Hazel Leolani, Ravenclaw, Sixth Year
Hazel Leolani
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Hazel Leolani

"Big ideas have small beginnings"


FULL NAME: Hazel Jae Leolani
NICKNAMES: She doesn't have any she responds to because she doesn't like them
ETYMOLOGY: Hazel: The name Hazel is a girl's name of English origin meaning "the hazelnut tree"

Jae: The name Jae is a girl's name of Latin origin meaning "Jaybird"

Leolani: Leolani is a variant of Leilani. Leilani originates in Hawaiian language and means "heavenly woman". It refers to lei, a famous necklace of flowers. As a feminine given name, Leilani has been fairly popular in the United States lately.


GENDER: Female
PRONOUNS: Feminine
AGE: Sixteen
DATE OF BIRTH: 09/21/2007
YEAR: 6th
HOUSE: Ravenclaw
BLOOD STATUS: Half-blood
SPECIES: Human Witch


FACE CLAIM: Original art, Vocastar
HEIGHT: 5'7'' / 170cm
WEIGHT: 138 lbs / 62kgs
BUILD: Body type; Endomorph
ETHNICITY: American-Mix / Native Hawaiian (can trace back her ancestory to the polynesian settlers. The kānaka ʻōiwi tribe to be exact) & African American (Her father is African American so Hazel has a little bit of both worlds from her family).
HAIR: Onyx in color, long wavy strands that fall down her back. Her hair is pretty thick and strong so that means she has to put in more effort when taking care of her hair, otherwise it can become an unruly and tangled mess which is a problem no one wants to deal with. When she prepares for bed she typically braids her hair in pigtails, while tying a scarf around her edges to protect those as well. By puting the hair in a protective style it prevents breakage but it also helps keep the waves that she likes to have in her hair.
EYE COLOR: Blue, surprisingly both her twin brother and her share this recessive gene. Their mother has green eyes while their father has hazel colored eyes, but their grandmother on their mother's side has blue eyes which would explain where the gene came from.
COMPLEXION: Tan smooth skin and when exposed to sun her beautiful freckles come out to play
VOICE: Emilia Ali
DOMINANT HAND: Left handed
PIERCINGS: Double lobe piercings on both ears, cartilage on both ears, tragus pierced on her left, and finally her belly button is also pierced.
TATTOOS: Moon Tattoo | Hazel has a unique geometric moon tattoo on the back of her neck. It's usually hidden by her hair. She got the mattching pair with her friend Ailani. They had become really close during the Spring/Summer that her family stayed in Hawaii. So close they considered themselves like sisters, not united by blood but by spirit. On the last night before she and her family would leave to move away to another state in the U.S. , the pair spent a bit of the night underneath the moon. There they promised to stay in touch no matter what happened in life. They swore to always support each other and to stay best friends and soul sisters forever. It wasn't until years later when Hazel when to visit her in L.A. that they got matching tattoos to forever remind them of the promise they made all those years ago.
CLOTHING STYLE: Hazel lives in a tropical area that gets a lot of sun and warmth so typically she likes to dress accordingly. Her style leans towards more of a Boho(bohemian) chic type of style but she also loves being comfortable so jeans, or shorts and a graphic tee, tank top, bando top, or crop top. She doesn't shy away from colors or florals or patterns, she embraces it all.
DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: Her deep blue eyes in contrast to her tan skin, and her freckles


NEUROLOGICAL AILMENTS: Claustrophobia(but is being managed by CBT[Cognitive behavioral therapy] and Antidepressants)
EATING HABITS: She's pretty healthy, but she finds secret pleasures in pasteries and spicy foods
EXERCISING: Hazel works out quite diligently, she's learned to be an active person. She's been dancing and participating in active activities since she was young. She also does yoga as well. So she's extremely flexible while also having enough strength to do some of the more advanced yoga techniques.
ALCOHOL: No, but she wouldn't be opposed to trying some
SMOKING: No, and she doesn't particularly want to


CORE CLASSES: Astronomy, History of Magic, D.A.D.A., Charms, Transfigurations, Herbology
ELECTIVE CLASSES: Care of Magical Creatures, Ancient Studies, Divination
FAVORITE CLASSES: Ancient Studies, Charms, & Astronomy
CLUBS: Frog Choir & Hogwarts Orchestra
EXTRA CURRICULAR: 6th Year Ravenclaw Prefect


WAND: Walnut Unicorn Hair 10 inches Whippy | A Walnut wand is known for being wielded by their smart masters. For its adaptable nature and unusual versatility, it fits Hazel well. For she as well, has the characteristics of this wand. The walnut wand and it's user share a special bond. They feed on one on another. The wands performance is beautiful as well, since its likely to perform the tasks its master asks of it, once dominated of course. That makes this little wand, very dangerous. The Unicorn hair core is also a rare one. Think of a Unicorn hair core as a loyal puppy. It's strongly attached to its first owner and doesn't care whether the user is a successful witch/wizard or not. The core accepts it's master as they are.
PET: Eurasian eagle-owl named Hoo-Dini
MAGICAL ARTIFACTS: Personal Broom: Nimbus, Magical Trunk: So she can load in all sorts of things from clothes to snacks even to games and supplies.


SIGNATURE SPELL: Episkey | Healing Spell: For someone who can be so graceful and so elegant when dancing or doing other of her fun hobbies, she can also be extremely, and unknowingly very clumsy. And most of the time she's not even ending up hurt, it'll be others who had the unfortunate timing to be around in her clutzy stage. So she's had to learn to adapt over the years and that's why this simple healing spell has become one of her best friends. It's good for minor injuries such as fractures or nonserious broken bones, cuts, and bruises.
PATRONUS: Dolphin | Hazel's Patronus is a dolphin. A free-spirited animal that usually hangs around with a crowd. Dolphins are playful and very social. Only the male is known for keeping to himself or a small group(2-3). Still, it's quite normal to find them with others. Hazel's patronus is a dolphin because the animal is everything she desires to be. Free, Social, Playful, etc. (However what Hazel doesn't know is that she already has the qualities she's just blind to see them herself) A dolphin knows what to do when to do it and how to get it done. It also knows it's purpose. Hazel would like to reach that understanding too when she can finally "know" herself.
BOGGART: Being Trapped | This is where her claustrophobia comes in, typically when she feels like she has no way of escape the first panicking thought that comes to mind is the lack of air. If she can't breathe, she's going to die, and death really scares her since she doesn't know what's waiting for her on the other side. So being trapped is part of her fear that can trigger other fears to well up within her. Her boggart manifests itself in a room with no windows. To her it will seem like the room is closing in on itself when it isn't, but a room with no windows is one of her triggers that causes her claustrophobia to flare up.
ELEMENT: Primary: Air, Secondary: Water
AMORTENTIA SCENTS: The distinct and familiar smell of saltwater that reminds her of the beaches at home. The waves she loves to explore with her surfboard or just diving. Floral scents from the leis they wear when the practice hula dancing. Coconut, something that is to be expected around the island.


"What house do you guys want to be apart of?" Hazel asked softly to those that were sitting around her. It was just a means of making conversation while they waited to be sorted and to also get Hazel's mind off the process of waiting. She had done some research before arriving at Hogwarts just so she could be familiar with her options but she wanted to hear the opinions of others as well. "Anywhere but Hufflepuff for me." the boisterous brunette boy beside her chimed in.

Hazel tilted her head to the side while tapping her finger on her chin, "Why is that? Is there something particularly wrong with Hufflepuff? As far as I was aware they were nice." The others around her nodded in unison with her. "That's just the thing, they're too nice. It just seems really....boring I guess. I want something exciting! Something that promises adventure y'know?" The brunette boy continued enthusiastically.

Nodding Hazel could understand what he was going for now. "I see, so something like Gryffindor would be more up your alley?" The boy beside her beamed, "Exactly!" "I think Gryffindor would suit you, they definitely need more people like you" The girl beside Hazel spoke up, "As for me I'm not exactly sure. Slytherin kind of scares me, so does Gryffindor if I'm honest, they're so loud. No offense Jason." She said to the brunette boy, "None taken, Bell, none taken" Jason replied back with a chuckle.

"So that leaves Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff and I don't think I'm smart enough for Ravenclaw." Bell finished bashfully. Hazel hummed to herself before speaking up. "Well, sure Ravenclaw is a house that exemplifies those that have a thirst for knowledge it doesn't mean you have to be a genius to join. At least, that's what I thought." Bell blinked up at Hazel before flashing a smile at her, "I think you'd make a great Ravenclaw" Hazel's eyes widened for a moment before thinking about it some more. "Hmm, I do think that's where I'd fit in the best huh?" She said before laughing as the rest of the group chimed in with an immediate 'Yes!'

After going around the circle a bit it was time for the group to actually get sorted into their houses. So far their predictions were going according to plan, each getting the house they wanted. When it was Hazel's turn she made her way to the front and sat on the stool already sure of the house before the Hat was placed on her head. "Made up our mind have we?" The hat spoke up once it was on her head. "Well, considering the options it seems like the best choice right? Of course, the final decision is up to you." A loud chuckle erupted from the hat before he continued, "Cheeky and smart, what a combination. Alright, Ravenclaw it is!" The Ravenclaw tabled roared their cheers and Hazel blushed. The welcome was warm and nice. "Thank you," Hazel whispered to the hat before running to take her place with her new 'family', because this place would be home for a while.


RELIGIOUS AFFILIATION: Catholic, but isn't an avid practicer of the faith as in she doesn't go to many services
HEAVENLY VIRTUE: Patience | Patientia
DEADLY SIN: Greed | Avaritia
ZODIAC: ♍ Virgo


Ever since she was little Hazel has been pretty soft-spoken. Her mother swears she never understood how twins could be so alike yet so different at the same time. Hayden, Hazel's twin brother, was the loud and obnoxious one out of the pair. The attention seeker, the drama giver. Hazel, on the other hand, was more of the silent type. typically speaking when spoken to. (Though her dad was always quick to note that even while Hazel might be quiet she still had a way of expressing herself loudly and clearly, usually through her facial expressions.) Their parents always joke about how they could hear Hayden screaming down the street but always wondered how Hazel put up with it so quietly.

It's just in Hazel's nature to speak in soft tones but don't be confused, she isn't walking around channeling her inner ASMRist and whispering to everyone. She speaks clearly and audibly but when excited her tone typically stays the same. It means her voice usually carries a calming and gentle tone and feel about it. This also doesn't mean she never yells or gets a little loud, this is just generally what it's like for her.

Just like Hazel is known for being soft-spoken she's also known as the girl with a big heart. Hazel is always the first to jump at helping someone, despite if it's an inconvenience to herself. She doesn't do this for recognition but just because it's in her nature to want to help people. She typically likes the feeling of being needed as well but that's just a bonus. Those that know Hazel the best are always quick to say even before they can ask Hazel's already making moves to help them if she notices something is going awry.

When asked how she can be so selfless, so kind-hearted as to give up her precious time to people who might not deserve it or didn't ask for it she usually responds with the same thing, "I just want to be a friend to people the way I want someone to be a friend to me. Pretty simple I think." On the other side of the same coin, even though Hazel is quick to help others she's not quick to admit she needs help. It's a mixture of a pride and a stubborn thing but she just doesn't think to ask for help. It's not her initial thought.

Another thing that separates Hazel from her brother is mischief and the lack thereof. Whereas Hayden would continuously find himself in sketchy situations Hazel was smart enough to recognize when things would fail and not join in. Her brother jokingly calls her a buzzkill or a goody-two-shoes but it's not that Hazel doesn't know how to have fun. It's just that Hazel is a bit more disciplined than others.

She just typically doesn't partake in things that could jeopardize her health or other people's health and safety. She's a curious little one that's for sure so she's always looking for new things to try. However the fact that her brother and other's have told her, for practically all her life, that she plays it safe too much she's now in this sort of phase where she's forcefully trying to push herself out of her comfort zone. Not wanting to be known for never taking chances. Call it her rebellious teenage years if you will.

Ever meet one of those people that are just so sweet, so pure they're too pure for this world? Yeah well, that's Hazel, she the token cinnamon roll of the bunch. She's not innocent in the sense that she's never experienced a thing in her life, nor is she innocent like she can't stand up for herself. Hazel has gone through some things and she can defend herself, very well actually. Her innocence is something more pure, and childlike. From her views on literature to her live values, her life mentality is light. She isn't childlike in an immature way it's just refreshing that she can have such a positive outlook on things when the world can be such a negative place. She's a bit of a nerd with the things she likes. She enjoys a good laugh and having fun. Her sense of humor is funny too. She's the type to make terrible puns and laugh at them herself.

Hazel tends to over analyze things. That's both probably a good thing and an annoying thing at the same time. She just has to look at every angle because she won't be satisfied until she does so. It becomes an issue once she thinks so much that she overlooks obvious details, which defeats the purpose overthinking. Usually, analyzing lets, you cover all the angles. For her, she ends up short-circuiting her brain or something because it's just a never-ending cycle repeating itself. Because of this, she misses valuable things that could be of use to her. She still hasn't learned to overcome this little set back of her's but she's working on it.

In addition to her overthinking Hazel has another bad habit of bottling up her emotions. Call it being reserved or just being silly Hazel usually doesn't share how she's feeling often. She just lets her emotions pile up on top of one another until something causes her to snap and suddenly it's like a dam broke loose. She's aware of how bad this is and she's working on it but she just can't help it. Typically Hazel is the type of girl who has a ridiculous amount of patience but there are some things she can't overlook. What most are surprised by is the snap because when Hazel snaps she snaps hard. That's typically because she's been holding back everything until this moment so she has a surge of adrenaline and emotion coming at her and she has no choice but to release it.


PLACE OF BIRTH: Honolulu, Hawaii (located in Oahu, one of the Hawaiian Islands
HOMETOWN: Honolulu, Hawaii
NATIONALITY: American / Hawaiian
LANGUAGES: Samoan, Māori, English, Hawaiian


MOTHER: Kaia Leolani-Carter
FATHER: Edwyn "Eddie" Carter
SIBLINGS: Twin brother Hayden Leolani


Hazel's grown up fairly easily so she can't complain. She lives on a beautiful island, and while it might have it's dangers its a coveted place to be for a reason. She was blessed to be given such headstrong and grounded parents who genuinely loved and supported her and her brother in just about everything they did. They weren't pushovers but they weren't overly strict either.

As a child Hazel never really wanted for much, she was provided for and overall just had a happy childhood. Now growing up as a twin was a little strange. Not strange because of what they were but rather how they were treated. People would say all kinds of silly things like "If you're twins can you read each other's minds?" or "If I pinch him will she feel it?" These were silly comments that made Hazel laugh but eventually grew old for the pair. Oh and don't get her started on the whole matching phase her mother went through, she thanks God that she got over that, it was terrible.

Hazel grew up in a home where the understanding culture was extremely important to her family. What made it difficult was understanding how much culture her family had. Her mom could trace back her family's ancestry back to the kānaka ʻōiwi, one of the Polynesian clans that settled in Hawaii. Hazel always knew it was important that Hazel take pride in where she came from and hold on to some traditions and identity in her culture so that their culture could continue to live on in other generations.

Her father felt the same way about teaching his kids about African American culture. Unfortunately, a lot of cultures had been stripped away from them when slaves were taken from their homes and sold in the Americas but there were still some things that they could hold onto and appreciate. Her father made a point to keep her educated and explain the value of being knowledgeable which would probably explain the thirst and the hunger for learning that she has today. History became such a valued and important topic in their home and her parents made sure to teach their kids to appreciate what they have today because it wasn't always like this.

From the struggles of the African American people to the strangely mirrored struggles that Wizards had to face, Hazel learned it all. When she was old enough both her and her brother started showing signs of magical capabilities and their Father knew it was time to inform them on a little bit of their life that they didn't exactly know about. Both of their parents explained to them everything about what they were and why it was so imperative that kept it a secret. But they also didn't shy away from telling them the gruesome details, from the Witch Hunts to Rappaport's Law and it's repeal in 1965 and more.

As a kid, this whole concept fascinated her. It was something new not to mention she felt special in a way to have been gifted these abilities, things other didn't have. She could remember listening to and reading stories about Wizarding schools located all around the globe. The events that took part at Hogwarts grabbing her attention the most out of them all. When her father informed her brother and herself that they would be attending a Wizarding school Hazel immediately brought up how she wished to attend Hogwarts. Hazel's father was pretty surprised to learn that she wished to go there so badly. He had just assumed that she and her brother would go to the school he and their mother went, Ilvermorny.

Hazel was deadset on going to Hogwarts and so her parents went through the proper channels of getting her enrolled, her brother following suit because despite the fact that they joked about needing a break from each other he wasn't ready to move halfway across the country from her and if Hazel was honest she felt the same. Besides, it offered a new sort of adventure for the pair that was outside of their normal sphere of influence. Hazel's time at Hogwarts has been some of the best. She's made close friends and experienced plenty of achievements here. Hazel was determined to make the best of her opportunity at Hogwarts so she hit the books and she hit them hard. Hazel blew through the academic courses with high marks making it look easy. But she was always quick to let people know how much effort she put into maintaining her high grades as well.

Hayden seemed to be enjoying himself as well, in different ways that Hazel but it was good to see that he found somewhere he could belong to as well. They were separated, in different houses which turned out to be refreshing for the both of them. Hazel continued to be diligent and work her hardest and it wasn't long that she was approached to be a Prefect, and honor she wasn't quite sure should be bestowed upon her but one she humbly accepted anyway. Hazel continues to work hard while at school here, not wanting to let anyone she cares about down, but also wanting to make something of herself, find her purpose in all of this.


  • One of Hazel's favorite hobbies is dancing. She's loved the art form ever since she was little when her mom taught her how to hula dance. She loves all the forms of dance and would hope to master all of them one day. In fact, her dream is to have a successful dancing career before retiring from performance and instead owning her own dancing studio in Hawaii. Like stated earlier, Hazel wishes to learn every sort of style, so back home when she joins up with her competition team she does everything; jazz, musical theater, contemporary, ballet, hip-hop, you name it, she's doing it.
  • Hazel also enjoy's singing and playing musical instruments. She can play the Ukelele, Piano, Piccolo, and Guitar. Sometimes she writes some of her own songs, other times she finds herself covering songs that other people have done. Her family has been musically gifted so it's really not a surprise that Hazel could sing or that music, in general, is close to her heart
  • Hazel enjoys a good musical or theatrical play every now and then, but what is extremely close to her heart is Shakespeare. She knows that he's quite an acquired taste but personally for her, so many of his works of art have wiggled their way into her heart and she doesn't know what to do but to love them. From Hamlet to A Midsummer Night's Dream, to Taming of the Shrew back to Macbeth, there are so many plays that she loves and feels drawn to. She believes each play speaks to a different point and trying to figure out what that point is, is part of the excitement for her. She has a habit of quoting things from him and other playwrights or poets as well.
  • Just like she loves Shakespeare she loves Sherlock Holmes too. By far the Sherlock Holmes series has to be some of her favorite collection of literature. She's a sucker for a good mystery and what better mystery story to read than the legendary detective himself, Sherlock Holmes? What gets her really excited is trying to read through and hypothesize what might happen before Sherlock himself realizes it. She always gets a bit of gratification when she does.
  • Hazel as a unique sense of humor, one that involves self-deprecating jokes and puns. (Her pet owl is called Hoo-Dini after all) Sometimes her jokes can be extremely cringy but that's okay because what matters is that she thinks she's funny and as long as she can laugh at her own jokes she's doing alright.
  • Hazel has 20/20 vision but she always keeps this particular pair of glasses with her that she uses every time she studies or takes a test. It's her good luck charm and probably one of her most prized possessions ever. She's always extremely careful with it, she'd be devastated if something happened to it.
  • Hazel's playlist is here! Take a listen! (Constantly updated) Click Here!
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"Or yet in wise old Ravenclaw,
If you've a ready mind,
Where those of wit and learning,
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Welcome to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Hazel Leolani!

I absolutely love her FC and her personality. She is a wonderful addition to the nerd-birds. Exotic cocktail of cuteness. Aloha!

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Otherwise, happy roleplaying and I hope you enjoy your stay.

Stay magical!

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