partnerships, Pt. 2 ft. Song Jin
Jayden Everdragomir
Mar 19 2018, 07:23 PM
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"If we don't get caught, they won't say a thing." Is the girl's reply from behind him. Jay smiles just a little, and while she can't see it, it's audible in his voice.

"Sure. I won't go swearing for the portraits, though." They would probably tattle. And some of them might actually tell the professors. And if they didn't, the lack of their presences at class surely wouldn't go unnoticed. They might be getting point losses, detention or both. But it'd be better to worry about something when it was its time.

After reaching the 7th-floor corridor, Jay walks the carpeted stone floors with an obvious familiar ease. He knows where he's going, and it shows from the confidence how he wears his posture. I know these halls. It could be compared to how someone moves with similar familiarity in their own home.

In the distance, the Clock Tower's bells chime as a sign of class starting. They're officially skipping now. So much for his "avoiding tardiness at the beginning of the year if he could affect it." Honestly, Jay had known he was full of shit the moment he had even thought about it. Being late and skipping class at this point was basically so much part of his personality, that asking him to be on time was almost like asking him to change a part of himself. He was long past using excuses after going through basically all of them. This is just how he was as a person.

Taking the left corridor, it didn't take long until they reached a particularly hideous, and hilarious, tapestry where a wizard was attempting to teach ballet to trolls. And if anything was to judge by the man's expression, it hadn't gone very well.

But they weren't here for the tapestry. They were here for something entirely else.

"Hold on a moment." Jay told the girl and then started pacing back and forth in silence, obviously thinking hard about something.

"I need a place where to hide things."

The story about Room of Requirement had been told through the Golden Trio. And yet, after many years since their time, a lot of people had already forgotten about it. But Jay had read about it in his fourth year as he had tried to figure out the castle layout better, in one of the many biographies of Harry Potter himself. The man had never written an autobiography, so there were just various different ones scattered all around, and every single one of them told the story a bit differently. But in this one, Jay had read about a room with sentience, which operated through multiple dimensions and unplottable charms to keep it hidden. And of course, he'd gone his way to find out if it actually existed. And well, it had. And it served perfectly what he needed.

Once Jay had passed the wall across the tapestry three times, a door magically appeared in it. The Slytherin stopped, "There we go." Sometimes he worried the room wouldn't work, especially during times like these when he wanted to make a bit of an impression. That would be mortifying.

The dark haired boy strode forward, pressing the door handle down and entered; revealing a grand room with mountains of all kinds of contraptions, trinkets, objects, and items. The Room of Hidden Things.

"Close the door behind you." He instructed the girl as he walked in, pushing his hands into the pockets of his trousers and walked among the curving pathways that weren't cluttered. He passed a harp that immediately started playing once he got close enough, and stopped once he was far away enough. Jay passed a towering mountain of stacked books which looked like it could come toppling down by the smallest of touches, and another made out of cauldrons from various different materials. This is where he had gotten his; there was no way he could have afforded one in such quality himself that he now had.

Only when he reached a particularly grand looking dark hardwood cabinet did he finally stop. Opening the doors, the cabinet extended itself magically by spreading out shelves and deepening into a walk-in closet. It smelled of dust and old wood, and the shelves were filled with all kinds of things. Jay's things. The things he brought with him at the beginning of school year or during the holiday breaks and hid here. Or when he acquired them during the Hogsmeade trips and brought them here for temporary safekeeping until he'd agree to meet with the customer for exchange.

"So, this is where I keep things. I'm going to have to make you sign a contract with me, you know, for security reasons." He said, glancing at Jin briefly as he said it. He didn't care if she would take offense for having to put her name down to a magical paper that would jinx her if she went back on her word. It was his way or the highway. They had known each other for like five minutes, there was no way Jay was ready to trust her quite yet.

"But first..." He lifted up his finger, and then stepped into the closet, walking past shelves. He was obviously looking for something... Aha! Jay grabbed that something from one of them, and there was a sound of liquid sloshing inside a glass bottle. He returned, and hopped back on the stone floor, showing off a bottle of Firewhisky with a smirk.

"We drink. We should celebrate the future of our partnership, yeah?" And if there was one way to get to know someone, it was when they were tipsy and honest. It was the Slavic way in general, and Bulgarians weren't any different from the other Slavs in that regard.

He offered Jin the bottle, which was unopened. "Ladies first, if you may, Miss Jin."

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Song Jin
Mar 23 2018, 05:51 PM
we try our best and we hope that it's enough
The room of requirement is a myth, a whisper, a rumor passed between the paintings and a legend written in the spaces of letters. It's something Song has only heard of, but Song's never thought that it was real. Or well- She was too occupied with other things at the time when the room was told to her by a painting who would tell her stories when she was too busy thinking to sleep, had forgotten all about it when her time has finally freed up. Now though, now Song remembers because it's here right in front of her, and Song stares with wide amber eyes, a beat of silence as she memorizes what Jayden did to get here and another as Song just gapes at the sheer amount of treasure around them.

For once, Song is shocked silent.

The transfer closes the door behind her as she steps deeper into the room, following Jayden into this wonderful abyss of a room without hesitance. Her silence is leaving her, the words that flow so easy coming back to her tongue, but Song still doesn't say a word. Instead, she grins, and it's something almost boyish, it lights up her face but it's not so much sunshine as it's just awe, an obvious amazement at the sight before her, an easy admittance to the fact that magic will never stop surprising her.

"So, this is where I keep things. I'm going to have to make you sign a contract with me, you know, for security reasons."

"Yeah, of course, if I tattle I bite my tongue and choke on the blood or something?" Song replies, still too enraptured to realize that that contract condition she just suggested is probably taking things too far. It's just- Her eyes are lighting up, amber honey practically shining under the light, glinting like some of the items around them. "This is the room of requirement, right? You paced in front of the tapestry three times but- What else do you need to do? Any thoughts, any words?" This is the girl who the hat first wondered if Ravenclaw would be a good fit, overcome with curiosity as she just starts to babble. "How did you find this place? Is it different for each person, you know? Because what if I want quiet, or a place to nap, or-" Song cuts herself off as she realizes this might be too much, and her smile is nothing but sheepish as she puts a hand over her mouth to remind her to slow down.

"Sorry, I just- Magic's amazing." She says as way of explanation, not quite feeling embarrassed she went on one of her rants so much as she wonders if Jayden's feeling overwhelmed by it. It's then she sees the firewhiskey in his hands though, and when he talks about celebrating a partnership, hands her the bottle and says ladies first, Song smiles.

She's a lightweight, but that doesn't stop her from grabbing the bottle and raising it up like a toast to the two of them, eyes alight. "Alright- To us, then." She winks at him before taking a gulp, and it burns down her throat. It's a good burn though, slow and easy even though it tastes like flames licking at the inside of her throat. She hands the bottle to him, and her expression hasn't changed even though she can feel her body getting warm.

It's a bit of a conundrum really. Song's not going to not drink when it's offered to her, especially when this feels like a beginning to something great but. She's also a truthful drunk, and Song wonders idly if that little fact will make for a lot of trouble.

If it does, well.

She supposes she was looking for trouble to begin with.

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Jayden Everdragomir
Mar 24 2018, 02:05 PM
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The Hufflepuff takes the offered bottle and raises it for cheers. Jay knocks his knuckles on the bottle's side, the metal ring in his finger clinking against the glass. "Alright- To us, then." Jin declares with a wink before opening the cork and taking a gulp of the golden colored liquid. She downs it like a champion, not even wincing like people usually do while drinking hard liqueur. Immediately, the small-sized girl's respect points take a huge leap upwards in the Slytherin's eyes. Obviously, she's made out of harder stuff than she looks.

With a pleased smile, Jay takes the bottle back, turns around to walk towards a writing desk while taking a long swig out of it. By now, he's pretty experienced whiskey drinker, and he actually really likes the flavor. Of course, in the beginning, it took some accustoming, as drinks like Firewhisky are definitely acquired taste.

As the drink burns down his throat and fills his chest with warmth, Jay puts the bottle down on the table for a moment to dig around the desk to find writing utensils. It's always hard with this one; he's noted that every time he puts something in a drawer, the items in the drawers switch places. So he basically has to go through every drawer to find what he's looking for, and it's always on the last possible place; it's almost like the writing desk is jinxed to annoy its user. Whoever hid it, probably just wanted to get rid of it.

"Alright, let's discuss the terms of the contract." Jay states before reaching to take another swig from the bottle, then offering it towards Jin. He opens a bottle of ink he's brought in here to keep accounts about everything and dips a quill into it. Leaning over a parchment roll he's dug out, Jay begins to write down the percentages they negotiated in the staircase. "Ten percent of the profits go for you for every handled customer and thirty percent for every new one you bring. May be negotiated again if sales rise at least forty percent since September 12th, 2023. Profits are shared among both parties during the 15th and at the end of every month between September 1st to June 15th, excluding the holiday season at the end of the first term. The contract is valid until June 15th, 2025, unless I cancel it for reviewing the payment terms again. Fair?" Jay stops to ask as he continues writing. If Jin has any qualms or additions, she may pipe in and Jay might consider adding, editing or substracting. "You may not speak to authority figures, such as the school or Ministry staff about the business. However, Prefects and so forth do not count, they're potential customers. You'd be surprised how many of them already are... Still, proceed with caution regarding them, alright? Some of them are a little over eager about their jobs."

A certain Anice Runeswell came to mind. Jay smiled just a hint thinking about her.

"They're still worth the risk, though." Jay paused to dip the quill in the inkwell again, before returning back to writing. His handwriting was big and bold like he'd forgotten a caps lock on, and a bit messy. But it was still readable enough. "You may not mention the storage, smuggling or delivery methods to anyone besides the ones involved directly in the business."

He really didn't need some asshole raiding this place just because Jin slipped.

"If either of the party of this contract fails to follow through, there will be consequences and the partnership is canceled immediately." Jay stated at the end, before putting the quill back to rest on the inkwell. He reached to take out the ebony wand from the waistband of his trousers and pointed at the paper. He mumbled the incantation to turn the paper into a binding magical contract. If it would be broken, it would spell out "TRAITOR" in the forehead of the one breaking it... in boils.

Putting the wand away back into the waistband of his trousers, Jay reached for the quill again and signed his name on the bottom of the contract without hesitation. He then slid the contract towards Jin to sign and took the Firewhisky bottle to take another sip.

"Final chance to back out. Having any second thoughts?" Jay asked, wiping the side of his mouth on the back of his hand.

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