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September 2023.

First semester has come again, and all the Hogwarts students are ready to say good bye to summer and greet the autumn. This is a very eventful months for all the Hogwarts students. First travelling back to school with the famous Hogwarts Express, enjoying the Sorting Ceremony of the first years, exchanging holiday stories with peers over the Opening Banquet Feast, and getting know to new students. Meanwhile, some students are greeted with new extra responsibilities, like becoming Prefects or Head Students, or taking over Captaincy or Leader positions in their respectful teams and clubs. New classes and new schedules keep the students busy too, which makes maintaining the social life and grades immediately a challenge. It'll be up to the students to sort out their priorities; studies or friends?

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 ☀ My Sun-Kissed Child, Aedan Quigley; Alfonz
Jan 11 2018, 12:54 AM
The Gryffindor Seeker is a curious fellow; half-blood but raised exclusively by muggles on an orchard in Lanark, Aedan doesn't quite fit in with other witches and wizards. He's very rustic, but always dreamed of going to space and having the staples of modern living: A computer and television, internet and a car, the commodities of day-to-day life in the world of muggles. But instead he was thrust into a world of sorcery at the tender age of eleven. It's never felt quite like the right fit for him, but every year he cherishes his moments at Hogwarts more and more. But sometimes he still struggles to find his place among the rest of his peers.

Aedan is likable and modest, which makes him an easy person to get along with. There's little to be jealous of him for, and as possibly the sweetest boy in the school it's hard to think why somebody wouldn't want to be his friend. He couldn't turn down anyone who wanted to talk with him, and he's always eager to offer what little help he can, so anybody who makes an effort with him will quickly find themselves with a faithful friend.

Aedan's not shy when it comes to expressing his affections to someone he's already familiar with, but he tends to tiptoe around strangers and those he admires from afar. But he's quite a gentle fellow with a big heart and the sweetest disposition that could give a girl diabetes. He's been raised to treat girls differently than boys, handling them like delicate flowers and making sure they feel as beautiful as one is his priority.

Aedan also has a bit of a curiosity aimed towards other boys, whom he's able to be much rougher with and doesn't feel as anxious around. He's been used to a bit of boyish rough-play ever since he was a wee lad, which tends to get his blood flowing. Physically his body seems to react to any excessive physical contact with sudden arousal, which makes him identify as bicurious, though he's not sure whether it's just a high libido due to puberty or an actual attraction.

Aedan doesn't make enemies lightly, but holds contempt for anyone without proper manners or a respectable work ethic. Trying is all anyone can ask, and when people show a blatant disregard for acting appropriate for their age, it makes his blood boil. Picking on peoples' insecurities, including his own, is a surefire way to end up on his shit list. The most deplorable people will rarely force Aedan to pursue revenge against them for their transgressions. Typically he won't seek revenge for himself however, but someone he holds in high esteem.

Sometimes Aedan doesn't have to be a friend to have a functioning relationship with someone. Maybe the relationship is built around mutual study, or they happen to share a class but nothing in common. It's not that they're unimportant or uninteresting, but that they haven't actually taken the time to familiarize themselves with Aedan, and they probably don't speak on a first name basis as of yet.

thank you alyssa
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Jan 11 2018, 08:43 AM
Aeden & Andoles
Why would you do this to yourself?

It's too much. The speech impediment, the red hair, the booger picking… This child has such a huge target painted onto his back. Andoles could absolutely not resist teasing him as often as he could manage. Therefore I don't think they would have a particularly stellar relationship, at least not at first. I am unsure how seriously Aeden would take Andoles' jibes. Much as with Jayden however, roughhousing won't deter him, so this poor baby would be stuck with him. Andoles doubtless has a plethora of nicknames for him. Though since they are in the same year, I imagine Aeden is at least used to weathering the storm by now. I suppose we should establish some basic groundwork before setting up anything further. How does this ginger feel about a venomous Slytherin?

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Jan 11 2018, 11:49 AM
Lion Sunshine boy!

So Caleb and Aedan be both roomies and teammates, which gives us plenty of room for a friendly relationship or something akin to older brother sort of deal. Caleb would feel protective over Aedan even if he roughhouses him himself from time to time. Slaps over the head are guaranteed every time Caleb catches Aedan eating boogers. Seriously what is wrong with you kid?! Buut If Aedan is bullied, Caleb will be that maniacal shadow behind him that will sent the bullies crying to their mommies.

Apart from that, Aedan would surely experience Caleb's sassy and snarky remarks on his Seeker skills. Mostly in the form of "Come on. I can score 150p before Slytherin catches the snitch, but it would make my life easier when I don't have to worry about the Snitch AND the bludgers Carrow and Everdragomir send my way. Shape up mate!" But he means well. It's his way of encouraging Aedan to work harder and actually catch the Snitch for once XD

Hmm, what else, what else... Well they don't exactly share lessons or clubs, but Caleb took Muggle studies because it's a lesson where you can easily get high grades if you know muggles to begin with. And Caleb knows a fairly good deal about muggles. Both the good and the bad. Maybe that could be a common point for plotting. Of course both of them are Halfbloods, so there's that.

I am not yet sure how many people know about Caleb's secret workshop in the Room of Requirement or how he can play guitar, but Aedan could know that he is good with sketching. Caleb has a leather sketchbook that his late grandfather gave him and he enchanted it so that it can store a vast amount of pages for its size. It's possible Aedan found the sketchbook lying around in their room and picked it up. Just now that he would probs get a Karate chop on the head for snooping around. Caleb is very protective of this sketchbook.

Whatchu think?

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Jan 11 2018, 04:13 PM
whoever tries to bring you down is already beneath you
#gryffindor #plot
words count:


Andoles Blackadder
Oh yeah they're definitely not going to be best friends, although the thing is I doubt Aedan gives Andoles much of a reason to pick on him. And the sorts of things Andoles does in the hopes of picking or teasing on Aedan might be easily misconstrued as acts of friendship or boyish playfulness. You gotta realize he grew up on an orchard with other farmer's sons as playmates, so he's used to kids dunking each others' heads under the water, shoving and borderline hurtful acts. He's a tough kid.

Just keep that in mind because Andoles might think little of Aedan, but Aedan will probably not think of Andoles as an enemy or even annoying. He might even consider some of it friendly. But conversely, if you're not careful he's flicking boogies Andoles' way. #BiologicalWarfare

I was kind of hoping/expecting they sat together in a few classes, even if Andoles is constantly picking on him, because Aedan craves familiarity fundamentally. So even if Andoles isn't the nicest person, if they've known each other most of their time at Hogwarts, he'd probably tend to gravitate towards Andoles. Like one of those friends who tries to tag along with you everywhere.

I wouldn't mind them being on a first name basis already, and having had at least one class where they set together per year. I'd say they definitely should have Potions together, but also Charms and Defense Against the Dark Arts because I want Andoles to have opportunities to make fun of his heavy lisp.

If they had History of Magic together, expect him to be a constant distraction with his obnoxious snoring.

Caleb O'Neill

Yes I think Caleb should be giving him constant noogies and urging him to try harder! It might seem like it's a bit harsh from the outside, but for Aedan, it'd hurt him more if everyone avoided talking about it around him. He hates the silent treatment above all else (possibly because that's what his mother has kind of been doing to him ever since he enrolled,) so the fact Caleb is instead a bit hard on him over it while still being a bit brotherly would be perfect. It's the best way to show support.

It's funny though 'cause even with the big brother complex, the most annoying thing Caleb could do would be to step into Aedan's personal business. He likes to think he's a big kid now and can handle bullies in his own way, he mostly shrugs them off. But if Caleb's pummeling the damn brats left and right, they're never gonna win the House Cup! I kind of like that dynamic, where Caleb is constantly urging Aedan to perform better for the sake of Quidditch, while Aedan's prerogative is to ridicule him every time he costs them points towards the House Cup. They'll be the sort of brothers constantly nagging each other, but hey, that's what family does sometimes. As long as it's not hateful.

Actually Aedan doesn't eat the boogers he just lives in a dusty old orchard most of the year as well as Hogwarts being pretty dusty. I'm not saying they should get with the times and maybe get some tissues, but, y'know, the boy's gotta unclog his sinuses somehow and he isn't about to risk a bat bogey hex on himself just to do something he could've done with his finger, just saying. But it's almost more disgusting 'cause this means he has to flick them places sometimes. He's a country boy, so of course he's unhygienic as fuck. Still no excuse though.

#HogwartsNeedsTissues #Kleenex #MuggleSupremacy

I like the opportunities with the sketchbook and stuff, but Aedan's not much of a snooper. Yes he's a very curious bean, but he's way too polite. The book would have to be splayed open on the floor or fall out of a satchel while he was nearby for him to even take notice. And it doesn't seem like the sort of thing Caleb would do so carelessly if he's trying to keep it secretive. Plus if Aedan saw it he probably wouldn't think much of it, depending on what was in there (I don't actually know what's in there.)

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Jan 11 2018, 05:31 PM
Aeden & Andoles
There will likely be a lot of weird shit that happens if Aedan starts flicking boogers. You're gonna get me kicked off of here. Him not reacting badly to Andoles' picking will draw the two together in that he will think Aedan too stupid to really get what he's saying, and therefore quite the suitable punching bag. So at the very least he'll hang around fairly often. Of course, I would be happy to share those classes and more with Aeden. Andoles probably even likes that he sits by him. Having someone he considers a fool right by him will only make himself look better in his eyes. It would even be worth listening to his snoring in History. First name basis is fine. And I think we have... Astronomy Club together? So there's that as well.

Maybe for a first thread, you can be sleeping and class and Andoles slowly gets distracted with tampering with him until the professor becomes annoyed.

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