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Frequenty Asked Questions

  • Can my character bring a dog to Hogwarts?
NO ➞ "Canonically, in the beginning, the only commonly accepted pets were things like cats, toads, owls, and rats. Later on, it was expanded to half-kneazles and pygmy puffs. In the first book such thing as a tarantula was mentioned being taken by Lee Jordan, so we'll consider those acceptable, too. Generally, the pets should be something that fit the witch/wizard thematic. Peculiar creatures are what should be the theme here. Bats, non-venomous snakes, small magical creatures (and now with Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them out, we have a far better selection on those, too.) etc. A regular dog is a far too mundane companion. The creature/animal should also be relatively small as well, and I'd rather not have anyone's companion be larger than a cat. Also, preferably nonlethal, please. We'll step in when/if we see a pet we can't approve and we'll give you our reasoning why."
  • How about a phone? Other electronics?
NO ➞ "Phones, laptops and other electronics don't work within Hogwarts grounds. There is some old magic in the air that disturbs the statics, radio waves and other signals. Where would they even charge their equipment? It's hundreds of years old castle in the middle of nowhere, west from how the fuck did I even get here. So you can forget that smartphone and all those selfies. There is no electricity. Electricity is a muggle concept that the wizard world, which lags few hundred years behind, hasn't quite grasped and treats as something unnecessary in general because they have magic to basically every need. If they need to contact someone, they use owls and letters and other magic related things for messaging each other. For radios, they have magically tuned them so they're only in tune with other magical radio waves. Literally, the latest technology is probably a charmed gramophone that plays old vinyls."
  • So can I bring my mechanical pencils and pens?
YES ➞ "I mean, if you're ready that your character is gonna be hella judged by their peers and teachers, just warning you. Witches and Wizards use traditionally quills and ink to write, even though using "normal" pens is not unheard of. It's just that the magic world is slow to change and they value traditions, and quills have been in fashion for a long time. Also, muggle pens are for muggles."
  • Can I address my teacher by first name?
NO ➞ "Students should respect their elders. (You know, if they could lose their temper, they could hex you or something. You never know, you might just turn into a ferret.) They should never call their teachers a "teacher" or by their first name, but add the title of Professor in front of the last name. It's proper and respectful canonically. The Professors can take out points from each House, any amount they want as a punishment which should raise the group discipline among students -- then again, the Professors can give points for good behavior. The first name basis should be only approached if the characters, student, and teacher, become really close."
  • Can I gather house points by posting IC?
YES ➞ "You get one house point per post made in character. We'll gather them up monthly from characters who have passed the activity check and keep tabs on the current point situation. Characters who have not cleared activity check timely will lose their gathered house points from that month. You will gain house points also through events, or when players with professor characters decide to distribute the points they have gained through posting to a house of their choosing for whatever reason. (Can be done IC or OOC. But a staff member for point moving is required.) The points are added to the characters who gain them, and then added to the monthly pile during AC. However, teachers may also remove points as well. (On a side note, please be reasonable with the removed amounts.) Each month, the leading house unlocks something little special; an Easter egg, a specific plot device, etc. By the end of the IC year the house that leads wins the House Cup. OOC accounts which might accidentally gather points are not valid to use."
  • Can my character just come to class in regular clothes?
NO ➞ "Every student is required to wear their uniform inside Hogwarts grounds when the classes are in motion. The uniform contains as follows;
- Plain white buttoned shirt
- House tie with thin stripes (red and gold, green and silver, yellow and black or blue and bronze, according to House)
- Charcoal grey knitted v-neck jumper, a cardigan or a sleeveless jumper (with cuffs and waist House-coloured)
- For boys charcoal grey trousers
- For girls charcoal grey skirt (around knee-length) with tights or stockings of their choosing (nothing too inappropriate)
- Charcoal grey socks
- Plain black shoes
- Open black silver fastened robe with the student's House emblem on and respective colored lining
- Having accessories is accepted, as long as they don't go overboard or too inappropriate When the students don't have classes and are on free time, such as during weekends or when they go to trips to Hogsmeade, they're allowed to wear clothing of their choosing. (Again, nothing too inappropriate.)"
  • Can Head Students and Prefects also take house points?
YES ➞ "Head Boys and Girls lead the Prefects of their House and practically the entire student bodies of their respected houses through group discipline. Head Boys and Girls and Prefects can take points out only from their own House, but they cannot give them. (And whenever subtraction of points happens, please contact one of the staff to reduce the points from the character account in question.) Also, them and Quidditch Captains are allowed to use the Prefects Bathroom... even though someone without the title sneaking in with the acquired password isn't unheard of."
  • Can my first year go to Hogsmeade?
NO ➞ "Students of the third year and older are allowed to go to school organized trips to Hogsmeade Village outside of Hogwarts during weekends, if they have a written permission slip from their parents for teachers to present."
  • Do I have to strictly follow house stereotypes?
NO ➞ "Not all Pure-bloods are cocky and arrogant, but it's not uncommon and not all Pure-bloods are filthy rich. Being in Slytherin House does not automatically mean you're evil, the House just has a bad reputation from the past. Nor does being in Slytherin require your character to be Pure-blood (a lot of ambitious people just happen to be usually from wealthy family backgrounds, and a lot of those are Pure-blood families with old money), the Sorting Hat doesn't sort students there by genetic heritage but by personality traits. Just like being in Gryffindor doesn't automatically mean you're good, or that being brave means you have to be fearless. There are many different forms of bravery. Not all students can be like Hermione Granger; they come to school to learn, not to know. Being in Ravenclaw doesn't mean you have to be academically on top, there are very different varieties of wisdom out there, and booksmarts doesn't equal street smarts, and intelligence doesn't equal wisdom. (Ex. It's intelligent to understand tomato is a fruit, but wisdom not to put it into a fruit salad.) Nor being in Hufflepuff means that the character has to be overly nice and sweet and sugary because they are kind and loyal. I know many badass Hufflepuffs, and them wild badger tolerance has some limits, and the most chill people are the scariest when they get angry."
  • So, is blood status related to social standing?
YES ➞ "Just like in real life, sad as it is, your status pretty much tells a lot how people see you. Pure-bloods are respected and praised in high regard for their "untainted" bloodline, they usually see the "lower" bloodlines as lower beings and not equal to themselves, even though not all are necessarily arrogant about it. Half-bloods are "normal" class, and Muggle-Borns are usually the lowest... but Half-Breeds are treated pretty much like scum, 'cause they're completely not even human, and sometimes they don't quite even get treated as ones. Squibs don't even get really any sort of attention at all, as they're often shamed in the family as the non-magical failures, and get ignored more than often. Of course, the Ministry has tried to make everyone stand on equal standards, such as giving equal rights to some Magical Creatures that are seen as intelligent creatures on human standards and made some laws about their treatment. But sadly, this is not always the case."
  • Are the profile graphic sizes the standard 250x400?
NO ➞ "The avatar image, otherwise known as hover image by most, is 200x400 which can be seen if you go to edit your profile. Then we've got the icon/gif image and header image. You can see the sizes for those by simply editing your profile as well, where those are stated separately for your convenience."
  • So can my character have more than one pet?
NO ➞ "The "pet" in profile template is in singular, not plural for a reason. Only one per character, or none at all. You gotta take it or leave it, buddy."
  • The time span in the current chapter is very specific. Does this mean I can still roleplay outside of it?
YES & NO ➞ "The time span in chapters is only to give direction when in the time period all the things I write about happen and you may use as you wish in your personal plots. Yes, it's recommended you keep within that time span during an active chapter's specific one to avoid paradoxes, so please don't at least go ahead and jump into the future. Who knows what kind of plot fuckery I have brewing for you all that might change everything. If you decide to do so anyway, and the main plot of the site fucks you over after, that's your shame. Don't tell me I didn't warn you. However, jumping into the past and making past threads should be safe as heck, so no need to hesitate on those."
  • Can I change the colors in my application prof--?
NO ➞ "I don't know what part of "I want the apps in uniform" people don't seem to understand? I swear to God, if I see one more attempt in trying to alter colors on the app, fonts included, I'm going to scream. Let's not give the admin an OCD breakdown. However, I do approve the usage of bolds, italics, underlines, and strikethroughs for personification. As long as it doesn't break the format of the app (like adding list codes in it, please don't do that), or glare into the eyes of the reader obnoxiously, you're good."

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