Ashley Shafiq, Ravenclaw, Fifth Year
Ashley Shafiq
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"Give every man thy ear, but few thy voice."


FULL NAME: Ashley Iola Shafiq
NICKNAMES: Udadisi, Songbird, Ash
ETYMOLOGY: Ashley: An English unisex name derived from the old Anglo - Saxon words æsc and lēah, which means Ash Tree meadow or Ash Tree clearing
Iola: A girl's name with Greek origin meaning "violet dawn"
Shafiq: The Arabic word root شفق (sh-f-q) occurs in Arabic words whose meaning centres on "mercy", but one such word means "twilight".
Udadisi: Curiosity in Swahili, it's the nickname her boyfriend and her friends from Uagadou call her oftentimes.
Songbird: Pretty obvious this one and people stuck with it because of her being in Ravenclaw and in the choir.
Ash: A short version of her name, it also means Ash tree as well as, well..., just plain old ash.


GENDER: Female
PRONOUNS: Feminine
AGE: 15
DATE OF BIRTH: 03/18/2008
YEAR: 5th
HOUSE: Ravenclaw,
BLOOD STATUS: Half-blood
SPECIES: Human Witch


FACE CLAIM: Claire Nunez, Trollhunters
HEIGHT: 5'4' / 165cm
WEIGHT: 54kg / 119.05lbs
BUILD: Ectomorph
ETHNICITY: Arab mixed with Spanish during the arab conquest of Spain, British
HAIR: Black with a blue highlight, short, straight
EYE COLOR: Chocolate brown
COMPLEXION: Pale with the tendency to get lobster red and then tan during the summer
DOMINANT HAND: Right handed
CLOTHING STYLE: When in England, Ashley prefers turtlenecks with a nice jacket ontop and a nice pair of form-fitting jeans and boots since it's a lot colder than when she spends her summers in Africa. At home back in Adis Ababa, Ashley rocks summer dresses, sorts, tank tops and sandals / sneakers or, when around horses, riding pants and boots with short-sleeved shirts.
DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: A blue highlight and lots of hair pins in various colors that serve both as a style statement and a way to keep her short hair out of her face.


PHYSICAL AILMENTS: Her left shoulder is prone to dislocation after a riding accident
EATING HABITS: Mostly healthy and never skipping breakfast, she tends to munch on a lot of snacks during long study sessions. She has a small obsession with chips.
EXERCISING: Jogging around the lake to keep up her stamina
ALCOHOL: Not really, will do with company but she gets drunk easily so she tries to avoid it. She is not always successful.
SMOKING: Why try something that will make you sick? No thanks!
DRUGS: Besides the occasional cough drop or similar remedies, not really.


CORE CLASSES: Transfiguration, Charms, Potions, History of Magic, DADA, Herbology, Astronomy
FAVORITE CLASSES: History of Magic, Transfiguration
CLUBS: Member of Frog Choir


WAND: Beech/ Unicorn tail hair/ 9inc/ flexible
PET: Silvermist, a female Egyptian Mau / Kneazle hybrid
MAGICAL ARTIFACTS: A two-way mirror she uses to contact her mother at Adis Ababa as owls take forever to deliver letters from Hogwarts to Africa and back.


PATRONUS: Uncorporeal
BOGGART: A 'laughing' hyena
MAGICAL GIFTS: A horse animagus, Ashley can take the form of a dapple grey arabian mare with the distinguishing mark of her unmistakable blue strike on her mane.
AMORTENTIA SCENTS: The smell of wet hay and horses as it reminds her of her mother and home. The smell of ozone and rain remind her of the night she transformed and is closely associated with her boyfriend, Vurugu, who had been present.


As she waited to be sorted, Ashley couldn't help but wonder if this is what would happen if she had been allowed to attend Uagadou instead. It took a long time to reach the letter S and as she stood there, the numbers of the first years thinning around her, she felt too self-conscious. She was fairly sure she was being scrutinized by the older students and the staff that watched the ceremony take place. Shivering lightly from time to time didn't help calm her nerves either as she waited to be given a label that would follow her throughout her school years. The weather of Scotland was considerably colder than what she had been used to when she lived with her mother in Ethiopia. Then finally her name was called "Ashley Iola Shafiq!"

She hastily made her way over and sat on the stool. The hat covered her sight of the Great Hall and she nearly jumped when she felt the hat talk in her head. "Well aren't you a ball of nerves, relax lass. It will be over soon enough." The Hat chuckled in her head and she felt it sift on her head. "That's easy for you to say. How are you even going to sort me?" She projected her thought to the Hat and she swore she could feel it smirking at her. "A curious little one aren't you? Besides you seem to have already figured it out for the most part." It commented just as Ashley considered the possibility of Legillimence. She didn't like that thought. Her thoughts were her own. "Don't worry, this is between you and me, no one will ever know." It assured her and continued to look into her mind. "Going through changes I see, a sharp mind and curious as to how the world works. No hesitation to help others and highly opinionated with the proper conditions. Intuition, hmmm, creativity... yes...." The Hat said, stopping Ashley from stating her disatisfaction for this inspection. "RAVENCLAW!" It announced and Ashley was allowed to join her new housemates, the colors of her robes changing to blue and brass.


ZODIAC: Pisces


Idealist: Ashley likes to see the good in people. Everyone is innocent until proved otherwise. It is that very attitude that allows her to smile when kicked down or bullied. Hey, maybe these people are desperately crying for help but have no idea how to properly ask for it. Getting her to work for a better world is also quite easy as she believes in ideals such as world peace and charity. However that idealism can be turn against her from people who wish to manipulate her. This also means she keeps an open mind and can adapt to the situation at hand easier than most.

Pacifist: She doesn't believe in that fighting can solve problems. In her experience most of the time it only makes things worse. Conflict breeds conflict, is what she often says when confronted about it. However that means that she has a higher threshold before she snaps than most people do. If push comes to shove, she will fight.

Dedicated: When presented with a task, whether she finds it interesting or not, she will dedicate herself to complete it to the outmost best of her abilities, no matter how long it might take or how frustrating it can be. However if she does find it interesting then it will be done faster than if she disliked it.

Creative: Ashley is a girl filled with ideas about solutions to the world's problems, or those of her friends and family. Sometimes those might not be at all practical, but Ashley is willing to give them a shot and see how far she can take them. That's when she becomes really pationate and people begin to wonder what happened to the quiet and self-conscious girl they knew.

Self-conscious: Ashley is extremely self-conscious and doesn't take being judged and measured very well. While she has really high expectations to meet when it comes to her father, she hates it when she is measured and found lacking. That means she is has a hard time loosening up unless she is with her friends, horses or in her animagus form. She is easier to be seen completely relaxed when she is around people she trusts and knows that won't judge her. Because of that, she is a hard girl to get to trully know.


PLACE OF BIRTH: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
HOMETOWN: London during winter, Addis Ababa during summer vacations
LANGUAGES: English, Oromo, some basic Swahili


MOTHER: Eloise Gardner, horse veterinarian at Adis Ababa horse racing track.
FATHER: Marcus Alejandro Shafiq, Head of IMOL
ADOPTIVE MOTHER: Victoria Shafiq née Fawley, former Mediwitch
SIBLINGS: Arthur Orion Shafiq, a 2y.o. half-brother
EXTENDED FAMILY: Orion II Shafiq: paternal grandfather
Diana Shafiq: paternal grandmother
Amanda Fawley: step aunt


Marcus Shafiq was the only child of the known pureblood family line and as expected of him, the boy went on to a promising political career. Soon after graduation he became part of a diplomatic group sent to Ethiopia from the International Magical Office of Law. Spending a good portion of his career in Ethiopia, young Marcus met a newly graduated veterinarian named Eloise Gardner. The two dated and eventually married as Eloise got pregnant with Ashley. However, being married to a Muggle was less than satisfactory from a political standpoint for the upcoming politician. The marriage was more Marcus taking responsibility for the child that had been produced from this 'fling' rather than willingly commiting to a common life with Eloise. Things at home were more like friends living together, raising a child, and less than a married couple. For the sake of toddler Ashley, the two had agreed to disagree and not meddle with each other's business whenever Ashley was not part of it. But when it did, the two tended to argue a lot and set double standards which greatly confused Ashley. Magic was never revealed to Eloise, who thought her husband worked as a secretary in the UK embassy of Adis Ababa.

However when Ashley turned seven, her father's career skyrocketed. He had been offered the position of Head of International Magical Office of Law and he had to return to London. That's when the fighting began. Eloise was not willing to give up her job and home for a housewife life in London and Marcus was not willing to give up on Ashley. He had seen signs of weak magic from his daughter and he would be damned if he allowed her to be raised in a muggle household that was more like a ranch than a house befitting the Head of IMOL. His daughter would not end up a peasant. Not on his watch! The divorce eventually settled things as Eloise was thrust into a world of magic with the very real threat of losing Ashley for good if she didn't agree to Marcus' terms.

Ashley would remain with her mother until she was old enough to be accepted at Hogwarts and she would make friends with kids her age that were from magical families Marcus knew of or, as Eloise putted, approved of. After that, she would live with Marcus during the school year and with her mother during the summer. With all that arranged, Marcus left for London and the only contact he had with Ashley and her mother was during holidays or Ashley's birthday. After her father moved out, Ashley no longer had to figure out how to navigate the double standards her mother and father had. She grew up in a carefree and less restricted environment than she had before. Her mother introduced her to horse riding and Ashley never looked back on that. She had been able to ride with little supervision by the age of 11. Of course, Eloise kept her side of the deal and so Ashley met with various kids from respectable wizarding families of across Africa, whether muggleborn, halfblood or pureblood of origin didn't matter to Marcus, as long as Ashley grew up with magic in her life. That's how the young girl made friends with several Uagadou students and eventually met her boyfriend, Vurugu.

Meanwhile, Marcus had remarried to Victoria Fawley, a mediwitch who was capable of being the wife of a politician such as Marcus Shafiq. It was not to say that there was no love between the couple, on the contrary. But when Ashley had to live with them in London, there was a long period of adjustment for both sides. Ashley honestly couldn't see what the big deal was if she attended Uagadou instead of Hogwarts like she wanted and Marcus had high expectations and standards from her. Standards her 'unruly mother' had failed to instill on her so he had to do it all over again. On Victoria's side, the woman had worked dilligently at becoming friends with Ashley, making a point that she was not there to replace Ashley's mother, but rather to support the girl while she was in England and not in Ethiopia.

It took a lot of effort, but eventually Ashley learned to deal with her father's high expectations and pressure and the summers were a breath of fresh air and freedom. Being gifted a Two-Way mirror as a birthday present when she had been accepted at both Uagadou and Hogwarts helped considerably with the process as Ashley was able to talk with her mother often while she was at school.

However being as stubborn as she was and having a boyfriend that could already change into a cheetah animagus form, soon led Ashley to try and become an animagus herself. Under the guidence of one of Uagadou's professors and the help of Vurugu, Ashley managed to finally shift during the summer at the age of 15 on her third try.


  • Her fear of hyenas developed during a trip with her friends at the age of twelve. Ashley strayed from their campsite and found herself face to face with a pack of hyenas that were feeding on the carcass of a wildebeest. Luckily she was found by Vurugu's mother before the animals could attack her, but the low laughs still sends shivers down her spine.
  • She chews the inside of her lips when she feels nervous or is concentrating on something.
  • During her summers with her mother, she competes in show jumping. She has a small obstacle course built at the back of their farmhouse and is itching to complete it both as the rider and the horse now that she can shift.
  • When with Vurugu and the rest of her friends from Africa, Ashley is the lead vocalist for a band called "Shapeshifters" because all the members are animagi. They perform regularly for friends or the local youth center.
  • She still has the stone she was given during her dream acceptence to Uagadou.
  • Her favorite music artists are Within Temptation, Celine Dion, Gloria Gaynor, Whitney Houston and Tina Turner.
  • Her favorite chips are those of plain flavor and she tends to eat a whole new level of bags whenever she is expecting her cycle.
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"Or yet in wise old Ravenclaw,
If you've a ready mind,
Where those of wit and learning,
Will always find their kind."

Welcome to Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Ashley Shafiq

We better work on this lack of confidence of hers! She's so much more than she takes credit for. Love her!

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