Confections in the Night, Stellix: Indisputably the Cutests
Stella Prince
Jun 18 2018, 03:53 AM
~~Set when Stella was in 3rd year, Felix 4th~~

Stella Prince

"Hello. What's going on?"
Already forgotten what she actually came out to do.
Thirteen-year-old Stella was sitting awake, curled up on her bed with a potions book. It was probably odd bedtime reading for most, but not an uncommon practice for her once she ran out of whatever muggle books she'd borrowed from her friend back home. It was more interesting than it seemed, as there were millions of potions with different properties, and plenty had a couple versions. Not to mention, she wasn't averse to uh… nightly excursions when she found one she felt she had to try right away. She'd been reckless about going out after curfew after getting away with it in second year, when she'd snuck out to make Dogbreath Potion on the full moon. She figured if anyone ever caught her, a quick Obliviate would probably do the trick.

Speaking of sneaking out, she'd spotted an interesting one, that seemed both fun to make and useful once brewed correctly. The Draught of Peace was apparently a couple years too advanced for her year, so there was no way she was going to get permission to try brewing it from the teacher. The Hufflepuff grinned broadly and dog-eared the page, gently slipping out of bed. Her roommates were used to her sometimes taking off, and it was often just to go sit in the common rooms to read a little longer without disturbing anyone, so they said nothing of it. Gathering up some supplies in a little blanket as surreptitiously as she could, she bundled it up and headed out to the common rooms.

Not stopping at the common room, she reached for the front door. Slowly opening the door, she peeked her head around the tiniest of gaps. It looked like the coast was clear, so she inched her way out, but as she was passing it, the kitchen door swung open, causing her to squeak and duck behind the closest barrel. A gangly-looking dark-haired teen she didn't recognize came out, arms loaded with the most enormous single plate of snacks she had ever seen. There was no way he was planning to eat all of that himself, especially since the snacks were neatly arranged so that different types each had their own little spot. He was clearly a little precarious, and was very focused on making sure nothing fell from the tray.

It looked like he hadn't seen her, yet, so she could have stayed still and probably would have gotten away with it, but her curiosity got the better of her before she even had a moment to pause for thought. Popping her head out from her hiding place, blanket with supplies still bundled up in her arms, she asked, "What are you doing?" She stared at him with bright-eyed curiosity, blond hair falling almost to the floor, as she was slightly bent over. It didn't occur to her to ask him for his name or really anything else that might be relevant in most first-time conversations.
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