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 Activity Check: December, Still here? Yes? Great!
Dec 31 2017, 03:25 PM
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Activity Check

Second AC of PI, Merry Belated Christmas and Happy New Year!

For those who have taken part of these before, you know what to do. There's no further ceremony to this, so just skip reading here on out and just do your thing.

But of course, I'll give a rundown to the ones who are new to this system, for your convenience. This is simple enough; we check who are still active and who to remove to open more spots in roles etc. by going through the AC monthly. We're timing them to take place at the last day of each month. The deadline to post in them is one week (seven days) and we'll take one day on top of that to work on its results, which means that possibly new positions will be open by the ninth day after the AC.

What you need to do as a member to make sure you don't get removed, is to post here with your OOC account and tag your characters, and then tell us if there's anything extra we need to know, for ex. if you want one of your characters archived. At the bottom of this template, there will be a coded form for your convenience.

What happens if you don't post within the AC deadline:

  • We'll archive your character profiles
  • We'll archive your plotters, trackers and wanted ads
  • We'll lock and archive the 1x1 character threads
  • We'll remove all your claims and they're fair game again to all
  • We'll remove you from the Discord group
I'd like to have the new players who get accepted during the ongoing AC to post in here as well, just to make sure no confusions happen and both admins are on the same page who are in and who are out. Easier for us, little effort to you.

We understand that sometimes, accidents happen. At times you may simply forget to post into an AC, or you're busy the whole particular week and miss the deadline. As long as this doesn't become a habit, we'll bring your characters back from archives if you approach us. However, the admins of PI do not answer for lost positions. If someone has already managed to claim your previous claims, consider them lost to you. After all, it's no one else's fault but yours if you do not take part in the ACs in timely fashion. If this happens, be ready to edit your character accordingly.

When posting this form, please don't use any fancy templates, and just post it plain as it is.

[dohtml]<b>Characters:</b> @[character name]<br> <b>To be archived:</b> If you have any characters you want to archive<br> <b>Notes:</b> If you've got anything to say.[/dohtml]

My angel’s in a headlock and I'm
dropping bombs from the rooftops
as played by Wicked


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Dec 31 2017, 04:31 PM
Characters: Clarisse Sharpe
To be archived: Nope~
Notes: I plead the fifth. xP

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as played by Namora


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Dec 31 2017, 06:44 PM
Characters: Sabrina Gallagher, Wilbur Langley, Ainslie Morrison
To be archived: Nope
Notes: I might be slow but Imma postin' Imma postin'
as played by Artemis


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Noctis the Devious
Dec 31 2017, 11:22 PM
Characters: Raina Summers
To be archived:N/A
Notes: I plan on catching up on my threads after the holidays ♡
as played by Nox

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Jan 1 2018, 04:53 AM
Characters: Skylar Anderson & Caleb O'Neill
To be archived: Heck to the No! I keep my babies
Notes: Happy New Year and let a glorious prank war begin! Mwahahahaha!
as played by Community Moderator


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Jan 1 2018, 05:43 AM
Characters: Síbeal Doibhilin
To be archived: n/a
Notes: happy new years, guys ♡
as played by

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Jan 1 2018, 06:18 AM
Characters: Lucan Rowle & Theseus Scrimgeour
To be archived: none.
Notes: Theseus hasn't posted, but I'll get around to it, will keep you updated if that changes though.
as played by muzz!

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In Causa
Jan 1 2018, 05:58 PM
Characters: Glesni Carrow; Felix Butler; Caia Watkins
To be archived:Hell Naw
Notes: Happy New Year to all! Best wishes to you all! Make it count!

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Actual credits to ActuallyDano <3
as played by In Causa


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Sovetskii Soryuz
Jan 1 2018, 09:19 PM
Characters: Andoles Blackadder
To be archived: None
Notes: Voldemort did nothing wrong.
as played by Lem


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Jan 3 2018, 12:22 PM
Characters: Song Jin
To be archived: N/A
Notes: Pats your face.
as played by


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Jan 5 2018, 02:25 AM
Characters: Dmitry Voronin
To be archived: --
Notes: --
as played by Alfonz


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Jan 5 2018, 02:27 AM
Characters: Stella Prince
To be archived: None.
Notes: Hoping to pick up posting more as we go along.
as played by


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Awards: None
Jan 6 2018, 12:36 AM
Characters: Derek Hoffman, Perseus Scrimgeour & Rajendra Singh
To be archived: Nope.
Notes: Sorry for not exactly being the most active as of late :eyes:
as played by Noble


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Awards: None
Jan 6 2018, 03:10 PM
Characters: Shannon Tombend
To be archived: none
Notes: none
as played by shale

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Jan 6 2018, 09:13 PM
Characters: Benyamina Lafayette
To be archived: None.
Notes: Deus vult.
as played by

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