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About Us

Priori Incantatem's story is long enough to span back by six years. So we're not exactly a new roleplay, even if we have a new forum, name, and reboot. Let's say that we're technically an old rock star doing a comeback, but wondering if our fans even still remember us after two-year break.

So this is our story in a nutshell from the beginning to the end. We used to be named Hogwarts: New Generation back in the day, but since we decided to turn a new leaf in life, we also chose a new name.

Priori Incantatem: The Reverse Spell (Prior Incantato) was a spell that forced a wand to show an "echo" of the most recent spell it had performed. An especially rare manifestation of this spell is known as Priori Incantatem. It is an unintended consequence of two wands with cores taken from the same animal, duelling each other; the winner's wand forces the loser's wand to reproduce in reverse order "echoes" of the most recent spells performed.

Hogwarts: New Generation used to be an ambitious long-term roleplay that ran actively ever since it opened it's doors for players in May 2013 under my leadership, until mid-2016. Before my benevolent dictatorship took place, the RP belonged to someone else and originally started sometimes mid-2012. During this time we have had ups and downs, but we have loved and laughed through all of them. Because what we believe is the most important in roleplaying, is that everybody has fun while doing it.

So in actuality, our journey starts ever farther, around the midway of 2012 before my time, from a site that is long gone and dead which was called OtakuZone, where Hogwarts: New Generation originally started. It was owned by another person who sadly could and did not have enough time to look after it, nor enough interest to do so, so the roleplay was badly neglected. The only reason it kept running at all was because the players loved it, and refused to give up. After few months the role play was trusted upon a person who used to be close to me at the time in that site and she revamped it, but unfortunately, we never got past the sign-ups when the site crashed and died permanently. At that point, it just seemed like it was done.

But we didn't give up quite yet. The move led into Sic Parvis Magna named basic forum site, but never got past the sign-ups there either, due to some issues that we call helicopter parents and unjustified grounding for several months. This would have been the end of Hogwarts: New Generation, would I, the current admin Wicked, have not half-reluctantly taken it upon my shoulders. (Really, I was really reluctant in the beginning because I dislike taking responsibilities. Like a true Slytherin, I most of the time believe that sometimes it is better to only stick close to power rather than be in power. Because let's be real people, I'm lazy as hell by nature. Efficient, but lazy.) But now I would not trust anyone else run it better than myself. I found a new site for the roleplay called OtakuWorld, and one of my friends as my mental support and second opinion right-hand guy, I started the role play the third time. Hell, I'm determined, what can I say?

The previous site was wonderful in the beginning and held much promises with its forum format that gave us the possibility to have three sticky threads for sign-ups and other important things and around forty plus something threads for the role play's different locations. Unfortunately OtakuWorld that was a continuation of OtakuZone, and was constructed by its previous member, and also had people as staff that had no previous experience ever running a site before, and it showed. I still salute these people for trying anyway. We faced some hardships with the moderators of the site over the year who did not approve of our detailed writing or the romances, and some were just bashing at us simply because they decided not to like us for reasons unknown. I do get that most of these people grew uncomfortable after simply reading kissing scenes, and I have no idea how they would have survived past more than that -- which by the way, is absolutely forbidden in the site, and we never went there. Writing about French kissing apparently was also. Funny, we know. It's kind of really ridiculous, because the moderators could not separate roleplaying content from cybering, and accused people of cybering instantly if things went "too hot" for them. Which were apparently few teenagers snogging in the midst of all the magical madness. Hey, we all have our hard limits I guess, I ain't judging. I have mine too.

Thus after several months of unfair treatment, I grew tired of it. I believed the site was suffocating my freedom of self-expression, and it was giving me anxiety to know that people were paying extra attention to my crew and just waiting for some of us to "break the rules" so they could get at us. I believed there was salvation somewhere else, a site that would accept us as we are and give Hogwarts: New Generation a new home. And I was right. And thus, on January 2014 we landed in Iwaku, which was and still is a massive multi-roleplay forum. We hoped that this site would be friendlier towards us, and we would get the equal treatment as we deserved. You are nice to us, and we are nice to you too. Treat others as you hope you would yourself be treated, yes? And turns out, it was. We really enjoyed our time in there for few nice years.

However, eventually, life got an iron grip hold of me. I got a promotion at work, and suddenly I was running a whole company and responsible for it. At the same time, on my free time, I was trying to run the RP. And unfortunately, I am only human. I simply couldn't balance these things, and in the end, I had to choose my work for it actually gave me more than my upper lip on top of my slice of bread.

Two of my personal friends and at the times, my helpful moderators tried to hold it up while I eventually went into a work-stress freeze and couldn't hold everything together anymore in online. I had to let go of the RP. And eventually, with my presence gone, the RP faded.

With over two years of silence, and running two different companies since, and now with another job change which has returned me again back to a comfortable regular office worker and started university, I decided to bring our dear "Hoggy" back on the map. And thus, Priori Incantatem and this forum was born. And apparently, word started spreading among the old members like wildfire while the site was still in the development process...

And, well, here we are! And this is probably why you might get the feeling this new RP might actually have a history. But that's because it does. And you're welcome to join it, and write it further into the future together with us.

― Contact Us ―

We have a Discord group where most of the OOC discussions happen. You'll get in it from this link: CLICK HERE!

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