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September 2023.

First semester has come again, and all the Hogwarts students are ready to say good bye to summer and greet the autumn. This is a very eventful months for all the Hogwarts students. First travelling back to school with the famous Hogwarts Express, enjoying the Sorting Ceremony of the first years, exchanging holiday stories with peers over the Opening Banquet Feast, and getting know to new students. Meanwhile, some students are greeted with new extra responsibilities, like becoming Prefects or Head Students, or taking over Captaincy or Leader positions in their respectful teams and clubs. New classes and new schedules keep the students busy too, which makes maintaining the social life and grades immediately a challenge. It'll be up to the students to sort out their priorities; studies or friends?

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Let's Talk Boys [c]
Anice Runeswell || Mar 30 2018, 10:22 AM
Find the areas below the ground floor here; dungeons, basement, kitchens, classrooms and Slytherin and Hufflepuff common rooms and more.
9 topics || 75 replies
The Ground Floor is the floor above the Dungeons/Basement and below the First floor. It contains a number of courtyards, halls and rooms.
10 topics || 93 replies
|| --
The Grand Staircase is a massive structure in Hogwarts Castle, mainly used to access each floor of the castle, including the dungeons. There are hundreds of Portraits covering the walls in this tower, some of which conceal secret passages to other areas within the school. The multiple staircases in the Grand Staircase lead from platform to platform and go as high as the seventh floor where they come to an end.
0 topics || 0 replies
First floor that connects to multiple important areas of Hogwarts, such as the Hospital Wing and classrooms.

4 topics || 3 replies
|| --
Second floor mostly contains corridors around the castle that take to Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher's office and the Grand Staircase.
0 topics || 0 replies
This Is How We Do
Rusty Williams || Today at 10:32 am
Third floor connects places like the armoury, clock tower entrance and library.
7 topics || 55 replies
Panem et Circenses [C]
Aedan Quigley || Apr 9 2018, 03:18 PM
Fourth floor connects the study area and the History of Magic professor's office with a corridor.
2 topics || 20 replies
Spontaneous concert
Ashley Shafiq || Apr 8 2018, 12:43 PM
The fifth floor is the creative floor of the castle, offering art and music classrooms for the students. It also has the Prefects Bathroom, for those in charge exclusively.
4 topics || 38 replies
The Sixth Floor connects the Study of Ancient Runes classroom and East Wing with a corridor.
1 topics || 0 replies
Jayden Everdragomir || Mar 24 2018, 02:05 PM
The Seventh Floor is the highest floor of the main castle. It only loses to the topmost towers of the school. It connects places like Ravenclaw Head's Office, the famous Room of Requirement, Arithmancy Classroom, Divination Professor's Office, etc.
1 topics || 2 replies
The most prominent and highest structures of Hogwarts. In here you can find the Astronomy Tower, Bell Towers, the Clock Tower, Gryffindor Tower and Ravenclaw Towers among many others.
5 topics || 38 replies
The vast Scottish lands open all around the Hogwarts castle, and it includes the castle yards. Places like the Forbidden Forest and the Black Lake can also be found here.
14 topics || 115 replies
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