Through the Rabbit-hole, feat. Tzila Jager
Daphne Hiroshima
Mar 23 2018, 01:48 AM
“Gunilila. Gunilila. Gunilila.”

Daphne was too focused to get out of class that day.

“Gunilila. Gunilila. Gunilila.”

That’s because Alice, the candle she had choose to transform, decided not to change.

“Gunilila. Gunilila. Gunilila.”

Her memories of the spell trailed back to her first weeks, when she came crying from an exam for not being able to turn a candle into grape-flavored bubblegum.

“Gunilila. Gunilila. Gunilila.”

Nearly six years have passed since then.


At this point, air froze in space. Her wand flickered, then a brightening gleam crackled from its tip. After all the time she had been testing the spell and peering at the candle, her corneas scorched like hells and her pupils made everything double. As she covered her eyes for ease, two big loops of shimmering light began to grow and grow…

When she looked up to the table again, the result shook her up.

“No way.”

She rubbed her sight again and gave it another go.

No, this can’t be a... purple rabbit?

The animal returned the stare with its little doe-eyes.

“Agh- Poo!” She rammed a punch on the desk. “Why in the earth does everything weird have to happen to me?! Why? Why?!" She spread her arms to the ceiling. "Like, I can turn people to flock, fires to sea, and after two hours of work you won’t let me turn a candle into a simple spit of bubblegum? Geez, go suck a carrot...”

Crossing her legs, she dropped on the stool and shove her hand on the cheek. A heavy confusion clouded her pride. The purple rabbit, innocent to its sin, tilted its head in open curiousity.

Casting it a furtive glare, Daphne’s lips blew a raspberry.

“And you, don’t look at me like that.” She murmured darkly. “You shouldn’t exist. You, you are a failure.”

Hearing this, the rabbit sat uptight and flatted its ears upward. It leaped off the desk and started heading to the door.

“Hey, wait, where are you-?”

Just standing up she deflected a fireball into five splitting flames.

When the effect of the shield faded, the rabbit was out.

* * *

The purple bun dashes under the benches. Daphne follows by the corridor. Blood flushes through her chest. Her temples. The robe, the annoying robe flags its sleeves and necktie on the wind, doesn’t let her keep an equal run. She curses her falting breath and drumming heartbeat – but more than anything, curses the flash-forward fires that keep beeping her alarms out. She had to catch it at all costs. No matter who or how. But she knew it has to be before the whole place burns from the ground up!

They both turn by the corner. The rabbit’s still a few feet ahead. Daphne waves her hand and spits an incarnation and a spring of magic darts to the obstacles away. A row of benches, a pot-plant and a bright decoration armor throw theirselves to the object of her crusade. The rabbit dodges the benches, side-kicks the pot-plant and storms between the metal legs to chambers beyond.

At the castle’s vestibulum, the myriad of students makes Daphne dizzy. She has lost sight of the bun between the flowing robes. Throws a glance to the to the right, to the left – she begins swimming through a bulky group of jock-ey Hufflepuffs (“sorry”, “excuse me”, “I go through”, “nice hat!”, “not now, call you later”). She arrives just by the center, bending on her stomach to calm down the jarring pain by her side. In the lapse of a breath and a quick survey, a purple-pelt zigzags between the lateral statues. A murdering geas dips her into a ghost and elbows her way through the crowd.

Stumbling out of the mass, she leans against a wall and uses her lungs in heavy panting. She spots the rabbit climbing to the stairway. "So you think you're smarter than me, huh?” Slicking her tongue through her dried lips, stalks behind and resumes the tag game on the way up. First. Second. Third. Sharp pains run through from leg to knee, leg to knee. Right by the sixth one, she leaps over a fake step and the whole estructure earthquakes and she grabs her sides to not fall off. Just right at the flying end of the moving staircase, the rabbit takes a leap of faith into the approaching corridors and hops for shelter onto an student’s arms.

Tzila Jager | 744 | No, I haven't gone bananas. While the incarnation proposed here is invented, the spell for the rabbit actually exists.
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