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September 2023.

First semester has come again, and all the Hogwarts students are ready to say good bye to summer and greet the autumn. This is a very eventful months for all the Hogwarts students. First travelling back to school with the famous Hogwarts Express, enjoying the Sorting Ceremony of the first years, exchanging holiday stories with peers over the Opening Banquet Feast, and getting know to new students. Meanwhile, some students are greeted with new extra responsibilities, like becoming Prefects or Head Students, or taking over Captaincy or Leader positions in their respectful teams and clubs. New classes and new schedules keep the students busy too, which makes maintaining the social life and grades immediately a challenge. It'll be up to the students to sort out their priorities; studies or friends?

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 Shannon Tombend, Gryffindor, Sixth Year
Jan 2 2018, 06:07 AM
shannon tombend sixteen     gryffindor     beater
names have power   Full name: Shannon Conway Tombend
Nicknames: Shan, Tombend

Shannon. Meaning 'wise river' or 'possessor of wisdom' in Welsh. Sometimes used for 'little wise one'. Name originates from Abha na tSionainn, the name of the River Shannon.

Conway. Meaning 'holy river'. Also means 'hound of the plain' in Gaelic.

Tombend. Welsh surname. Unknown etymology.

basics   Gender: Female
Pronouns: Feminine
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Romantic Orientation: Biromantic
Age: Sixteen
Date of Birth: 03/17/2007 Zodiac: Pisces, Year of the Pig, Water
Year: Sixth
House: Gryffindor
Blood Status: Muggleborn
Species: Human Witch
Ethnicity: Welsh & English
Nationality: English
Languages: English
Place of Birth: Colwyn Bay, Wales
Hometown: Hereford, England
Religious Affiliation: Atheist
Moral Alignment: Neutral Chaotic
Heavenly Virtue: Fortitude
Deadly Sin: Wrath
Myers Briggs: Entrepreneur (ESTP-t)

appearance   Face claim: The Legend of Korra, Korra
Height: 5'10'' / 177.8cm
Weight: 180lbs
Build: Mesomorph
Hair: Brown, short, straight
Eye Color: Grey
Complexion: Dark, heavily freckled
Voice: Loud and nasally, somewhat obnoxious in its pitch
Dominant hand: Left handed
Scars: A few on her knees and hands
Piercings: Both ears, two simple studs
Tattoos: Mermaid on her left arm, covered up during class time.
Clothing Style: Anything loose and comfortable fitting, lots of knit, nothing too formal. Detests high heels, and favours trainers over them, no matter how worn out her shoes happen to be. Most of her clothing has patches or repairs in it. Likes dark earths or blue tones.
Distinguishing Features: Freckles, large birthmark on her collarbone, nose previously broken and somewhat irregular in shape as a result.

health   Physical Ailments: None
Neurological Ailments: Anger management issues, ADHD
Blood Type: Look these up fam, the japanese especially are funny about these
Allergies: Animal hair, latex, chlorine
Addictions: None
Eating Habits: Regular, lots of snack foods
Exercising: Jogging, weight lifting, punching nerds
Socializing: Extrovert
Alcohol: As often as she can
Smoking: Nope
Drugs: Nope, but she wouldn't say no if offered

family   Mother: Rebecca Tombend
Father: Ian Hughes
Step-Father: Ewan Tombend
Siblings: James Tombend (17, Brother), Sophia Tombend (14, Sister), Emily Tombend (11, Half-sister), Cai Tombend (4, Half-Brother), Alis Tombend (3 months, Half-Sister)
Extended Family: Adara Jameson nee Tombend (30, Aunt)

inventory   Wand: Ebony/Coral/11 Inches/Rigid
Pet: Two rabbits named Flopsy & Mopsy, at home with her mother.
Magical Artifacts: None

school   Classes: Astronomy, Charms, DADA, Herbology, History of Magic, Potions, Transfiguration, Apparition, Divination
Favorite Classes: Charms
Clubs: Gryffindor Quidditch Team/Beater
Extra Curricular: None

magic   Signature Spell: Stupefy
Patronus: Narwhal
Boggart: A large, masked clown. F' clowns
Element: Fire, lightning
Lucky Number: 14
Name of the ability here: None

fun facts   Member of a youth sailing club back home, as a form of anger management; sailing happens to be one of the few things that genuinely calms her. Also did ballet for two years, aged 5-7, but found this far less enjoyable.
Describe here. Keep adding these if you have multiple. For ex. hobbies, quirks, turn ons and turn offs. Whatever comes to mind. Also SONG LISTS AYYY.

sorting ceremony   Write the story of the sorting ceremony here. How did it go? We need to know because everyone present saw it and should know. If a transfer/exchange student, expect the sorting to have been done right after the first years. If they have a complicated situation or change schools in the middle of the year, expect it to have been done in private of the Headmistress McGonagall's study. If done in the beginning of the year anyway (regarding the complicated circumstances that might require this), it'd take place in private before the official ceremony for the first years. They'll be only briefly introduced by name before the banquet, and told which house they ended in.

IF FACULTY: Please change the sorting ceremony title into job interview and write how they got the job instead!

personality   Write about the full depth of the character's personality here. It can be all in one chunk (but preferably separated into paragraphs for easier reading) or separated by traits with details as flavor text. It's up to you, whichever you find easier. As long as the inner workings of the character come across here.
biography   The story of your character from birth to the day they boarded the train to Hogwarts in September 1st 2023. Don't be afraid to go into details or bring up family history if needed. There's no word limit, though ofc we appreciate if it's kept compact because dem admins are lazy at heart. But who am I to judge, mine's like 5k. Go ham buddy.
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