he wanted to get this over with already. The elder woman with graying black hair and sharp, feline-like green eyes was looking at him sternly. Under that powerful steely gaze, Jay was not sure if he wanted to shrink away despite his tall lanky figure or have an even worse attitude towards everything. It was a tough choice between running his mouth and falling in line obediently.

In the end, he chose the latter. For now.

"I am Headmistress McGonagall, and I welcome you to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry on my behalf. I presume your trip from Bulgaria went smoothly. First-year students are being sorted shortly, and I must hurry since we both want to be at the opening banquet on time. Now, in this school, we have a House system, and that system determines where you will belong for the next two years; to whom you will share your dorms with, to whom you will share your classes with, and so on. Your place will be determined by your own qualities." The woman explained in a curt tone, wasting no extra time or breath. She then proceeded to summarize him the houses and their qualities and told him about the point system. Maybe Jay was imagining it, but whenever she was saying words like trouble, punishment, misbehavior, group discipline or point loss, she seemed to have a slight, subtle stress on them. Honestly, Jay had no idea what she was trying to hint at. So yeah, definitely imagining it.

After what seemed like an impossible amount of new information crammed into his brain that he was quite sure he would be forgetting in the next crucial two minutes (Seriously, did they have no pamphlets for transfers? Hogwarts 101 for Idiots sounded like a good title.) came the sorting itself. Apparently, the staff had all agreed that it would be bad for him to be sorted as the only fourth year among all the first years, and that would make him stand out negatively, so they had decided that it should happen in the office before the Sorting Ceremony. A ragged looking hat that looked like it had belonged to a homeless person from the middle ages was offered for him, or more likely dropped on his head, and then... the damned thing nearly gave him a heart attack! "AHA!" The hat exclaimed as it woke up from its slumber, making the blue-eyed boy flinch in surprise and resist the urge to rip it off his head partly out shock and partly because it nearly blew out his eardrums. "A quick-witted one! These ones always entertain me with their perfectly timed retorts to no end. Brave, yes, but not exactly the hero type, are you? You are clever, but lack wisdom, so not quite beyond your years, eh? Loyal, but not to just for anyone and it's hard earned..." It mumbled on seemingly to itself, while Jay kept feeling flattered first and insulted the next every three or so seconds. "Hard-worker... to a degree. Fair player? Ah, but you don't mind cutting few corners every now and again, do you? A hint of chivalry, hmm. But with a strong sense of self-preservation? What an oddly contradicting combination. Definitely not a Hufflepuff or a Ravenclaw... But should I put you in Gryffindor, or...? Ahh, there it is. Buried under all of that messy clutter. You should dig it up more often, it will get you far, boy. Nothing wrong with that. So better be... SLYTHERIN!"

The hat exclaimed its decision hard enough to make all the former headmasters in their frames jump, and Jay flinch a second time. Few of the portraits clapped as the hat was removed from the youngster's head. Jay looked puzzled, and McGonagall turned to set the hat back on its place to wait for the Sorting Ceremony. The Headmistress charmed Jay's uniform into his new house colors of green and silver; it had been simply colorless before. Then she told the little man to escort him to the Great Hall. But as they were leaving, Jay had to stop next to the Sorting Hat, making his escort grunt impatiently.

"What was it?" Jay asked from the hat with his accented voice, "The thing you found... buried within me that made you make the final decision?"

The Sorting Hat seemed to smirk knowingly with that rip of a mouth. And when it spoke, it said the word like they were fellow partners in crime, talking about the finest jewel in the vault.



MORAL ALIGNMENT: Chaotic Neutral


» Rebellious & Intimidating
"Oh, I'm up to no good, and I don't need to swear on it."

If the name Jayden Everdragomir is mentioned, people often think of "troublemaker", "dangerous" and "aggressive" would describe him well. Which is completely true; where the Slytherin boy goes, chaos and disaster follows. Always quick to anger, slow to forgive. Ever since Jay's adoptive mother died, he learned how to stand up for himself and started to develop a problem with authority figures. Such as acting during class like everything around him is a nuisance, so needless to say that teachers do not really hold him in very high regard, for his sheer need to act so defiant about everything; as if the whole world is against him. Jay is like an untamable feral animal and does not let anyone push him around, nor subdues or answers for no one but himself. Jay has a hot temper which is almost legendary and extremely hard to keep under control, which usually leads to violent outbursts when he is angered enough. It is like a fire that can suddenly flare and explode without much of a warning, and anyone within vicinity can and will get burned by it. The young man's anger management problems usually keep people at bay, because he is known for being actually dangerous in his unpredictability. Jay is not very proud of this, but he can not help it.

» Daredevil & Instigator
"I want to live like I know I'm dying."

Jay has a brave heart like a lion, which almost made him a Gryffindor. He is a dauntless boy who enjoys life by living it to the fullest. For others, traveling and spending their time with their loved ones. For Jay, that means living on the edge. The more dangerous, the better since Jay has always had a knack for trouble. A complete adrenaline junkie, who loves the feeling when the adrenaline makes him feel more alive when it rushes into his veins, making him feel like he is immortal. And that makes him act rashly, sometimes even completely irrationally. Jay provokes easily others to do something absolutely ridiculous, stupid or insane but he is usually the one who ends up doing it himself if no one has the balls for it, just to show that he can. And it seems like there is no end to this until he is really six feet under because he constantly flirts with death. However, this does not mean he is completely fearless. Just like any other person, Jay has things he is afraid of, but that list is shorter than the most and he rarely shows the signs that he is able to feel fear because of his well-trained poker face and nearly perfect bluffing, which tends to trick people to think he is not afraid of anything.

» Cunning & Resourceful
"You know, there ain't no rest for the wicked."

You want something illegal done, but you do not know how? You want to make some quick Galleons, and do not care if they were made cleanly or not? You want to threaten someone, but not leave any traces that lead back to you? You need a potion for questionable purposes, but hesitate to purchase it legally? That is when you come to Jay. He is sly like a fox when he wants to be, and knows very well how to bend the rules without breaking them publicly or slipping past them unnoticed, which is a mere skill by itself. And if he gets caught, he knows how to wriggle himself off the hook because of his quick wit. Being a sneaky son of a bitch is a specialty of his, a skill he has honed to almost perfection over the years. This lad doesn't carry the 'Bad Boy' title for nothing, and he has a particular disregard for most rules that he views as unnecessary to follow.

» Shrewd & Creative
"Everyone's entitled to be stupid, but some just love to abuse the privilege."

He is a very clever boy, but he is not book clever. Studying does not interest Jay one bit, and he has problems with focusing on things that he does not care about, so he does poorly on some subjects. Especially the ones that require following strict rules and leave little space for creative thinking. But when he finds something interesting, such as Potions class, he can suddenly stand out of the other students like a sore thumb. He is known for thinking outside the box and coming up with the craziest ideas and shenanigans. He could pull O's easily out of most of the subjects if he simply wanted to actually put effort into it, even if he can be quite dense at times when it comes to certain things such as socializing, relationships and feelings. Thus his intelligence is something that can not really be measured academically, it is more complex than that. So in a way, you could call him an idiot savant, which roughly means stupid genius. » Arrogant & Sarcastic
"I'm allergic to stupidity, so I break out in sarcasm."

Jay may seem very self-confident from the outside to people who do not know him. Snarky comments and sarcastic jokes are his trademarks. Sassy as a fire-cracker, Jay seems to always have the words ready when he needs to shoot them at someone. Especially when he needs to insult someone or otherwise look down on the person, either for real or half-jokingly. As someone who has really mastered the art of sardonicism, he can quickly make someone feel stupid about themselves. Outspoken in a way or the other, he is not afraid of letting someone else know what he thinks of the person, or afraid of the consequences after he opens his mouth. He does not even always mean anything bad by the words that leave his mouth, it is just the way he tends not to sugarcoat his words at all that his brutal honesty may come off as arrogant and rude. Jay enjoys casual bantering with the people close to him. Even if he may not outwardly always show it, he really does appreciate it when he comes across with people as witty as he is that offer him a verbal challenge, and maybe even sometimes beat him in his own game. He smiles rarely, and when he does, it is usually that cocky bad boy smirk that promises that he is definitely up to no good. A smile that is sweet like shark's which is about to bite your head off.

» Headstrong & Unyielding
"Listen, smile, agree, and then do whatever the fuck you were gonna do anyway."

Because of Jay's violent childhood, he has known from very early years that the world is a hard place. He knows that real life is nasty. It does not care about heroes or how things should be. That in real life, bad things happen. People die, fights are lost and evil often wins. But this is the reason why Jay has become so strong mentally. Since he has experienced the rough life from an early age, there are not very many things that would make him break down and he can handle loads of pressure and stress, much more than a normal person could. The parts that make him vulnerable make him, in fact, strong, but the parts that make him strong makes him also vulnerable; it is a two-edged blade. Subduing Jay is like trying to put a wolf on a leash and call it a lapdog. Which, in this case, is not very recommended move. But what also gives him respectfully strong will, it also makes him one hell of a stubborn boy. He can be extremely hardheaded when it comes down to some things, and to make it more complicated, his pride makes it worse. Making Jay admit his mistakes out loud, especially after he has taken the stance and defended his views first, can be a really hard feat. Getting an apology out of this one is like going to war, and when you finally defeat him to it, he will probably only say the five lettered word reluctantly through clenched teeth. As if lowering his pride to do it is physically hurting him.

» Territorial & Possessive
"If you can hear what I'm saying right now, it means you're currently invading my personal space."

The boy can be at times more than a bit demanding, and definitely overbearing. He likes things done in certain ways and appreciates when he is given enough space to do so. But enter that space uninvited, and you have a very agitated young half-vampire up against you. Privacy has always been a big thing for Jay, who gets easily upset when it gets disturbed. Enigmatic nature that has grown on him makes it hard for him to share things about himself, and since he was a child that had things taken away from him, he tends to fight for the things he has, and viciously so. Were it an object, or a person. And since Jay does not have too many people in his close circle, he gets jealous of them easily, afraid that they will be taken away. It is hard to share, and most of the time he bluntly absolutely refuses to do so, making it quite obvious for others with his actions... Well, at least that is what Jay thinks himself, not always understanding that other people might not get what is going on inside his head if he does not actually word it out loud. The further he is being pushed on the matter, the less likely he is able to see reason, and the more hostile he starts to act towards whoever the poor soul is who happened to step upon whatever invisible landmine with Jay's name on it. The wisest move would be to probably remove your foot, hoping it will not blow up, and back off slowly with your hands in the air trying to convey you meant no harm.

» Sadistic & Ruthless
"We stop looking for monsters under our beds when we realize they're inside of us..."

Under certain circumstances, or with some certain type of people, can cause all the warmth to leave the eyes of the young half-breed. It might have been something you said or did that triggered the switch inside that head of his, but whenever you hear that snap, you should probably be running. Words like mercy or civilized behavior will quickly become meaningless to Jay and fly out of the window, who turns into a merciless savage in a flash. He can and will take pleasure in inflicting pain on his chosen victims, feeling the need to walk the beast every so often or he fears it will eat him from inside out. Due to his PTSD, Jay is sometimes unable to feel sympathy completely towards some certain people or groups of people, which may show how he treats them. Fighting them makes him feel like he can slay his demons inside his head and dreams, or at least subdue them for a while until they come back to haunt him again. Because of his sadistic needs, he may be seen smiling when he causes unnecessary pain on someone or feeling excited seeing them humiliated. He likes it, and he feasts on it when given the chance. However, do not think even for a second that he is not freaked out by this side of himself at all, as it actually scares the living daylight out of him. Jay is aware that this obviously is not normal behavior and that he must be fucked up in the head, but he is not sure how to deal with it the right way, to channel out the pent-up frustration and anger in a way that he would not have to get anyone actually hurt in the process. How do you talk about that to anyone anyway? Who in the world would listen? Who would understand? Which is why he does not. He simply does not talk about it and keeps on walking the road slowly down to his own sadistic self-destruction. Because one day at this rate, it is the demons that are going to slay him instead.

» Ambitious & Intense
"Am I a failure if I got nothing to lose? No, I'm not a failure, I got something to prove."

Even if Jay does not care about what people think of him in general, he has the burning need to prove himself, and maybe only for himself if not for no one else. That he is alive, that he is worth something, to say "I am here." That he can also do something, he can also be good at something, that he is not just a waste of breath and space, demanding to be recognized and make a name for himself. So much life flowing in his veins, the need to be somebody just like anyone else does, and not to be forgotten into the grey masses of people. So where does he get all this burning drive? He channels it through his sheer anger towards life itself. It has been repeatedly beating him down, again and again, but this kid refuses to be kept down out of sheer willpower. Nothing triggers this need more than the words "you'll never be anything" coming from a dismissive adult; watch him keep trying repeatedly until he gets it not only right but better than the average expectation. (However, watch him also give you that sarcastic smile that screams all kind of insults or even flip you off and walk away after.) The need to prove that he is also human is strong, and most of the time Jay tries to prove it more to himself than anyone else that he is not just some kind of blood thirsty beast. It is almost as if his whole life is a courtroom, and all the other people the jury while he is the accused. And his lawyer? He himself in all of his viciousness. This is ambition in it's purest form, but maybe it is at the same time a subconscious cry for help. The signs are there, but there's a lack of a supportive and attentive adult in his life to pick those signs up and guide him back to the right path.

» Realistic & Cynical
"It doesn't matter how cynical I get towards life, because it never seems to be enough."

Jay is the type of boy who looks at life from a very realistic point of view. He appraises the situation rather with logic than with emotion, because he feels that messing feelings into things really throws him off. He tends to see things as they are; like this he is able to see the potential, but also the negativity that could follow. Be the class half full or half empty, either way, you ain't going thirsty. It makes him able to consider more options, but he tends to expect the worst just so he does not get disappointed too easily -- especially with other people involved. This cynicism draws from different negative life experiences which makes Jay stand on his toes constantly, making him have some trust issues with others and hard time opening up. Others might say he has a bit of a pessimistic side to him, but that is him being misjudged. He might have a little negative approach in life, but he is able to peer through the darkness to see the light too. Cynics like him are often misunderstood to believe to be generally negative people, but in truth their logicality refrains them from attaching themselves too much into the feelings of the situation like an optimistic or pessimistic would do; it is their paranoia after the bad experiences that makes them consider the negative consequences as more logical outcome and simply take it into consideration more seriously. A realist considers the situation with cool calculation, and sees as things are instead of believing with utmost hopeful fool's sincerity that it will be better just to get hurt later for it, or dwell in the most terrible extreme horror scenario that would prevent him from ever getting anywhere with his life. As a realistic cynic, he is careful in relationships with people instead of charging into them without wearing an armor, and instead of wearing his heart in his sleeve he guards it with care. Whenever Jay does not give into his emotions like his anger, he remains usually rather rational and practical.

» Impulsive & Spontaneous
"Speak when you're angry and you'll make the best speech you'll ever regret."

The Slytherin is full of restless energy. He gets bored rather easily, and hates being stuck doing tedious tasks for a long time. He grows anxious within time, feeling the need to seek a thrill to wake up from the numbness. This makes him do things on impulse a lot, and act spontaneously in a way where he leaves the thinking for later which is otherwise very unlike of him. More than often the consequences have slapped him in the face afterwards, and that is when he tends to regret not thinking things through, and he has taken them as very educational life lessons. But he enjoys the adrenaline and the feeling of jumping into the unknown far too much to call it quits, and he loves being surprised. This shows especially with his relationships, as he can spontaneously draw other people into his silly games of dare, or surprises people who have judged him to act only a certain way and breaks through the mold quickly set for him. And he still sometimes manages to surprise the people who claim to know him the best with his actions.

» Withdrawn & Insecure
"Caring is not an advantage."

Jay is not exactly the easiest person to talk to or get along with, because he is so unstable and asocial as a person. Talking with strangers is usually out of his comfort zone and he has trust issues with others. He has a twisted image of himself and his self-respect is really low, and he usually thinks that he is not equal with the people that he cares about and they are far above him, most of the time referring to himself that he is not worth the bother. This is due to his past experiences, and can be in high contradictions with his ambitious traits; he wants to want the good things, but he is not sure if he deserves any of them. Jay seems usually like an arrogant and sullen teenager to the others, but not many know that he is actually a very insecure young man... Or what he holds within his head; fears and horrible memories so strong, that they still keep haunting his dreams. Fears and memories so terrible that it is almost a miracle that the boy is not more damaged than he already is. Jay is deeply traumatized by his early childhood, which is the main reason why he is so full of anger, unsure where to direct it or how to handle it. He is like a ticking time bomb, more eager to make his fists talk than his mouth. Getting to know this young man takes time and patience, but in the end, stands the reward... even if he can be a bit dishonest with his own feelings. Just never, ever treat him like a charity case. Jay doesn't take well being pitied.

» Socially Awkward & Introverted
"I don't break the ice. I make it."

Jay is not very good with people. He knows how to insult them and throw witty comments to keep them away, but when it comes to letting someone close, things tend to get awkward really fast. He is honest when it comes to showing his feelings of anger, or his opinions towards something or someone that usually goes along the lines of being so directly blunt that it could just as well be an insult, but showing and receiving feelings like love are unfamiliar for him. Jay has no idea how to react when he receives a compliment, so he can end up acting very dishonestly about his feelings, usually blurting out something he does not mean at all, even if it shows obviously from his face and body language that he is happy about it. Very easily flustered, and due to his paleness, the blush on his face is readily seen, which makes the boy very self-conscious because he is almost painfully aware of it. Due all of this, he may suddenly appear almost... timid.

» Surprisingly Gentle & Thoughtful
"I'm not being nice to you, okay? I'm not! This is just... special circumstances!"

Now, brushing aside his timidness and denial about ever being nice to anyone, Jayden Everdragomir, is in fact, a really nice boy under that thorny outer appearance and edgy troubled kid drama. You will find out that behind all of that tough exterior lies a big, warm and well-guarded heart. When you get him to warm up to you, he will turn from the feral animal to a domesticated cat who will enjoy the occasional scratching behind the ears. That is when he will start to smile and joke around the people he cares about, and overall relax, showing a side of himself that not many would ever expect him even having; that he actually is just like any other boy out there. So when you get past the glaring looks and sharp tongue and get to gradually know Jay, he will turn out to be a really good friend. He will be constantly worried about that his rough personality will hurt others feelings and how to word things without sounding like an ass, so even if he might not show it very well, he is at least trying to be thoughtful around you. And when you brush aside his slight fear towards women, he sees girls overall as something to be treasured and treated like a flower on your palm. And thus he will turn out to show another, a bit less obvious side of himself that also makes him a borderline Gryffindor; chivalry. Jay cannot stand seeing girls cry, so he will always try to solve it to the best of his abilities. Well, if the problem can not be solved by dicking the source of the problem in the face, then he is a bit out of luck and ends up just fumbling awkwardly around with his words. He is not the best person for comforting and wiping away tears, but you know, he tries.

» Dorky & Immature Side
"You have no idea how sad it makes me when people don't get my movie or TV show references..."

Like mentioned before, when Jay relaxes in the company of others he will start to joke around. Due to living with his father in the capital of Bulgaria, Sofia, mostly in unplottable environment but really close to the muggle society, Jay has been exposed to the muggle culture for several years now. (His adoptive father is also a muggle-born, so electricity and technology have always been there.) And from there he has found the internet, and from the internet, he has found several things that fascinates himself and what we would just overall simply call geeky or nerdy. Movies, TV shows, games, books, comics; these are how Jayden Everdragomir has spent most of his summers without friends. We are talking about thousands of hours of fiction being sucked into his brain visually. So it is no wonder how the boy ends up throwing some kind of dorky jokes, making movie references and so forth. Unfortunately, since they are very muggle things, most of the people in Hogwarts do not know these and they go past their understanding, leaving his audience staring at Jay with blank expressions while he himself is chuckling quietly to whatever he just said.


PLACE OF BIRTH: Nottingham, England
HOMETOWN: Sofia, Bulgaria
NATIONALITY: English, Bulgarian
LANGUAGES: Bilingual. Bulgarian with the Sofian dialect, English with a distinguishing Bulgarian accent but speaks fluently otherwise. Both are his mother tongues, but Bulgarian comes distinctively more easier to him than English.


MOTHER: Lilith Everdragomir née Dragomir
FATHER: Caine Everdragomir née Evernight
ADOPTIVE MOTHER: Aneliya Hristova née Daalova
SIBLINGS: Twin sister, estranged. She lives in France and attends Beuxbatons. She lucked out with her adoptive family. Neither of them have felt the need to seek each other out, at least yet, because both of them are happy where they are right now in their own ways. Both of them fear there might be some skeletons in that closet if the door is opened.
EXTENDED FAMILY: Adoptive paternal grandparents (alive), biological maternal grandfather (deceased), biological paternal grandparents (unknown)


1941, England
The Global Wizarding War

Gellert Grindewald had been in power for some time, terrorizing Europe while muggles were having their own war, the World War II themselves. The shadows also reached the neutral country, Bulgaria, and death did not leave this nation untouched either -- but we shall get back to that eventually. Wizards that were speaking in the muggles behalf were punished, humiliated, tortured and killed for standing up for what they believed was right by Grindewald's underlings. These were the dark times where your friends were your enemies and your enemies were your friends; walls had ears and shadows had eyes. Who could you trust? This was the time when people learned that the world has teeth.

But the world that we are going to look back to has teeth even sharper. This one has fangs.

Caine Evernight was a young upstanding True Vampire, merely two-hundred-twenty-one years old, passionate and ignorant about how the world works after been born and raised in the coven of his great kin. His "Mother" and "Father", millenniums old, urged him to leave the protection of the coven and learn the harsh world as it was to gain experience so he may lead their coven one day. Surely there had to be more to life than the underground tunnels, coffins and the dust and moths, and occasional terrorizing of villages and drawing blood when they were hungry. Well, not that the latter one would not be exciting but... For someone with so much time in their hands things like that tend to get boring eventually, especially to someone who is considered still young with an eternity ahead of them, and when that young starts complaining and whining, eventually someone gets bored of it. So the elder vampires insisted for young Caine to go and see for himself how the world was and learn; for Nyx's sake, maybe there would be quiet for couple of decades, centuries if they would be lucky. What a nuisance that lad could be.

And so young Caine set off for new adventures, and the elders could sigh in relief. But as vampires are not interested in what is going in between the mortals, they were not exactly aware what was going on in the world as they thought it did not, could not, touch them in any way. Vampires had been laying low quite the while, there had not been any massive hunts for some time and they had let themselves relax far too much, lull themselves into the false feeling of security; for ignorance is a bliss. And that little Grindewald fellow was focused on enslaving the muggles anyway and fighting his own kind which went around waving those sticks they called wands. All this was taking place few countries over, it had nothing to do with the children of the night. And least of the Evernight coven of Nottingham, where they were tucked away in a sleepy sort of blissful ignorance.

...Well, until they sent their youngest out there to bring the trouble back home, that is.

1943, Bulgaria
The Global Wizarding War

The young, handsome vampire of sharp glacier blue eyes and fair platinum blond hair, angled facial features and tall build, had now been travelling all around the world for a couple of years, and he was infatuated with its great vastness; he had tasted it, smelled it, touched it; blood, smoke, gunpowder and death. His experiences with it were exhilarating! Did people really go around killing each other like this just for fun? It was like a sport how they went out there finding different ways to tear each other apart! You definitely did not see things like these in the coven. Feeding had been quite easy when humans were dying all around him, and they barely questioned how it happened. So if Caine wanted, he could drink humans dry and leave only empty shells behind, and barely anyone cared. Oh, joy!

But it was a tad bit too easy. Caine wanted more challenge, and the humans with guns could not offer it. Lately, he had been showing interest towards the conflict that happened in between the ones with magic, and he craved to taste their blood. But the wands made the wizardkind dangerous, they could get him killed easily if he was not careful. And there, right there, was the challenge he was looking for.

But to get close to his new prey meant making this a game. This meant he needed to get to know them, study them, mingle himself with them, learn their ways and make them trust him before he could strike. Now the story Wolf in Sheep's Clothing was awfully spot on. So Caine chose as a setting a country which was not experiencing as much muggle war as the other ones. One that was more innocent, more unsuspecting than the others, almost naive. And Bulgaria seemed like a perfect choice as it was near the center of the hectic wizard war, trying to play the peacemaker.

In Bulgaria, it seemed like things were far less eventful than they had been in England, Germany or in France. The wizard wars were far more subtle, happening mostly in the shadows. Feeding was more challenging thing to do when you had to hide your trail, meaning you could not go around killing as you wished, but it motivated the vampire to reach his goal further. He had to learn the language, but it took him only a few months to become fluent. So eventually he started meeting wizards and witches after seeking them out. It took him few weeks, those wards and other illusions were such a bugger. But what changed the vampire's mind about his whole plan eventually was this one fateful meeting with one certain wizard.

1945, Bulgaria
The End of Global Wizarding War

Dimitar Dragomir was a young wizard of excellent Pure-blood background, upstanding reputation, and typically the habit to look down on muggles as lesser beings, meaning he was speaking for Grindewald's cause with great passion when asked about his opinion. He was married to Ekaterina from another Pure-blood family when they both came into the age of seventeen, as it was a tradition. So Caine approached Dimitar one night in a wizarding pub, and these two men, or man and a half, got to know each other. For what Caine had not been expecting about studying his prey was not that he could start feeling affection for these creatures whose life burnt fast and bright. And before Caine knew it, he had become friends with this dark haired Bulgarian man with defiant brown eyes and wicked sense of humor. And now he did not dare to even think of hurting him, or his family. Maybe it was because he was apart of his own coven and his own kind that young Caine was craving for... socializing, friends, and family. For vampires are creatures that enjoy living in packs the most, just like humans do.

A friendship between two Pure-bloods of different species was established over the year. Things changed however when Dimitar decided to step into the ranks of Grindewald's men and take part in trying to turn England's Ministry around; muggles would be enslaved, and the wizards would raise as the superiors for once! No more hiding! No more secrecy!

Least to say that things did not quite go as planned since we all know that Grindewald was defeated in a duel between him and Dumbledore, and imprisoned in Nurmegard For Greater Good. His minions were defeated and scattered or hunted down so they could face court. This meant Dimitar was in trouble, and the whole Dragomir bloodline was in danger of losing face and ruining its reputation for generations to come. Thankfully, he had a friend to have his back. A friend who was master of secrecy and shadows, and hiding trails. So Caine took care of hiding Dimitar's part in the whole horrible farce and saved the wizard. This included making sure certain people were silenced... permanently. And friends remember the favors, and Dimitar would always remember Caine's help. And one day he would compensate it. One way, or the another. When the time would be right.

But Caine had not been careful enough. For there is always something to be missed. And we all know death brings only more death. And in this case, it brought... rats. Vengeful, sneaky, abiding their time kind of rats. And the ones who thirst for revenge are always one step ahead of you. Revenge is a dish best served cold.

1971, Bulgaria
First Wizarding War

One day, Caine received devastating news; his whole coven in England had been hunted down. Fire, they said, in the underground tunnels. They had no ways of surviving, they said. Burned to death, they said. A horrible accident, they said. This meant Caine was the last of his own bloodline, the last Evernight to walk the earth. And he had no coven to return to now like he had originally planned and relied on. Desperation, sadness, and loneliness would have driven the vampire to meet the dawn to join his family, had it not been for Dimitar. The wizard, now in his forties, saw his old friend's desperation and supported the vampire with the best of his abilities. Yet he did not know how to help Caine other than being there for him. Dimitar and Ekaterina had a son now, Grigor, that was in his teens, and they had already chosen a fiancee for the boy. So several years passed for Caine mostly in withdrawn depressed seclusion as he mourned.

Meanwhile Grigori, just as passionate as his father, was speaking loudly about the war. However, unlike Dimitar, Grigori was actually speaking for co-existing with the muggles and lesser bloodlines. (Hey, it was the seventies. Even wizards had their hippies!) And this ruffled some feathers while Lord Voldermort was raising in power. Dark times were upon them again. And the Death Eaters would hear and remember everything. And before the Dragomir's knew, they were marked as muggle sympathizers. And that was not looked upon kindly.

1981, Bulgaria
End of First Wizarding War

Odd deaths had been occurring in the Dragomir family over the decade. It was starting to be quite worrying, especially when the more the bodies piled, the less odd they started to get and more obvious who was behind them, as the arrogance grew with death and power. It had started from the branch families, and it seemed like it was reaching out to the main family slowly. Dimitar, now the elder of Dragomir family, saw the darkness that was reaching out towards them because of his son's mistake over the years of running his mouth about things that should not be talked about in public. Grigori and his Latvian Pure-blood wife Lilita had a two-year-old daughter with raven black hair just as the rest of the family and named after her mother, Lilith. Dimitar assumed this was the end of them if he would not do something; there was no stopping the Death Eaters who were practically upon their doorstep. This meant fleeing the country, but Dimitar was reluctant of leaving his home and land behind. Call him old and stubborn, maybe it was that, but he did want to save his family. So he approached Caine once again, now asking for Grigori and Lilita also to join them in an emergency meeting in the main house.

What exactly happened behind the closed doors is still unclear to the public. The old servants talked about loud arguing, maybe even of a magical duel between Dimitar and Grigori, but that might be just a rumor. Lilita's sobs being heard through the door, and Caine's eerie silence through the whole thing. All people know is that it ended with Grigori swearing an Unbreakable Vow to Dimitar that Caine would marry his daughter when she would come of age if Caine would get them out of Bulgaria and somewhere safe for a while. It was Dimitar's last favor and gift to Caine for his help years ago; to assure companionship after his own departure. Because Dimitar himself refused to leave his home, deciding to make one last stand against the Death Eaters, and Caine could respect that. Because if Dimitar was something, it was defiant, a trait that a certain boy would obviously, later on, inherit from his famed grandfather. Ekaterina decided to stand by her husband's side until the end. So where would it be the safest for the younger generation of Dragomir's to hide, where the Death Eaters would not know to look? Right under their own noses of course. So they set off to England.

As they reached the country, they also reached the devastating word of the death of Dimitar and Ekaterina Dragomir, just months before Lord Voldemort was defeated miraculously by a mere little boy. And that was truly a night when Caine wept for the loss of his dear friend.

This left Grigori, Lilita, and Lilith as the last three of the Dragomir bloodline. The family tree was starting to look scarce.

1996, England
Second Wizarding War

Lilith Dragomir came of age, marrying Caine Evernight to keep her father alive, for if she had not married the lonely vampire the Unbreakable Vow would have claimed Grigori's life. It was not a very romantic marriage, and the two married only in order to keep Grigori alive, and they married as family friends -- but family friends mostly by name, as young Lilith was very bitter about the whole situation. (Not that the older vampire found this situation any more pleasant. He was married to his lunch, for Nyx's sake.) And since Caine was a vampire, and Lilith was a witch, their marriage was already a bit different. So they decided to mix their names, as Lilith's first name was already universal and they lived in England and the girl was fascinated by the English influence. And thus they became the first Everdragomirs. The times were yet again dark, Lord Voldemort had come back, and the Death Eaters were hunting down their old enemies even more aggressively than before. The air smelled of death once again.

1998, England
The End of Second Wizarding War

Grigori and Lilita were killed in their own home by Death Eaters during the war. This left the nineteen-year-old Lilith as the last of her bloodline, and Caine knew well enough how it felt to be the last of your family. Their original plan had been to stay married for some years until they thought it would be safe to divorce so the Unbreakable Vow would not affect them anymore... But now as Lilith had no family, and Caine had no one either, they decided to stay by each other's sides and support each other. Slowly the cold relationship turned into a friendly one, and before they knew, the friendly feelings turned into romance over the years. And this romance was a seed to two children nine years later, one of them being a boy we know already very well. So this is where the story of Jayden Everdragomir finally starts.

2007, England
A Time of Peace

Two dark haired children were born on a midnight of August 14th. They were twins, one boy and one girl, Jayden being born first few minutes before his sister Joanna, making him the older brother. Dhampir children are unusual and Dhampir twins are even more so, but not completely unheard of, so people do not have much information about how to raise them. When it comes to mixed-blood children, the path to adulthood tends to be inevitably rocky.

Even at the time when they were small, their identical look was remarkable; both had the exact same hair color which was taking after their mother, and the same eye-color, taking strikingly after their father's piercing eyes. They played together nicely and got along well, and everything seemed to be perfect... until their third birthday.

2010, England
A Time of Lost Family

Jay still has a fuzzy memory of his first bloody meal, but he can not remember who he had bitten and where, or how old he exactly was. He only remembers he was left with a deep craving; he had bitten his own sister.

Dhamphir blood is rare and powerful. It grants the drinker with more physical and magical powers for a short time, depending on what is the amount of blood that has been drunk and how often. The longest effect written in the history is three days, which ended up badly -- both the Dhamphir and the drinker died. So the only thing making sure that Dhampirs have not all been caged up and put into tubes so everyone could be superhuman is that drinking the Dhampir blood comes with a price; it comes with a drawback. A drawback so strong, it could get you killed -- more surely if you are human. Because as powerful the blood is, it is also poisonous to a non-vampire. Painful cramps, sudden high fever, dehydration and constant vomiting, which can last two days at its worst and it has no known cure. Vampires and other Dhampirs are known to be attracted into Dhampir blood even more than into human blood, due to the more robust power it seems to emit; it is like a honey trap to flies. But even a Dhampir or a Vampire stomach cannot digest that blood successfully without consequences. There is a reason why Vampires do not prey upon other Vampires, and cannibalism is rare, even if not unheard of.

So Jay had nearly drawn her sister dry by the age of three and suffered the consequences that nearly took his life just as much as the blood loss nearly took Joanna's, leaving their parents shocked and out of options. By letting them be together, this could lead to another dangerous incident, and the next time the other twin would not surely be as lucky. Not to mention how Caine had started to feel insecure around his own children. Feeling the urges to feed on them, which got stronger the more the kids grew. He could not trust himself not to harm them in the future. So Mr. and Mrs. Everdragomir came into the decision after long nights of tears. They had to separate the children from each other, and from Caine.

Adoption. They would have to give their children away for them to be able to have more safe futures and the best quality of life. Joanna was sent to one of their old friends in France. But in Jay's case, they contacted one of their old friends in Bulgaria, who they knew well and knew they had been trying to have a child for years without a result -- the Hristovs. Andrei Hristov was a muggle-born man who was working for the Ministry in Bulgaria, while Aneliya was a half-blood descent of a maid family that used to work in the Dragomir Manor.

Maybe with them, the boy would be able to live somewhat normal life, without the twins endangering each other's lives by simply being in the same room, or their father accidentally losing control.

Oh, if they would have only known...

2010, Bulgaria
A Time of Lost Childhood

August 25th, eleven days after the twins third birthday, Jay was standing on the threshold of Hristov's home with his father, not quite understanding what was going on, and why were they here with these unknown people he had never seen before. Even the language they spoke with his father was something he did not understand, and it was highly frustrating. The fair-haired woman with hazel eyes regarded the small dark-haired boy with a warm but nervous smile, which made him step behind his father and clutch his old-fashioned traveling cloak. Soon the discussion was over, and Caine knelt next to Jay; "Son, you are staying here with these kind people for a while. Be a good boy, now. Listen to what they say."

"But I want to stay with you, father!"
"Jayden... You should not make this harder than it already is."
"But dad--"
"Enough. Become a fine strong man and make your mother and father proud."

And without further words, his father disappeared into the night, leaving his son standing under the porch light, angry, confused and bitter for being abandoned. Maybe it was Caine's tactic to try and make the boy resent his biological parents for being so cold, so Jay would never try and come to find them and meet up with his sister. But most of all, he hoped that over time he would simply forget. Which he did, since he was so young, but the feeling of expectation was left lingering in his mind. Become a fine strong man and make your mother and father proud. This turned the boy to look towards another male figure now in his life, later on.

Days went by, then weeks, then months, then almost a year, but the boy would not let the Hristovs anywhere near him. He spoke only when absolutely needed to, mostly just staying quiet and rather being on his own than engaging himself in a discussion with the two. Aneliya had been hoping for a very different relationship between her and Jay, and she started to get frustrated. At first, she had hoped that the boy would open up sooner, but it seemed like it was not the case. Andrei told her to just give the boy time, Jay would come around eventually, but Aneliya believed deeds would make a difference. Thus she confronted him when Andrei was at work, trying to do something motherly for him... but it led into the young Dhampir going full rampage, breaking vases and screaming that she was not his mother and would never be one. It upset the woman deeply, and she hit the boy. It quieted the nearly four-year-old, shocked for being hit by an adult. Never had anyone raised their hands against him. He opened his mouth to argue once more, and Aneliya lost it. Something just clicked off the place inside of her, and she hit the boy again, and again, and again... Until he was quiet and obedient. To beaten into complete, utter submission. The child healed fast either way, leaving no evidence behind. Discipline was the key to upbringing anyway... right?

An abusive relationship was built between the boy and his adoptive mother who did not know how to handle the boy. It started off small, with slapping cheeks or pulling ears or hair. But somewhere along the way, like usual, it got out of hand. Then came the belts. Jay hated the belts. And at some point it wasn't about discipline anymore at all, it was just taking your own misery into the weaker, and enjoying it without remorse. And then came other methods that made the belting seem almost merciful.

Jay was too young and too scared to tell Andrei, fearing that he might do the same -- or worse. His trust in adults was gone for the most part. And he did not want to burden the man, in whose presence Aneliya smiled and never hit him. Jay started building quiet respect towards Andrei, seeing his presence as something that kept him safe from harm. Another reason eventually for not sharing the beatings with Andrei was that Jay was starting to be afraid of disappointing him. Jay wanted Andrei to be happy, because when Andrei was happy, Aneliya was happier and did not pay that much attention to him. But when Andrei left for work...

The toys in Jay's room were left mostly untouched. Somewhere along the way, the child had stopped playing.

2013, Bulgaria
A Time of Lost Father

Years went by, and it only got worse. Not only on the beatings behalf, but the personal hell Aneliya had created for herself in the process. The happy family she had wanted was a sham, and that made her miserable. She got depressed but hid it well from her husband and the people outside their family. Until a breaking point was met and her sanity seemed to start slowly crumbling. Sometimes Aneliya got seizures that needed to be tended at the Bulgarian Wizardry Hospital, something like psychoses and panic attacks. They had to drag her screaming and crying to the hospital few times a year and pump her with mood lifting potions to create artificial happiness. Her mentality started suffering, as she hurt herself as she hurt the boy whose mother she had wanted to be, but now everything was a mess. And the more she hurt the boy, the further away they got from each other. But she could not stop, as she started to blame Jay for her misery and just seeing him started to grow hatred inside. And anything he did could set her off. Andrei was lost, not understanding what was going on, and it broke him to watch his life companion drift away further and further, unable to stop what was happening in front of him. It made the man feel powerless, and he started escaping it all into work, drowning his worries into it.

Aneliya was deeply depressed and unstable, had medication but usually denied taking it, saying that there was nothing wrong with her. And when no one was looking, she blamed it on the boy, punishing him for every little mistake she could think of and with most cruel ways, justifying it with discipline and whatever her twisted mind came across with as an excuse to take her frustration, anger, disappointment, and bitterness on Jay.

2017, Bulgaria/Northern Sweden
A Time of Lost Innocence

By the time Jay turned eleven and was sent to Durmstrang Institute to study, he was already showing signs of being emotionally unstable. The anger within grew year by year, sometimes showing itself outside, which led to more punishing back home. He had trouble making friends, trouble socializing, trouble expressing himself. No one wanted to approach a boy so closed off when he himself was making it difficult. It didn't help that he punched a kid in the nose in his first week of school.

But the distance and time away from home helped a little. Durmstrang became a home away from home for Jay, a safe place. But every semester comes to a close, and every summer he had to go back, despite being scared of doing it.

However, the time away had also brought forth a change in behavior.

Back home during summers, there were also times where instead of hitting, Aneliya would caress the boy, asking for forgiveness with a shivering tone when she had gone too far with her anger. Pet his hair and cry and kiss his cheeks while Jay would just stand there, feeling numb and unable to respond or comprehend this sudden change. During these times, he would let her do whatever she wanted and pretend everything was fine because then she would not hit him. As long as he was just quiet and obedient, Aneliya would not hurt him.

Until something in these touches changed. Not for violence, but just the opposite. Aneliya would first try to touch him like a mother would, with tender care. But due to her sick mental state... the longing care for a child and her husband's neglection turned slowly into something else. Jay was growing up to be a man day by day, with rather pleasing features. Much like Master Grigori back in the day, the man she had looked up to as a child. Handsome like his grandfather, with similar dark hair and straight nose and... Andrei had not held her for some time. Jay noticed that sometimes the look in her eyes would change, and so would the touch. It would linger longer, caress his neck, or chest. It was all very confusing and made his stomach turn into tight sickening knots and skin raise into goosebumps and gaze to turn to look away, but these touches never lasted long so he let them happen. As long as she did not hit, it would be fine.

Just... fine.

2020, Bulgaria
A Time of Broken Family

By the Christmas Jay was fourteen, Aneliya killed herself.

Just like that. No warnings. No notes. Nothing. Andrei was devastated. And what was even more horrifying, was that his son had witnessed the whole thing. It had taken a full day for Andrei to find them locked in the cellar. There had been no lights, not because they would have burned, but because every bulb in the room had shattered, littering the cement floor with sooty glass shards. So with the help of his wand and Lumos spell, Andrei first saw the fallen stool on the floor. Then the boy curled into a ball in the corner, back turned away, unmoving. And then... there was the legs. Her legs. Hovering over the fallen stool.

Andrei was a broken man, and Jay was a broken child. He did not speak in months, not even with the professional help he got. No one was quite sure what had happened between him and his adoptive mother, and nobody managed to get anything out of him -- probe too much, and the boy would start throwing punches and his magic would get out of control, throwing objects into walls and at people. He needed to be forcefully sedated or he would have ended up hurting someone or himself. The doctors thought about Obliviating his traumatic memories when Jay refused to eat at first, but eventually, when he started showing progress in healing, they decided to leave the memories be; no use creating holes that could just trigger further complications in the future, and this one seemed to be rather strong. Many would have crumbled for good in his shoes. Andrei supported his son in the healing process, but he was not much better either. Especially with the nagging thoughts that told him that if they would have never adopted Jay, Aneliya might still be there with him. There must have been a reason why the boy was locked there with her body in the first place. So Andrei would not have to spend so much time with his own thoughts and sorrow, he turned to his work once his son was released and sent back to home.

This turned another chapter in Jay's life. The woman he resented, hated and feared was gone. All the pain she had inflicted on him had ended. Everything had ended.

But now he was out of control, and the bottled up anger exploded with hazardous results. And there was no one holding it back anymore.

2021, Bulgaria/Northern Sweden/Scotland
A Time of Lost and Found Refuge

"We don't know what to do with him! He is dangerous to other students, and he refuses to talk!"

The spring of Jay's third year in Durmstrang ended in a vicious group fight, leaving a bunch of kids hospitalized and him getting expelled from school. Jay had not said a word for months after witnessing first hand the suicide of Aneliya, and his adoptive father was deeply depressed, sometimes getting treatment for it all the way in Saint Mungo's Hospital in England, because he barely remembered to eat. Andrei, however, got the boy into Hogwarts with his connections, and the Headmistress decided to give Jay another chance in school after hearing his story from Andrei.

So next September Jay started his fourth year as a transfer student in Hogwarts, coming back to U.K. first time after being sent away from his original home eleven years ago. During that year, Jay met few people (including a certain girl who became his first crush), and started to talk again.

He also became roommates with a bunch of lads his age or close to it. Jay wasn't happy about the concept of sharing a room with strangers, but he somewhat ended up tolerating the others anyway. But obviously, it wasn't without hardships at first.

During that year he managed to get into many fights again, but this time he learned how to hide his trail. And at the end of the year, he started a little smuggling business to earn some pocket money, since he did not dare to ask anything more from Andrei. The man was taking everything hard enough already, and Jay wanted to support his father to the best of his abilities. And since Jay realized he could not trust himself of not getting into trouble, he should try and be smart about it and keep a low profile so Andrei would be happy, and maybe Jay could make him proud. The fourth year was eventful as you can just imagine it to be in Hogwarts, but for Jay, it was surprisingly peaceful if you just ignored all the fights he got himself into when no adults were watching. He spent the Christmas in Hogwarts since Andrei was busy with work, but went home for summer because it was required.

However, during his whole fourth year, he could have sworn someone kept watching him. Sometimes, Jay could feel a gaze so intense drilling into the back of his head the hairs on the back of his neck would stand up. But whenever he turned around, there was no one there. It was very perplexing.

2022, Scotland
A Time of Healing

The fifth-year came around, and so came the prettiest girl in school; Sabrina Gallagher. Through all kind of shenanigans, the two became very unlikely friends out of simple happenstance and chain of curious events. The two half-breeds bonded despite their completely different backgrounds and social statuses in school, eventually finding themselves being best friends with each other. Sabrina, or Rina as Jay calls her, can be one massive pain in the ass. But she's his pain in the ass, and he wouldn't have her any other way. Even when she decides to prance into his dorm room like she owns the place.

Rina is the first girl Jay officially let touch himself without completely recoiling. The girl refers to this as shock treatment, as she eventually started piecing things together with the sullen boy, even if he never directly told her anything. However, the half-veela would always make sure Jay would see her hands where they were before approaching. In time, Jay really did get used to it, to a point he doesn't mind her clinging or even bouncing at him. But she knows better not to try and take him by surprise. Clever girl.

During this year, Jay also dated an exchange student from Mahoukotoro (yeah, not Sabrina, despite how everyone has been speculating them being a thing during the whole fifth year) for a while. But as teenage romances go, they eventually had to separate ways for distance reasons, and also because the girl's parents wouldn't approve of her half-breed boyfriend. And so the fifth year came and went.

2023, Scotland
A Time of Moving On

The sixth-year seems to be however very different, bringing new acquaintances. There is the smell of change in the air, if not even revolution. Something is stirring, but no one yet knows quite surely what it is. All everyone can feel that something is coming. And it's going to be big. Well, at least the paranoid ones feel it, and the ones who are perspective enough; these people are just not usually listened until it is far too late.

What exactly will be Jay's part in all of this, is still unknown. For now, his biggest problem is getting through the Charms test this year without failing... But sooner or later he will start to miss the time when trying to get through an exam was his biggest problem.

Unaware of what's coming, he boards the Hogwarts Express from Platform Nine and Three-Quarters once again.

Something wicked this way comes.


  • Vampires are considered as sensual creatures, and there is no doubt that they would not seek pleasure. This usually means very close physical contact with another person. To a human, a vampire bite seems to remind them of a sexual experience or a drug high, due to the venom in the vampire's fangs that activates the pleasure sensors in the human brain and kicks them into full gear, usually leading into blissful feelings -- mental and physical -- and some level of arousal. It also serves as an addictive, which creates "Thralls", humans who keep voluntarily going back to get bitten for another high. To a vampire, this is not far away either. But to a vampire, the feeding is still different, and they might not view the feeding as anything sexual at all; to them, it might just as well be like consuming food and nothing more. However, the line between feeding and sex is thin and easily crossed or fused. Vampires are still able to distinguish their bloodlust from regular lust. Now, we are only talking about a full-bred vampire here. Dhampirs are not as fortunate in this area, as they are too human to be able to comprehend the fine line between these two different types of lusts, which usually leads into combining them very easily. So to those half-vampires who are shy by their personalities even by a whiff, their feeding experiences tend to turn quite awkward and quite fast. Jay is a perfect example of this; a boy who does not like to be touched, considers himself strictly arrow straight by sexuality and timid when it comes to anything intimate. Give him another male with a bleeding wound, and let the horror of momentary sexual confusion unfold.
  • When aroused greatly by anything, Jay's fangs tend to react faster than his lower half. Usually taking the kid by surprise too, tending to stab the sharp tips into his lower lip. (If you take a close look, the inside of his lip and gums have some scarring from these numerous occasions that have happened since puberty hit him.) So if you see the dark-haired individual staring at you, and then suddenly flinching with a brief pained expression, you should feel flattered. That most probably means that you have just been found seriously attractive. No lie.
  • The moment Jay falls asleep, he does not move at all through the night nor makes even the lightest of sounds (unless his night terrors take over) and he gives almost literal meaning to "sleeps like the dead." This must be some kind of vampire thing. It must be.
  • Seeing how the boy has indeed lived most of his life in the warmth of Bulgaria, it should not be surprising that he is not used to cold that well. The four years in Durmstrang did give him a pretty good idea how cold the north can be, as the winters can be very harsh in there. So when Jay transferred to Hogwarts to begin his fourth year, Scotland's weather felt like something he could somehow survive better. However, this still does not mean that he would not complain just as much about the cold, or the snow, or his dislike towards winter in general. (Or how the sun never seems to shine and how it "rains all the fucking time.") Jay starts shivering easily, so during the winter months the boy can be found seeking warmth near the Slytherin common room fireplace and taking long naps under a blanket, hugging a hot tea mug in Great Hall in the mornings like his very life would depend on it, or looking for other ways to keep himself warm. This may even lead to desperate measures of pushing away his dislike for physical contact and huddle close to another warm body.
  • Loathes anything that has to do with Stephenie Meyer's Twilight series and most of the other fiction where vampires are seen somewhat ridiculously for Jay's tastes. "What is with all these sappy romances anyway? Vampires are supposed to eat people, not love them. And don't even get me started about the fucking sparkling. Fuck the entirety of that."
  • Dislikes his own first name; it sounds too formal to his own ears, and thus he prefers to casually be called Jay by the people he considers close. The dislike towards the first name is also partially because it is a unisex name, and Jay hates when someone comes giggling to state for him that it is a girl's name or that they know a female by the same name. The boy will answer those with a stale expression while judging the person's intelligence.
  • Finds it respectful to call other people by their last names, especially if Jay does not know the person well; getting into first name basis with someone happens extremely rarely. He expects this favor to be returned automatically. If not, the person will most probably be facing disdain, as he dislikes getting too chummy with strangers. Jay prefers to be called by his surname by people he does not know too well, does not consider close to himself personally or dislikes. It gives a certain sense of distance between him and the others that he prefers to keep up. He feels like these people have not yet achieved the right to express the intimacy with him that comes with his first name. And God help you if you go ahead on your own because you will receive the most judgmental glare and cold shoulder, and you are thrown back to square one with him really fast. The moment Jay will start calling you by your first name, you will know you are officially then in his close circle.
  • With the Slavic language also comes the knowledge and expertise of how to write with Cyrillic alphabet. Sometimes Jay's quick notes can be seen written with it, but the only notes he writes fully in Cyrillic alphabet in Bulgarian are his personal ones that are not related to classes and are about potions and such.
  • Even though Jay has never been one for religions, they hold a great grip on the Bulgarian culture. Before Jay was adopted he was living with his biological family in England for the first three years of his life and they were Atheists with a little Orthodox background in his mother's bloodline. And after adoption to Bulgaria, he was brought up in the Orthodox ways, with a little sprinkle of Bulgarian pagan customs. These surface rarely, and probably the only thing that links the boy to his religion is the old broken rosary which's crucifix was made into an earring that now hangs from his left ear, and during March when people can see him wearing a very simple martenitsa bracelet around his wrist. Jay himself has a very complicated relationship with God, as he feels like God has forgotten or even abandoned him. And yet, the lad still keeps reaching out sometimes, even if out of resentment or challenge.
  • Does not really get Wizard Chess or normal chess. Jay has the general idea about the rules, but there is so much of them and the game requires so much strategic thinking and is too uneventful that it simply can't keep him interested long enough. The only reason why Jay would play the game in the first place would be to only to see the pieces shatter each other, as it is the only high peak of the game according to him. However, even that tends to get boring quickly. So do not expect a serious game partner of this boy, as his game tactic tends to be rather half-hearted.
  • Seriously dislikes sweets. Screw candies. In fact, he's one of those God forsaken people who hate chocolate.
  • Knows how to cook, surprising several people with the ability to make a meal out of seemingly nothing. Give this guy a kitchen at his disposal, some random ingredients and a growling stomach to fill, and he will make miracles happen. To Jay, cooking is actually very uncomplicated task; he has been taking care of his own meals for several years now when he is alone at home, and he is alarmingly good at brewing potions which is about hundred times more difficult than cooking, even though they are surprisingly similar to each other. Having a really good sense of smell helps him out in this matter too, and he has a good intuition and imagination when mixing together spices and flavors.
  • His absolutely favorite subject is Potions. It is the class where Jay usually shines above others, while on the other subjects he either falls to the slot for average or under it. Mostly because it is fairly easy for him to understand due to the technical side of it. Partly because brewing potions is not that much different from simple cooking, which surprisingly to most of the people, Jay is really good at because he has gotten used to looking after himself. He enjoys experimenting on his own on the matter and even has set up his own little brewing laboratory in his own dorm room. He also tends to prepare advanced, complicated potions, and sometimes ones with questionable natures. He also prepares potions out of commissions for money.
  • When stressed or needing time to his thoughts, Jay tends to almost subconsciously prepare simple potions. They tend to stack up over time and he tries to give them out to people he cares about, in case they might find them useful.
  • Is really attracted to red-haired girls. There is just that something in red color. No surprise probably that it's one Jay's favorite colors, green being the other one.
  • Used to be really small and scrawny just a couple of years ago, before reaching his growth spurt. He used to be one of the shortest boys in the class back in Durmstrang, and because of that and his silent nature, he was an easy target for bullies. And every single time the bullies got taken back by the amount of strength that small kid held within. Jay was left alone soon enough, especially when he reached his growth spurt by the age of thirteen, and by the age of fourteen he was above average height, and by the age of fifteen years falling in slot for the tallish boys when he was around 5'11 and reaching for 6'0 by the next spring. Now he is 6'1 and no one could ever believe that he was as short as he was back in the day, especially when he is still growing. It seems like his body has finally caught up with his big intimidating personality.
  • Is a big fan of the Bulgarian Quidditch team Vratsa Vultures.
  • Before puberty hit him really hard, Jay used to play acoustic and electric guitars as a hobby that he picked up on himself and learned by ear. However once his teenage years really smacked him hard, he had to drop the instruments from his life. Not because he would have wanted, but because he could not control the strength of his hands and kept breaking the damn strings all the damned time. Do you have any idea how much it hurts when a guitar string snaps and cuts you? Ouch. Jay has been thinking that he might pick up the guitar again once he is older and he has his strength under better control. But for that, he needs to wait almost ten years.
  • Despite being musically talented on dancing and instruments, Jay cannot sing to save his life. In that matter, he is completely tone deaf. And especially now when his voice drop has been rather recent (came around when he was fourteen), and it may still crack here and there when trying to reach higher pitches.
  • Jay has a bit of a case of 'sticky fingers' and not because he would have pushed his hand into a key lime pie, but because he took that key lime pie without your consent. He does not call this stealing, as he thinks it's such an ugly word for it, but rather refers to it as long-term loaning. Jay sometimes steals little tidbits of things from others; quills (do you know how many he accidentally snaps in two during just the first semester?), books (he cannot afford quite all of them, and sometimes his own get lost in the chaotic but controlled mess of a dorm room for awhile, so he needs to borrow someone else's for a class), homework (you really think that he bothers doing all of those essays himself?), ingredients (how else could he brew potions, that stuff is not free and he is broke as hell.) Nothing too serious, but annoying enough for his victims. He makes a point of not ever taking anything too expensive because that would quickly cause suspicion and if he ever gets caught, then at least he does not get sent to Azkaban for it. So in a sense, his low-key kleptomaniac tendencies are still innocent... so far. And hey, sometimes he even returns the items to their rightful owners.
  • The best way for Jay to learn things is when he gets to learn them in practice. He has a "hands-on" learning style, where his muscle memory does a better job at remembering than his actual brain seems to do. This is the reason why he seems to pick up athletics easily and classes that require him to rather actually do things in practice more than stare at dried and yellowed pages of books.
  • Because of his tendency to clam up about his own problems and finding it hard to talk about them, Jay is a way better listener than a talker. Once you win his loyalty, none of the burdens you share with him will ever be spread to others.
  • He is not only quick at snarky commentary like he would have been born with a shotgun for a mouth, but he can also make quick and effective decisions. This shows very well under stressful or otherwise pressuring situations that demand fast thinking and reflexes. This makes Jay excellent in crisis situations, or fast-paced games like Quidditch.
  • He freaking loves turtles. Sea turtles are his favorites.
  • Sometimes during the night when Jay cannot sleep, he picks up his telescope and sneaks to the Astronomy Tower to stargaze. That is if the night is not too cold for him to handle.
  • Jay may be considered as a rule breaker that refuses to be part of the blind sheep, but he has his own personal moral code that he follows very strictly. He does his very best trying to avoid breaking it and gets very anxious and guilty if he has to bend it even a little bit.
  • Has three main obvious stress habits that he shows through body language; either he chews his lip while thinking, or runs his hand through his dark locks while talking to someone. (The latter is often due to social anxiety.) When on the brink of frustration, often when he feels like he's so done, he simply stands there and squeezes the bridge of his nose eyes closed. (This often follows with a snarky retort.)
  • Because of his dyslexia, Jay tends to write with big blocky letters when writing with a roman alphabet, because it's far easier for him to write and read. It looks like he's forgotten his real-life Caps Lock on. His Cyrillic alphabet looks a lot alike to that as well, however, he finds it more comfortable to read.
  • Is naturally immune to vampire poison, be it his own or someone else's. So if another vampire feeds on him, it's not going to be a fun ride because it hurts like a bitch. On a good note, this means he'll never be enthralled and "just let it happen" if such a situation occurs, and he'll be able to defend himself against all and any feeding attempts.
  • Jay's playlist: CLICK HERE!
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"Or perhaps in Slytherin,
You'll make your real friends,
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Welcome to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Jayden Everdragomir!

Hmm... What sort of club would a vampire join? A Blood Group? Haha...hah... I'll see myself out...

Go proceed to make all your reserves into claims in the Rosters area. Also, add the other claims such as club memberships you may not have reserved. Don't forget to also throw in the information of your Patronus and wand. These are all VERY IMPORTANT so please don't forget them. Otherwise it'll make trouble for you, and in turn trouble for me. And that might irritate me. Neither of us wants that.

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Stay tuned for lore and announcement updates, so don't forget to keep an eye out for them. The site has also few other cool features you may wanna check out, so go roam!

Otherwise, happy roleplaying and I hope you enjoy your stay.

Stay magical!

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