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The Rules

We have a lot of them listed, and it might scare away people at a first glance. But don't worry, most of this is the common sense kind of stuff or generally known, often unwritten rules of the RP world. We simply like to keep them written down for "just in case" kind of situations where we can refer to them whenever in need. The admin personally likes to keep everything idiotproof and make sure we're all on the same wavelength here, leaving as little to assumptions as possible. We all want to be aware what exactly we're signing up for, yes? So this is all for your convenience. Please read them either way and consider them the site's metaphorical kevlar vest by Wicked.

1.1. This is an advanced RP, so it obviously means we're also only taking advanced players. (Meaning no one line wonders, horrible grammar or Mary Sues or Gary Stus running rampant. Or godmodding or metagaming.) The admin (nor other staff) has no time to babysit or patience to teach you. If your level of experience is not enough, then I recommend joining another RP instead of this one. Note: I can answer some questions via PM's and Discord, but just don't expect me to hold your hand through the whole character creating session and the actual roleplaying. You're on your own. If you truly are an advanced roleplayer, something like this shouldn't be a problem for you.
1.2. This roleplay is aimed at people who are older than sixteen, and preferably even older. (Most likely most of us are in our twenties, honestly.) I want mature people who know what they're doing and what is appropriate and what is not, and don't get shocked by some content that may take place in the RP, even if we do try to avoid going into too much details on certain things. (Most of them should rather be more about moral questions rather than anything grotesque.) This RP contains some death, swearing, cheesy teenage romances, occasional sexual innuendos and morbid sense of humor among other things. You have been warned. However, if you're younger than sixteen and know you can handle all this, you're welcome to join anyway. After all, I'm not your mom and I don't even wanna be.
1.3. I simply couldn't stress this enough and I truly hope this is by now obvious, but the traits that I am truly looking for in my players are dedication, creativity, the ability to write posts independently, good grammar (or at least a sign that you are truly trying; I'm dyslexic with English as my second language, so who am I to judge) and common sense. Priori Incantatem is a role play that gives a lot of freedom to the players to express themselves, make their own plots and relationships, and we do not strictly follow the main plot like nuns and monks follow the holy scripts in their monasteries, even though the main plot overall should affect every character one way or another. And since there is magic, I want people to understand that there is always at least some sort of rules in fiction and that they won't go overboard. And I want to be able to trust you to be able to follow the canonical stuff and seek out the information yourself without me needing to constantly do it for you. I want people that know what they are doing, or that they at least have a half a brain to come up to me and ask me if they are confused over something instead of going out there and wreaking a havoc in the roleplay which will make the mess even bigger and harder for the staff to clean up. If you are not able to do this, I assure you it will give the admin great anxiety, and it might lead to removing you from the RP. If you can, I will love you to bits. However, let me make this clear; I will not tolerate people for long who come in here with elitist attitudes and think they are better than anyone else and that their writing is pitch-perfect and that they have nothing new to learn anymore. Sure, it is nice to have self-confidence, but looking down on others and making sure they know you do it, is a complete no. If you are like that, at least try to keep your narcissistic personality hidden. Everyone here in the RP are friends, and I want people to respect one another. Try to keep the OOC drama out of Hogwarts. IC drama, however, is encouraged. Capish?
2.1. Be ACTIVE. Try to post daily if possible, but at least once every two weeks. The more, the better. If you disappear for more than a month and miss the activity check without notifying me (Wicked) or other staff, you can be sure your character has mysteriously died or transferred in your absence. We also do not tolerate this if it's a constant and becomes an obvious pattern. You can not leave your counter players hanging, that is just selfish. If you leave for a long time, you need to create an exit for your character and just get the threads closed so people can move on.
2.2. We're looking for players who are dedicated. And I mean, really dedicated to a long-term roleplay. I hate nothing more than people who spawn a million characters, post few times and then disappear without a trace about two days later. Thus we have established a probation time for the new players. We are going to observe your first ten posts really closely; are they timely and responsive to whoever you are interacting with, whetever they adhered to the standards we expect of our players, and most importantly that any rule violations or obvious problems are corrected by the time the user has gotten that far. Beyond that, we will observe your overall activity and dedication for approximately one month until you've cleared the first activity check; after that you are allowed to make new characters besides the first one you signed up with. Before that it is forbidden.
2.3. Like stated in the 2.1. try to be active. However, if you do have things hindering you from posting and so forth, just keep Wicked or the other staff informed as too stated before. However, if you also are in exchange with another player, inform that player as well if you don't for some reason make an exit for your character; that's just a common courtesy. For example in group threads, you have to understand that not everyone is willing to wait for you, and might want to use that time more productively and interact with others instead of twiddling their thumbs. It's not a personal attack towards you, and it should not be anything to get upset about. You surely can interact with that player later on, it's not the end of the world. So while you contact us about your hiatuses, don't tell us anything like "oh would you inform this and this about my hiatus" or anything between the lines, because no, we're not your messengers or errand boys/girls. We have plenty of players to look after, we can't remember everything, nor do we have the time for that. So take care of your own ends and we'll take care of ours, and everything should run smoothly.
2.4. If you do end up going to hiatus, tell us on that at the exact moment so we'll know what's up with you, and we understand if you miss out one AC. Don't tell me anything like "next week" or "next month" or even "the day after tomorrow" because seriously, like said before, we have a lot of people to look after in here and just counting on my memory, or anyone else's memory, is one hell of a terrible idea. So tell us on the exact moment you want the status changed so we can do it right away and we won't forget, and contact us again when you want your status back to active. Don't think that if your status is inactive and you suddenly post out of nowhere is that I realize on the spot that heyyyy you're back in action because some people just push in a post in the middle of their hiatuses anyway and then continue their hiatus. (Which I personally can't decide if I'm happy or annoyed about.) Send us a personal message about your comeback, please!
3.1. Character sheets/profiles/skeletons should be written in third person.
3.2. Skeletons/character sheets/profiles must be neat. I like it when they are written long because that means you have seriously made effort, but so you know, the length of the skeleton/character sheet does not define a good character. We don't come here to try to impress others with novel-length stuff. Sometimes short and sweet does it too. Quality over quantity.
3.3. Try to be as original as possible while writing your character, but make a character that pleases you and not us. We want long-term characters for this RP, so make one that you like yourself and are comfortable with -- the main point of roleplaying is that you have fun. Try to refrain from making too similar ones that already exist in the RP, so it would help if you would at least skim over the profiles. And try to avoid taking same/similar names as other characters to avoid confusion. Yet again reading through other characters/lists helps you to avoid this. Before making a character, or even planning one, we advise you to read the Announcements thread where we inform if we want to limit certain types of powers/abilities, origins, blood statuses etc.
3.4. If I see a student or a teacher character whose blood status or race is either a Muggle or Squib, my reaction will be pretty much this.
3.5. No overpowered characters. If the character has a unique power, balance it. Everyone has weaknesses! Try not to cram the character full with too much cool stuff, or it will start feeling quickly cramped and OP. My advice is to keep a special talent to one (unless you're a half-breed, then having a bit more makes sense depending on the species) or max two depending on the skill set. But the best question you could ask yourself when giving powers to your character is; "Am I giving this to my character because it's a relevant part of them, or am I giving it to them to only look cool?" Depending on the answer to that question, you should know if you should give it or not. Another is to think it through that if you're going to actually use the ability in the roleplay at all. Would it be convenient IC? If not, leave it out and for someone else utilize instead of letting it just hang there in the profile like a dust collecting trophy.
3.6. Making characters with canon family names is alright, but... honestly, we'd like you to avoid that. Just try to choose little less known canon names (for example, it makes sense with limited blood statuses and families such as pure-bloods.) and make the character as your standalone kind of thing. We, however, do not tolerate actual canon characters, such as people roleplaying the actual offspring of the canon characters such as Harry's and Ginny's kids for example.
3.7. When it is about taking positions for characters, such as the Quidditch team, Prefect, Head Boy/Head Girl, Duelling Club Captain etc, please confirm it through the lists first to make sure it is not already taken or reserved to avoid awkward situations and/or possible unnecessary work that could have been avoided.
3.8. You can add things, modify and edit your character even after you have gotten accepted; just hit the staff up about edits. I would actually really like it if you would keep the character updated for things that happen and have an impact on them, small details and such. Also, small things like picture updates are appreciated. Just you know, do not go overboard with the changes or try to do shady edits behind our backs -- I can still kick you out of the RP if I feel like it. I will note you if I see some kind of change I do not accept and it requires fixing.
3.9. When your character is ready, please inform the staff by posting the notification thread so I can check it and accept it, so you can have my blessing for starting to post with the character. However, if I tell you to fix something on it, you fix it unless you really have some legit, valid argument why you're not doing it. But my tolerance for whining, moaning, bitching and stupidity is really low, so watch it. However, I usually explain as of why I want some parts fixed, and I'm pretty thorough about it because I prefer people to learn from their mistakes rather than doing them again. Saves me from further headaches.
3.10. If the character is not finished within 30 days since its bones are posted in the thread, we're locking and archiving them until further notice. Yes, I'm procrastinator myself, but I'm sick and tired of watching all these unfinished characters that people leave hanging in here and never care to finish them. If you do not finish the character, delete it or tell us to archive it for another day you might wish to pull it out and work on it again.
3.11. Save your character(s) in case they somehow end up deleted in a way or the other. If you haven't stored it and it gets deleted during your absence, don't come crying to me how all your hard work was erased into the pixel space. Always take countermeasures. You know, just to be sure.
3.12. I and the other staff answer gladly to questions if you feel you need some guidance on how to proceed with some matters, like lore and so forth. But like stated prior, don't expect us to hold your hand through the whole character creation session. Since it is you who wants to join, then take your time to look things up. We're not your walking Harry Potter encyclopedia. Study things with care. I'm a sucker for details, and I will lose my shit if canon logic is broken.
4.1. Limit & Creation - You can not have more than three (3) active characters in regard to the fear of overpopulation and frozen threads. This is an advanced roleplay and I like to keep the flow going without the constant overflow of new characters that just pop up when the fancy strikes you. Keep things reasonable and keep up with your characters. Create wisely. However, since I'm tired of staring at characters that have been created and accepted but never brought to IC threads to be introduced (at worst a character has been hanging there unused even once for a year), we have set a time limit for this as well. Once you've created a character, you have 30 (thirty) days to activate it since it has been accepted, post with it at least once and clear yourself through an activity check. If the character isn't activated within the deadline, it will be automatically be archived by the staff. We don't need dead weight to drag us down, no offense, nothing personal. But there might actually be people out there that are interested in being active with the slot you've taken with your character and then left in the corner to collect dust. You get that, right? Don't be selfish. Also for new players, there's a thirty (30) day waiting time between their first accepted and activated character; again, a rule set against overpopulation and the player types who appear out of nowhere, create a lot of character and then disappear without a trace within a couple of weeks. Once you've cleared this waiting time and gone through at least one Activity Check, you're allowed to create your second character. There's no waiting time between a second and a third character creation because after the first trial you're good in my books.
4.2. Disposal - I understand that you may lose inspiration for your characters and that's fine. Kill them with fire. But it is unacceptable to kill them off and think that you can make another to take its place immediately if all your three slots were already full. Especially if you have barely put any effort into your first characters, or have no background or history in this RP. You must have an absolutely amazing character that fits My criteria of a good character for the current storyline. If it's yet another Veela, don't be upset if I decide that it isn't what I am looking for. And in that case, you killed off a character knowing good and well that there was only a slim chance that your next would be accepted. Even if you do have a history in Priori Incantatem, and a perfectly good excuse for killing off your character, the accepted/rejected ratio still exists. So be aware of this when making decisions regarding character creation. We've established that there should be a penalty time whenever a character is disposed to stress the 'create wisely' part in the rules since it hasn't seemed to go through some skulls in the past and people have been spawning characters like bunnies. Now once your drop a character, you are not allowed to create a new one in 3 (three) months to take its place. This will affect all players, were your slots full or not, including staff members. No exceptions will be made and no rules will be bend about this no matter who the hell you are. Oh, and also... If you drop a character, it's gonna be your responsibility to figure out why they aren't around anymore. It needs to make sense in canon, mind you. Otherwise, they're gonna be NPCd and the permission to utilize them however others please is implemented. You have been warned.
4.3. Character Lifetime - Each character has a "lifetime" of sorts. This lifetime is put in place to control "acceptable" excuses for character disposal. A filter even. Each character has a total of three months before it can be "legally" disposed of. (Not posting them up in the AC with your other characters is NOT a loophole.) This gives you long enough to get a good establishment with your character for some credibility with us and allow plenty of time to get rid of the character without any real damage to the storyline. With this in mind please try and plan a character disposal a month in advance after the Lifetime ends to tie any loose strings and the like. This lifetime starts 30 days after your profile's time stamp of creation.
4.4. Renewal - We completely understand if you are unsure of how long you may be gone if you are taking a hiatus from Priori Incantatem. Being flexible is not a problem, so if in the past you disposed of a character or few for fear you wouldn't be back there is a possibility you can bring them back. One acceptable excuse is that you died and somehow came in contact with your local necromancer who brought you back. In that case, we will be happy to give your character back. This is called renewal and is only acceptable if your excuse is valid. If you got mad and decided you didn't want to RP anymore... well... sorry since then the positions may have been filled and in that case, well, you are out of luck. So please try and plan hiatuses and only leave with a valid farewell and excuse.
4.5. Frozen Characters - Another option to you flighty vacationers, is freezing your characters. If for some reason you are being forced to go somewhere without access to Priori Incantatem you can choose to freeze your characters. This option is perfect if you have no idea how long something (such as punishment, vacation, family issues, natural disaster etc) is going to last. In choosing to freeze your character you basically cut them out of all story ties, ships, etc. In asking us to freeze your character(s) you give us permission to lock them out of the story and archive them in a three month time period if we receive no word from you. After three months we will assume you are dead and we will return the favor to your characters and let them out of their misery. If you miss the deadline, then please see the Renewal policy. This option can be used at any time by anyone, but there is a thirty day period they must stay frozen. We cant be having you all just freezing your characters any ole time. Also, if you leave last minute dropping us a request to freeze John Doe, we will have all rights to godmodding your character if he/she is in an exchange with another character in a group thread such as event. If you don't wrap it up, we damn well will.
  • 5. POSTING
5.1. Posts should be written in third person. Yeah, kinda obvious, but y'all would be surprised what kind of nonsense I've seen.
5.2. We'd prefer if you'd use a posting template because we're vain shallow people who like pretty things lmao. But honestly, it's alright if you don't. As long as your writing is readable and it flows nice, it's all good.
5.3. No "editing/WIP" posts in group threads. (Or in any threads, please.) I have seen enough threads/events die because of this. Writing a long post cannot take more than a couple of hours of your precious time and a short one approximately fifteen minutes, honestly. You either write the post wholly, or you do not post at all. Simple as that.
5.4. Posts must be neat, and at least two paragraphs (approximately 7 to 8 sentences minimum) long. I like it when they are written long because that means you have seriously made effort, but so you know, the length of the post does not define a good post, just as it doesn't define a good character. The 'Quality over quantity' rule also applies here.
5.5. It is okay to play around occasionally with NPC's, but seriously, roleplaying is a multiplayer game and not a single player game. Interact with other characters! If you wanna write just to yourself and do not interact with others (such as ignore your counterplayer(s) in a thread, especially in a group thread), then get the hell out of here and go write a book instead, damn it.
5.6. The posts need to be readable. So avoid using font sizes like 1, or really hard to read fonts, please. If I see anyone using Comic Sans, I will find you and I will kill you.
6.1. Cursing allowed, but within the limits of good taste, please.
6.2. Romance allowed, but do not take it into Fifty Shades of Grey degree. Do not go into too much detail, please just fade to black. Note that there are young players also present! We don't want to leave permanent emotional scars on people, or something like that. And since this RP is a mixed age group, please take note of Jcink's rules regarding this matter. Otherwise, take your icky away from here and proceed elsewhere. But because of the characters young ages, know that I will be judging you hella hard for it. Also, teacher/student relationships will make me auto-cringe. Like please practice these within good taste and common sense, and what is acceptable among social norms of IRL. Pedophilic themes will be slapped outta here with a Bible so hard the cross will have a permanent imprint on your face. Seriously, there's not enough Jesus for ya in that case.
7.1. No godmodding or powerplaying. Gosh, this should be pretty obvious, and I do not tolerate it at all. Of course, unless the counter player gives you the permission to do so to their character. I know, magic gives a lot of room to godmodding and powerplaying... but you should know the limit. Common sense is a valuable asset in this matter.
7.2. We do not tolerate Metagaming in the IC. The reasons are obvious if you look up the meaning of metagaming from wiki;

In role-playing games, metagaming is an "out of character" action where a player's character makes use of knowledge that the player is aware of but that the character is not meant to be aware of. Metagaming while taking part in relatively competitive games, or those with a more serious tone, is typically not well received because a character played by a metagamer does not act in a way that reflects the character's in-game experiences and back-story

- From wikipedia on metagaming

Metagaming is the act in which the player's character makes use of or is aware of information only known in OOC (Out of character). Surely you wouldn't know someone's complete background upon first meeting them, right? Not will you only spoil the story by Metagaming, but it will annoy the other party and confuse the rest of the group! Avoid such unnecessary bicker and avoid that warning we will most definitely give you.

If we catch you in the act, we will make sure to give you a warning and ask you (kindly) to edit.
8.1. Killing off other player's characters is forbidden, also including important NPC's. This is not that kind of combat RP. Unless you have a permission from another player or from me. If you want killing, destruction and despair and feel better about yourself over the upset feelings of others, go play a war game or something. I've heard Call of Duty has some good elements for that. Oh, and also League. *Wicked proceeds to have some PTSD flashbacks*
8.2. Know your stuff, please. For example, I don't want to see characters summoning food out of thin air, which is against the basic laws of Harry Potter canon magic. If you are unsure about Harry Potter world related things, click here. Please try to refrain from completely winging things if there is already written knowledge out there to avoid confusion. (Such as if there is a known spell without incantation, leave it vague and don't go around making one of your own. However, if there is no already existing spell, potion etc. you are free to make it up yourself within the limits of good taste and common sense. However, if I see these creations as something that I or my staff do not approve of for one reason or another, you are to edit them out when I or they tell you to.) However sometimes the wiki gives you two alternatives to go with when it comes down to some things; either to follow the movie or the books, since at times things are done differently in them. Always follow rather the books. JKR is the creator of the series, and her word is the law. However if there is only knowledge about some things from the movies, follow these guidelines instead. Games, established fandoms etc. come as the third option.
8.3. I can add more rules or add more details to the ones that already exist if I see it fit. Most of the time I run into these situations when I come across things that I thought were already obvious... but then someone does something against logic and proves it is not, apparently, that obvious to all.
8.4. And last but not least. Respect the rules. And the word of the staff, preferably. The admin is gonna have none of your nonsense. I will kick your sorry ass if you test me or give trouble others, and I will make you wish you hadn't done that. You have been warned.
8.5. We give out three (3) warnings about everything in general. It's Wicked's magical number in many things. After that, the roleplayer is removed from the roleplay without further discussion. It's not going to be one at that point. At that point, Wicked is just done. Done. Banhammer shall be swung, and the roleplayer shall be swiftly forgotten as the roleplay and life itself moves on without them. Any questions? No? Good.

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