Swish & Flick, Feat. Sixth Year Students
Rajendra Singh
Dec 13 2017, 08:43 PM
can any of you tell me the difference

Students began flooding into classroom 2E from the open doorway, with their Professor standing in attention at his pedestal in the center of the class. The seating arrangements changed from day to day, and even the platforms which Professor Singh stood upon to lecture and teach changed some - at his discretion, of course. "I have a new lesson for all of you today."

With his off-hand, Raj gestured towards the many stacks of books behind him. "Wingardium Leviosa." They immediately gave into his will, and moved along to sit themselves upon the face of every desk occupied by a student.

"If you turn to pages ninety-four and ninety-five, you'll see we will be covering the Water-Making spell, Aguamenti, as well as non-Verbal Magic."

Professor Singh then waved his hand around further, saying an incantation under his breath before a large goblet would appear before all the students.

"You're all going to be asked to put out a Wizard-made fire. Failure to do so today won't wreak much harm on your grade, but if you cannot put out the fire by the end of the semester, I won't be teaching you at the N.E.W.T. level any further. Instead you will need to find another class to fill that period."

Raj would let his class acknowledge this before moving on with the lesson.

"Any questions?"

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Dmitry Voronin
Dec 15 2017, 11:58 AM
dmitry voronin
"i'm only human after all"
Any questions? Dmitry's hand shot up almost immediately.

"Professor: Is magically conjured water safe to drink?"

It seemed like a stupid question. But he supposed that wherever they were conjuring the water from at the very least largely influenced the cleanliness of the water. Not that a bit of lightly contaminated water would kill them, but it could definitely cause enough cramping to make you wish for an end in sight.

That being said, Dmitry flipped to page ninety-four. He started reading about the details of the spell: A conjuration charm, which meant it fell under the category of an advanced transfiguration concept. The water it produced should be pure. "Nevermind, says here it's pure water. Should be okay."

Brandishing his wand, Dmitry's Elder wood swished through the air in a sideways S pattern, intoning carefully: "Aguamenti."

A small sprinkle of water trickled out of his wand in a downward slope with hardly enough water pressure to make it further away than his lap. It sounded-and looked-like he'd pissed himself.

Welp, that pretty much sets the tone for the day. Piss.

Still though, for his first time using the spell, that wasn't so bad.

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+ notes p.s. it's aguamenti not aquamenti jsyk
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Lucan Rowle
Dec 19 2017, 07:29 AM
always sleeping in,
and dreaming through the morning 'cause waking up is boring. been living in a fiction, we gotta keep it going ignoring all the warnings.

"If you turn to pages ninety-four and ninety-five, you'll see we will be covering the Water-Making spell, Aguamenti, as well as non-Verbal Magic."

Lucan sat behind a majority of the students, and occupied himself not with the class but the minute details of his surroundings as per habit. His roommate Dmitry sat not far away, experimenting with the spell; the boy was among the first to cast it successfully, in a manner of speaking, managing a weak trickle reminiscent of urination. Several in the class snickered, and the werewolf too smiled at his roommate's misfortune. He missed the goblet quite spectacularly, and many a piss joke could be made in reference to his 'aim'.

As the laughter died Lucan shuffled the supplied textbook around his desk lazily, somewhat hesitant to read as though it heralded the start of dreaded work. Upon turning to the assigned pages he mulled over each word slowly, eyes half-lidded as though ready to fall asleep. His free hand rifled through the pockets of his uniform, searching for a sugar quill to keep himself awake; finding but one of said confection he popped it into his mouth eagerly, still scanning the contents of the textbook. Theoretically the spell was fascinating: a measure more complex than Lucan anticipated.

He ran his tongue over the sugar quill between his lips once again, fingers pinched around its stem. He frowned at the words on the pages, impatiently willing himself to quickly understand the inner workings of the complex spell to no avail. To most it would appear as though he were struggling to simply read, given his reputation. Perhaps it would be safer, he thought to himself, to first attempt the unfamiliar magic with a wand.

Lucan pulled it from his sleeve- a polished cherry with dragon heartstring core- holding its tip against the goblet's edge, he mumbled the incantation lowly, barely audible over the voices of other students attempting the same. "Aguamenti..."

Water spouted forth with unforeseen force in a wide arc— not unlike the spray from waves crashing against rocks by the sea. Like Dmitry, Lucan's control of the spell was limited, except he managed to conjure too much water— only a tiny amount of which safely pooled at the bottom of his goblet.

The rest soaked into the uniforms of the unfortunate students in front of him.

"Ah, that's... not it." He blinked, realising his mistake. Lucan cast his gaze onto the textbook once again, ignoring the accident in favour of quickly tuning his control of the spell whilst it remained fresh in his mind.

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Rajendra Singh
Jan 5 2018, 09:54 AM
can any of you tell me the difference

The Professor gave a dissatisfied sigh upon witnessing Mr. Rowle's relatively miserable attempt at filling his goblet. Instead of the expected results, several students wound up drenched in the water he'd conjured uncontrollably. Although perhaps Voronin suffered the worst of all. By his own hand, no less. "I don't know if I'm running a class or a circus right now...so we're going to go with the next part: 'Extra credit for dummies'."

Rajendra rubbed at his temples some with his offhand, not really able to look at the students as he proposed the challenge to them. "As you should know, the Water-Making spell is often used in the Wizarding world to extinguish fires. With that being said, I want you to write down on a piece of parchment the name of a spell that produces flames the 'Aquamenti' charm cannot put out. Below that, if you even can, I want you to also write what exactly does put that kind of fire out. It can be as broad an answer as the type of magic that puts it out, such as a Charm, or what have you..."

Allowing the hand to rest at the side of his hip once more, Professor Singh looked to the pair of Slytherin students who'd had a miscast on their first attempt. "As far as I know, there's only one good answer for either of those. If you can't get those right, then it'd be a good time to continue practicing."

The spell in question wasn't particularly known to the student body, but it was something covered in the very textbooks here at Hogwarts. They just hadn't gone over it specifically in class, as it was more in-line with the school's Defence Against the Dark Arts class. Yet it was relevant right now.

"Just give me your papers when you're done, but no sharing your answers."

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Caleb O'Neill
Jan 13 2018, 04:36 PM
Caleb O'Neill
Don't test me.
Caleb had been unfortunate enough in his choice of seat for this particular lesson. While in the back row of seats he had been placed close enough to Rowle that he hadhalf his left sleeve soaking wet from the misfire of the spell. He had been surprised at the sudden feeling of cold and he turned around to see who was the sucker that had gone and done it only to be met with the confused blinking of the giant of a Keeper for the snakes. "Seriously mate? Your aim is as bad as Voronin's. At least he had the brains to keep it weak instead of attempting to bloody drown us." He growled annoyed as he twisted slightly in his chair to properly make eye contact with the purple haired snake.

However before he could say or do anything else, the Charm's master intervened, proposing a round of 'Extra Credits for Dummies'. Caleb didn't enjoy those much. They were like pop up quizzes and he never seemed to get them right. Well this one he didn't like for another reason. He could answer that no problem. He knew what type of fire couldn't be put out with Aguamenti. He had felt it and he had put it out. "Tsk." He muttered displeased and pulled a piece of parchment, quickly jotting down the answer to those two questions. Fiendfyre and the correct charm to both cease as well as disperse the cursed flames. "Wingardium Leviosa." He encanted and his piece of parchment flew over to the Professor.

With that out of the way, Caleb turned his focus on the task ahead. He knew how to cast Aguamenti. He had figured the way to properly do so during this summer vacations as he knew it would come in handy as he worked on those projects of his. Cleaning something or using it for wet sanding or wet carving would be a lot easier on him if he could produce water on the spot. Any spot. So instead he turned to the page concerning the non verbal casting of the spell, not bothering to produce water to fill the goblet in front of him. He wanted to get the concept down first and then attempt a wordless one.

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Stella Prince
Jan 26 2018, 11:14 PM

Stella Prince
"Okay Stella, breathe, just breathe. Nothing is happening."
She should've known better than to sit anywhere but the back in an Aguamenti class.
Stella would usually say she liked Charms, because it was true. But this apparently was the day she should have retreated to the very back, instead of sitting somewhere in the middle, as she usually did in Charms. When Professor Singh had pulled out the books and set them on the task of making water, she hadn't thought about the potential pitfalls, focusing instead on the spell. She pulled out her wand, gave her goblet a glare, and closed her eyes to concentrate, starting with muttering the spell over and over to herself without trying to actually cause it to happen. She was also very concerned about his mention of non verbal casting. That was one thing she was horrible at.

Closing her eyes was an excellent way of helping her focus, but it also meant that she had not at all been prepared for someone to overshoot the spell by a wide margin, sending a burst of water spraying all over her and several of the others around her. It was only for a moment, but Stella gasped, ducking her head down somewhat and grabbing each side of her neck in the paranoia that someone might spot any water that might be leaking out. She took in a big gulp of air through her mouth, reminding herself that the spray hadn't been long enough for her to do more than swallow a little water.

She gave the room a quick glance in the hopes that no one close by had noticed her disproportionate reaction and let out a small, disgruntled huff. It took a while to get herself in order after that. Trying to brush off her clothes, making sure her goblet was clear, and shaking off her soggy book. This was not a good start to the class. The professor sighed but it didn't surprise her over much that he chose neither to help dry them up, nor allow them to be excused. Hogwarts professors were rarely so merciful.

She chose to focus on the task at hand, instead. The extra credit bit could wait till later, she'd much rather get the charm down now. Glowering down at her goblet, Stella pointed her wand at it and snapped, "Aguamenti." Nothing. She tried it again to similar effect, and then let out a big sigh. She was anxious, frustrated, and as a result also irritated. It wasn't a good mindset to do a spell. The Hufflepuff focused on the goblet, eyeing it and getting a good idea of how much water it would fit. Then, she placed her wand on the edge of the goblet, closed her eyes, and captured the feeling and idea and flow of water in her mind. Speaking clearly and firmly, she tried for a third time. "Aguamenti." Water spilled forth, filling the goblet, and as she cracked open one eye she saw it fill, fill, all the way to the lip, more than she'd intended, and stop there. The liquid bulged up, threatening to spill over at any minute, but it was there. And nothing had gone totally wrong. It did look a bit... green and she had the smallest suspicion it might be salty or otherwise unfit to consume, but she was sure it was nothing to worry about.

She flopped into her seat with a relieved puff of breath. There was no way she was going to manage that spell wordlessly. At least not sopping wet in all her clothes, and annoyed. She would try it later. For now, she pulled out a piece of parchment and puzzled a bit over the extra credit. A type of fire that Aguamenti couldn't put out. She wondered if Floo powder fire could withstand the charm. She didn't think they'd ever really covered that. That blue bell fire...? That one seemed rather normal. There was one curse that had been somewhere in their books, but it was-? Bad guy fire. Her mind supplied unhelpfully. Friend fire? No, the opposite, Nemesis Fire? Mean fire green fire bean fire. Something that sort of rhymed with tha- rude fire. Antagonist fire. Something oh what was it? Evil fire, villain fire. Monster fire hell fire. That was definitely straying away from the right idea. Letting out a groan of frustration, she wrote "Counter-curse" for the second question and tapped the tip of her quill against the lip of her inkpot. FIEND. There we go. She scribbled "Fiend fire" on top of the other line and hastily turned it in before she convinced herself out of it, because there was something a little off about that the longer she stared at it. She went back to staring down her now-full goblet, trying to figure out, as unsuccessfully as before, how she was going to replicate her probably accidental success non verbally.
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